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  1. Another good suggestion, but it means I'd be losing that part of the yard, finding something big enough to fit it, and it will be more expense than I want to outlay to be honest. @PantoThe neighbours are a lovely older couple who I'm sure wouldn't mind what I put up (I'd still ask them though) as that's the side of their house which just has some water tanks (which are ugly to look at from my point of view anyway. Do you mean put up a colorbond extension thingo Panto?
  2. @corrie I like the idea of lattice from the ground up. I have some nice concrete pots as well as some pavers that would do the bottom, and can find the best way to attach it to the fence without it looking too obvious. I think the paint will be easy enough to match up. I might hang some small pot plants from it, or decorate it with something (once he grows out of his crazy puppy ways of everything is there to be chewed, jumped on, and played with). Thanks for the suggestions. Thanks @Snook we think he's a bit gorgeous too, specially when he's sleeping (i'll put some other pics at the bottom of this post) Another one I hadn't thought of, thanks for the suggestion, but I agree, I think the full length lattice would be more secure. Both the r/e agent and the landlord are approachable, but it would mean getting permission from the neighbour as well, which makes it all a bit more of a hassle than I want, whereas it just being a temporary thing of my side of the fence is all okay. And thanks Perse, he's getting more handsome each day. Here's a few more pics, (I'll put the rest on the next post) from when we first got him, he looks so tiny there, and how he likes sleeping upside down, on my bed. some
  3. Hi Rebanne, The shorter section is 4 foot 6", the high section is 5 foot 10". So a fairly big size gap in that part. Oh, I just measured him again at his withers and he's 15", he's growing like a weed and is all legs His paws are huge, and he's very long in the body, almost like a greyhound build but stockier, who knows what he will turn out like, have to wait and see. I wanted to put up something more as a visual deterrent now, as When he's left outside with a Kong or a bone, I look through the window to check up on him, and have seen him a couple of times jump up and put his paws on that part of the fence, like he's wanting to look over, but obviously can't as the fence is too high (for now). Here's a pic of him a few days ago
  4. Thanks Boronia for the links, funnily enough I did think of that first off , but I think it needs screwing on, which I can't do as I'm renting.
  5. good idea Perse! I was wondering what I would need to clip it onto the colorbond fence, like some sort of a clamp?
  6. Hi, We are renting, and a small section of the backyard fence (around 3 and a half feet width) is shorter than the rest of the fence. Our pup is going to be quite tall (he's 19 weeks old and 2 weeks ago he measured 14" high and he's grown a heap since then, has Mastiff x Staffy and who knows what else in there, we adopted him from a rescue ) Any ideas on how to make that section of the fence taller, it has to be temporary as renting you can't alter anything. There is fake grass, so no dirt there to dig a post into. Im stuck on ideas, I had thought of some bamboo/brush type screening from Bunnings, but I'm worried he will chew it, as everything at the moment is chewable in his mind. Here's a pic of that area, the other fence is a pool type fencing which goes into the side yard, so we could attach something at that end.
  7. Animal House

    Meet Banks

    Congrats on your new pup, what a sweet little face he has.., love his name too! (you might want to ask @Troy to move this out of 'Puppy Problems' into one of the others, unless you are predicting trouble already. )
  8. There's your interim solution, keep him outside when you aren't at home. Is there a reason he needs to be inside when you aren't home? He may be peeing on things because he needs to pee, or for other reasons, anxiety, habit etc etc....we need a bit more info, was he recently neutered? How long have you had him? Have you asked for advice from where you adopted him from? Make sure you thoroughly clean the furniture he has peed on with a pet urine enzyme cleaner, or he will go back and mark the same spot. And welcome to the forum.
  9. OMG, those poor animals....I hope this poor excuse for a human being gets jail time, who in their right mind would do that to a dog, let alone all the other poor animals/horses, what is wrong with people?
  10. Where is the proof of this though? I know the rspca isn't the most responsible organisation, but just because someone writes a post about it, are we to believe everything it says? I doubt an rspca inspector can have anyone committed, a Doctor has to be consulted.
  11. Yes, good point, there's so many things for dogs to choke on, tennis balls can be a hazard, so can a stick, or a stolen sock, the list is endless really. ( I'll still not feed the seeds/core to mine though, as advised by my vet years ago, but each to their own)
  12. I feed both raw and kibble...just not at the same time. He gets a good quality dry food for breakfast (I do weigh out the amount, because some of that goes into treats for training. For dinner he gets raw (usually one/two of these - oily fish/sardines, plain Greek yoghurt, turkey neck, cooked egg, raw meaty bone a few times a week) I also make up 2 kongs filled with carrot pieces (he loves carrots) a bit of Yoghurt, a few pieces of apple, some of his dry food portion, and plug up the end with peanut butter and freeze them. So he usually gets one of those around lunchtime, and they are really handy to give them to spend time in the crate/playpen, that usually takes him 45 minutes to finish off. (my pup is 15 weeks old though, hence the two main meals and a smaller lunch) Sorry Perse, Just wanted to remind people never to feed whole apples to dogs, the seeds contain cyanide and the core can be a choking hazard. Taken from Pet MD website....."It’s also important that you remove all seeds from an apple before giving it to your dog. Apple seeds contain cyanide, and although a few apple seeds likely won’t harm your dog, eating them over time can lead to the accumulation of cyanide in your dog’s system, which is quite hazardous. As such, you’ll need to discard the core of the apple—which also poses a choking hazard—and cut the remaining fruit into slices to serve as a treat for your dog"
  13. How was I rude to you, and please show me where i said you were not quite right in the head? I said it's obvious you have a history/hatred of the RSPCA (because I've read other posts where you went on about them), and yet you never even replied to the rest of my post about the video you shared a link to. Did you even read what I wrote and my concerns about it? You went off on some tangent about something I know nothing about, and had nothing to do with the conversation we were having. I'm sorry you and your friend had to go through that, but fixating on the RSPCA because of it, to the exclusion of what others are posting, seems to be counter productive and unhealthy. And it happened 24 years ago? I won't be replying again, I don't see the point because the posts have gotten so far off track I can't keep up, but I do wish you well.
  14. I did read what you wrote, thoroughly. I don't have a problem understanding what was written, you're being quite rude and It's not called for. The quote which I put in, as I explained, was a quote from one of many comments on the link to the video on FB, which you supplied. It put it in the post to show what type of threats these girls are getting on that FB video posting. From people who don't know the full story, and have just taken it upon themselves to be vigilantes (albeit by FB posts, but who knows what people are capable of. These girls have had their names and pictures shared 8K times from that one video link you provided, who knows how many people are now aware of their names/faces, It's like a mob lynching. Most of the comments about the video were baying for the girls' blood (and worse) and no doubt it won't be long before someone knows them and will put their address up. This is how people get hurt, without knowing all the facts, people share the video and put their own spin on it. Yes the girls were wrong, what they did was unbelievably cruel. Now it didn't take me long to do a bit of sleuthing and find out WHO it happened to, and what they had to say about it. This is the persons own post on FB, made public, so I'm just copying/pasting it here. No doubt the rspca won't look into it, because it's going to cost them money to prosecute them on a video, because videos can be edited etc. You have a history and hatred of the RSPCA, which is evident by your posts. But you can't taint them all with the same brush, I'm sure they do some good things as well. But by posting a link to a video on someone's FB page, purely because the RSPCA won't comment on it, you've shared the mob hatred of two young girls....if you had bothered to read the comments under the video you might not have posted the link (it took me 10 mins to read through the comments etc) then find the victim, and read their thoughts on it.
  15. Whilst what the girls did was disgusting, cruel and yes, they should be held accountable...(plus there has to be more to it. Why were they at the property, did she know them? How did they get onto her Facebook page illegally?) Plus the comments on that persons FB (Casey Pawels you linked with the vid) are vile and disgusting, threatening to bash/kill/kick their heads in. I don't know why this was even shared, it had been reported to the police, one got a caution (apparently) and the other has a court date set. But to post their names, profile pics and the video to FB (the toilet of the internet) is just shameful, it will no doubt affect the court case, and apart from that, any person who is already unstable or violent could do dreadful things to those girls..and no, I'm not defending them at all, but to basically offer them up to FB vigilantes does more harm than good. One of the comments and this by a woman Shame on everyone involved. Could you please take down the link @asal?
  16. Thanks everyone, I figured most of us have lost pets, so you'd know what I was going through. :
  17. The house is eerily quiet. My bed feels too big for me. There's no Staffy bum parked next to my pillow, no feet in my back in the middle of the night, pushing for more room. No face watching me intently each morning for my eyes to open, and when they do, pricked ears and a hopeful look, before a stinky breath slurp and lots of tail thumping. There's no head cheekily poking around the door when I'm on the loo, waiting to be invited in for pats. There's no feet dancing up and down on the kitchen floor while I get breakfast ready. No slurping of the water bowl, leaving a trail of tiny puddles. There's no head shoved in the fridge door when I open it, inhaling all the food smells, tail madly wagging. There's no dog stretched out beside me when I have a drink on the verandah enjoying the cool breeze after another hot day. No sharing of zooper doopers, no puppy dog eyes watching me eat pizza, well, eat anything really. There's no tripping over tennis balls which magically appear throughout the house and yard. There's no one laying on the bathroom mat contentedly while I shower. There's no throwing of balls, endlessly brought back with a wiggly bum. There's no scruffing of soft toys, one of your favorite things to do. No playing hide n seek, seeing your happy face when you found me. There's no Staffy ears to rub, or give belly pats, no more stroking of your boofy head. There's no slurping of the cats face after he's eaten, despite his protests. There's too many 'no mores' to list. There's no you, my shadow for 13 years, my dog, my friend. I'm going to miss my cat poo eating, floor cleaning, icy pole eating, farting, snoring, ball obsessed, happy faced, wiggly bum beautiful girl. Run free at the bridge Minty, Charlie would have been there to meet you, with lots of face slurps and bum sniffing no doubt, before running off to see what you could get up to. I wish I could have been there to see it. Minty my darling girl, it was a privilege to have been your human. Minty was adopted through ARF (ACT Rescue and Foster) as a 9 week old puppy. ARF had rescued the heavily pregnant Mum 'Cookie' and her puppies were named after sweet things, Oreo, Fanta, Minty etc etc. Another Doler adopted one of the puppies as well. For 13 years and 4 months, Minty has been a part of this family, she adored her fur brother Charlie, who passed away 2 years ago at age 16. Since then, she has been my shadow, literally. I'm so grateful to have had her in my life. She survived her Spindle Cell tumour removal, outliving the 2 year prognosis by 7 months. Unfortunately a Mast Cell tumour was hiding in a fatty lump, and surgery to remove it wouldn't have got clear margins. So we opted for Palliative care at her age, lots of spoiling (more than usual) and we were thankful for every day we had, which ended up being 2 months. On Friday the vet came to our house, and helped her over the Bridge. I miss her so much.
  18. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-20/man-repeatedly-punches-dog-in-attack-caught-on-cctv/10828214
  19. Beautiful Dee Dee, we always miss them, no matter how long they've been gone.
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