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  1. Found this in my news feed this morning. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10475455/amp/Call-BAN-French-Bulldogs-Pugs-Australia.html
  2. Western Downs Council in Qld seems to manage a twice per annum 'animal management' visitation program. https://www.wdrc.qld.gov.au/living-here/animal-management/animal-control/ FAQ's below: https://www.wdrc.qld.gov.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Frequently-Asked-Questions.pdf
  3. This place did not provide the 'happy ever after' ending depicted in this video. http://thegreatdayout.com.au/family/storybook-farm
  4. According to the ABR 'Couch Surfers Animal Rescue' was set up as a sole trader in the name of LAMPRECHT, DANIELLE MARIE. Currently still registered. On the following website it is stated this group was founded by Danielle https://www.couchsurfersanimalrescue.org/
  5. Another link with some different information https://www.hot91.com.au/news/local-news/91566-animal-rescue-founder-guilty-of-animal-neglect
  6. https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/news/three-people-injured-in-dog-attack-in-sydneys-west/news-story/50b26552e780a046daab839e7dd5a56e Three people injured in dog attack in Sydney’s west A mother and her child are in hospital and a man is in an induced coma after two dogs went on a rampage in Sydney’s west this afternoon. Two dogs have gone on a rampage which has left three people — including a mother and her young daughter — with serious injuries in Sydney’s west this afternoon. A 40-year-old man went into cardiac arrest after being bitten several times on his face, ears, chest and abdomen at a home on Vincennes Avenue at Tregear at about 1pm. He suffered multiple lacerations to his body after being mauled by the two dogs, according to CareFlight which sent a rapid response helicopter with a medical team to the scene. The man needed a blood transfusion and was placed in an induced coma to stabilise him. He was treated by NSW Ambulance paramedics before being taken to Westmead Hospital in a critical condition. A 30-year-old woman and her 10-year-old daughter were also bitten by the dogs and are also being taken to Westmead Hospital for treatment. A NSW Ambulance spokesman said the girl was bitten on the back, while her mother was bitten on the forearm. They are both in a stable condition. It’s understood the man — who was not the owner of the dogs — was staying at the house and was being visited by the mum and daughter. ABC reports that the woman and girl were attacked by the dogs and the man was injured while trying to protect them. It also reports that the dogs were Staffordshire bull terriers. NSW Ambulance Acting Superintendent Jordan Emery told 2GB’s Ben Fordham the man “sustained very significant injuries”. “His injuries were very extensive and there was a significant amount of blood loss as a result of the incident,” Mr Emery said. “We sent a whole range of resources including a number of intensive care paramedics, the Careflight helicopter and an ambulance inspector”. The RSPCA attended the scene and the dogs have been locked away. Officers from Mount Druitt Police Area Command are investigating.
  7. Maybe you can organise the financial backing needed to fight.
  8. Many moons ago I had the best ratter boy ever, a schipperke.
  9. Tdierikx have you tried Armstrong Legal in Sydney?
  10. https://www.2gb.com/exclusive-illegal-dump-owners-face-6-million-clean-up-bill/ Ray Hadley has revealed 2,000 tonnes of asbestos-contaminated waste has been found at a pet hotel in Sydney’s north-west. The NSW EPA has confirmed Pet Resort Dural’s owners, David and Maria Levy, will be issued with a clean-up notice after the material was discovered at their business. (NSW EPA statement) “We can confirm that the EPA attended the Pet Resorts Dural site last week. Inspectors found waste at the site and are currently investigating the matter. A draft clean up notice is being issued today.” The couple are also facing a $6-million bill to remove huge amounts of asbestos-laden waste illegally dumped on their other property on Geelans Rd at Arcadia. In total more than 40,000 tonnes of contaminated material will need to be cleared from the Levy’s properties. David and Maria Levy have been contacted for comment.
  11. Upper Lachlan council have a draft proposal in place as well. https://www.upperlachlan.nsw.gov.au/sites/upperlachlan/files/public/D2017%209217%20%20Keeping%20of%20Companion%20Animals%20Policy%20-%20October%202017.pdf
  12. I use a product called "Secret Weapon Xtra" and have had excellent results. Think I purchased the concentrate from Oz grooming world.
  13. Shepparton News A man who was sent to prison for six months for the abuse of animals has faced another charge while in prison. Kaleb Kennedy, 21, from Cobram, faced Shepparton Magistrates’ Court via videolink from prison on two charges of receiving stolen goods and handling proceeds of crime. Kennedy pleaded guilty. Police prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Kim Talbot told the court that the bullbar was stolen from a man in Gunnedah in north-eastern NSW in June last year. Police uncovered the stolen bullbar at Kennedy’s Cobram home during a search 10 days later. When interviewed, Kennedy told police that he bought the bullbar from a person he met at a rodeo in Tamworth, but when asked he could only remember a first name for the seller. He was convicted and fined $2500 plus court costs. Kennedy is serving six months in prison for training his pet dogs to hunt and kill wild animals. He was sentenced in July for a range of animal cruelty offences in Victoria and Southern NSW during a period of months in 2016. He is due to be released from prison in December.
  14. Last weekend I saw two browns when visiting friends near Goulburn NSW. One of them just sitting on the track and not in a hurry to move. Eastern browns seem to come in many colours. This article from Snake Catchers in Brisbane is interesting. http://www.snakecatchers.com.au/eastern-brown.php
  15. Kaleb Kennedy broke his bail conditions set by the Victorian Court. He will face court in Victoria once out of custody in NSW. This persons charges include burglary, theft, various traffic offences and aggravated animal cruelty. Kaleb Kennedy is the grandson of Les and Linda Murphy. The Murphy's operated Strathbogie Puppy Factory - google as an interesting read. Kaleb Kennedy's mother is Jodie Murphy, aka Jodie Knox, owner of Murray River Puppies. .
  16. LG are you referring to Margot Bernard from Margo's Animal Sanctuary? This lady was living in the Logan Council area and had an interim licence for her many critters. She had a barnyard full of assorted animals. In 2014 Margo was finally pushed by council to downsize and last I heard she had 5 dogs. Around the end of 2014 Margo and her barnyard seems to have disappeared. xx LP xx
  17. Jill I am sad to hear this has happened to you. Wollondilly is a small rural pound and I have found they have always done their best by the animals. I have worked with and supported this pound for many years and never had a problem at all. The staff have been fantastic as have the admin ladies too. In the last couple of years when Tdierikx and I have visited the pound there have been "situations" the volunteers have created themselves. Melzawelza I would love to hear how improvements can be implemented for Wollondilly - inbox if you prefer. xx LP xx
  18. We had a 7 week old JRT puppy surrendered to us last year - according to the owner the puppy was aggressive. The puppy drew blood from the owners grandkids arm!! When pup arrived it was a hyperactive ball of energy and the batteries never seemed to run dry. Jill from JRT rescue was brilliant and we rehomed a well trained (for a JRT pup) 12 week old pup. Without the advice from JRT Rescue I really think this pup may have been doomed. I cannot work out if I am missing something here as Jill from JRT rescue certainly knows this breed. Perhaps the OP can contact JRT rescue directly. xx Lyn xx
  19. Contact Jill from JRT Rescue - Jill is an encyclopedia of knowledge regarding this breed and always happy to help.
  20. A ROWVILLE family has been left traumatised after their three pet dogs were yesterday mauled to death by a neighbour’s dogs. Tarnia Salt’s 11-year-old daughter Hayley has been left horrified after coming across the gruesome scene yesterday about 3.45pm. The Salt family is shattered after losing the dogs — a 14-year-old pug, a 10-month old cavalier and 4-month-old pug — but thankful the deadly attack didn’t occur when their two young children were playing outside. “As soon as we got home from school, Hayley went outside and all I heard was this loud scream,” Ms Salt said. “I came out to find our three dogs dead lying on the ground, and I just checked if any were still alive and they weren’t, but they were still warm so it hadn’t been that long. “We are very dedicated to our dogs — they were inside dogs and we loved them. They are lost, we are completely lost.” Ms Salt said the two killer dogs — which belonged to neighbours behind her property — had gained entry by digging a hole under the fence. Ms Salt said the dogs’ owners had told her they were sorry for the attack and promised to have the dogs put down. “He (the neighbour) told me they were fox terriers, but one of them was quite big and looks like it is crossed with something” she said. “I’m a dog lover, so I’m not sure whether they should be put down. However, if they could do that to our dogs, imagine what they could do to a young child. “If we had come home earlier and my children walked out it could have been a lot worse.” Ms Salt said her 14-year-old pug had been sick for the past 10 months but thought she would have lasted at least another year. “She should have died in peace and love, with me by her side,” she said. “I can’t imagine what they were feeling to be slaughtered. They would have been so scared. “I could see two pugs didn’t give up much of a fight. The cavalier was in bad shape so she fought back as best she could.” The family have already buried the dogs in the backyard and say they plan to have more dogs in the future. Ms Salt said she would contact Knox City Council today about the incident. My link
  21. Tis strange the different accounts of the crash coming through. xx LP xx eta - Starting Over Dog Rescue has posted on facebook and tis in this news link. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/man-and-dogs-killed-in-threevehicle-crash-at-lake-boga-20140805-100moy.html Hugs and prayers to you at SODR xx LP xx
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