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  1. Lucky you, I hope you're having a great time, did you see Nessie?
  2. Could you put a soft crate in your bedroom so he can at least be in at night/overnight (carry him in so he doesn't roam the house, straight to the soft crate/bed kind of thing) as its very hard on an 8yo dog who's previously been an inside dog to be moved somewhere new, and then have to stay outside all the time. Other than that, you could put his kennel close to the back door so he can see it, and who's coming/going, he's going to want to be able to be near you. You can't make him stay in the kennel unless he wants to.
  3. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your beautiful Genevieve. Such a shock for all the family.
  4. Such a good update PM, sharing the bed is always a good sign. I do love it when they just tuck in behind the knees.
  5. He has such a beautiful face, and those stick out ears, kind of like a goofy 5yo kid. He's adorable, great pics as always!
  6. Beautiful doggies, so glad she's settling in a bit more now, you've worked your magic with her PM.
  7. Maybe a dog run with a good base, and dug into the ground would stop them. But you also need to figure out why they are doing it. Are they bored and doing it for fun? Staffies are high energy dogs, and if you don't have enough to keep them occupied (training, walks, chew toys etc) then they will make their own fun.
  8. Devastating, just saw this on the news website earlier.
  9. You're a lovely person PC, what beaut little lambs they are too!
  10. Aww, wee Bowie. Bowie has such a sweet innocent face, and you've captured it beautifully. And then there's the beautiful, elegant Bella, all regal and statuesque one minute, and hooning like crazy the next. Perfect combination.
  11. Liddle miss Hailey is growing up beautifully. I love the treat bottle game, great idea, it seems Zeph was doing most of the work and she reaped the rewards. *sigh* Happy puppies, thanks for sharing them with us. She's got a mischievous look, and Zeph has the older and wiser, yet patient, big brother look.
  12. Would calling the RSPCA or the Bendigo council be of any to help you?
  13. Do you think it's an affluent area Perse? Those older houses, leafier streets, big yards would (generally) mean more expensive to rent/buy, depending on the suburb of course. If thats' the case, you could afford to have bigger dogs, you certainly don't see many Great Pyrenees around. And Newfies. Then again, could be true for what you say, high density living, smaller dogs...but again, it would (for me) depend on the suburb/area, because of lot of upmarket closer to town burbs are very expensive, have small or tiny courtyards, so maybe a small white fluffy would fit in better. Where I live (my block of units) are mostly small courtyards, (varying sizes, some have a small grass area) we've got a small mutt mix, used to have a Staffy next door, and then my Staffy. The other dogs I've seen around the immediate area (big streets, houses/yards) have been anything from Goldens to Schnauzers to SWF's.
  14. Another one bites the dust, people can be such scum. So glad they were found, disgusting conditions, but no gross photos or graphic reporting. LINK Dogs held in camouflaged greyhound trailers Trailers commonly used in the greyhound racing industry to transport dogs were being used to house the dogs, and were draped with camouflage netting. "These were being used as breeding facilities and were camouflaged to be hid in the bush," Mr Websdale said. The property had no running water or electricity. The dogs have been taken to an Animal Aid Victoria shelter at Fulham near Sale to be monitored by vets. "We'd like to be in a position where we can have the puppies looked after and then re-housed and provided to caring families," Mr Websdale said. Crackdown on illegal dog breeding One person is being questioned by council officers and is assisting them with their inquiries. The maximum penalty under the Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act 1986, is $88,566 and 12 months' imprisonment. On July 1, new laws were introduced to remove puppies and kittens from pet shops in an effort to curb illegal breeding. The number of fertile dogs kept by registered commercial breeders has also been capped at 10. RSPCA Victoria inspectorate team leader Lisa Calleja said the new laws will help to stop illegal breeders funnelling their dogs through pet shops. "Gippsland is not a hotspot for illegal dog breeding," Ms Calleja said. "It's a problem across Australia."
  15. Whoa, $80...yeah, they should have checked the ears too for that.
  16. Did you ask the vet to look into his ears, I would have, just as a reminder if he didn't do it. I absolutely agree with the horses whiskers @PossumCorner, its cruelty. I had to go to the vets yesterday with my old girl, a general check up and review of her arthritis and to try new meds. My vet said he had a student who would check her over first, give him the notes and then my vet would come in to do a final assessment. The vet student was fantastic, in his 5th year and did the most comprehensive vet check I've ever seen, explaining everything he was doing, asking questions about my old girls history (slow growing cancer, lump removed 2 years ago). He even gave her hips a massage. We were having a chat and I asked him had he been bitten yet, he said no...and told me if you can read the dogs body language you get to know the signs well before you could cop a bite. He was really gentle and patient, and spent probably 15 mins on her, he's going to make a great vet.
  17. I'll just leave the link here, seems to be a case of what the Vet said, vs what GAP says. (GAP facts and figures seem correct IMHO) Link to Article
  18. It's so sad to lose them both. They are part of the family, that's why it hurts so much when they go. Zoe had such a beautiful face.
  19. What a handsome boy Oscar was. It's so hard to let them go, Hugs to you
  20. I think Zuri has the makings of a model, look at that pose. PC, it's good to hear the lambs are going well, love the little one's ears and face.
  21. aww, I agree Perse, such a sweet face, and a lovely pic of her.
  22. You are a wealth of knowledge Griz, thanks for that explanation. Tsotsi looked so different in his other pic, although it was 11 years ago. It's much better for him to be in a more stimulating environment at Monarto, like you said...but yeah, his hair was great back then. I love Gallatea's face, you capture them so well. I know birds can pluck feathers from stress and boredom (captive birds) so I did wonder if the over grooming was stress related or it had just become a habit within the group. Mama Zombi, she is quite bald, but still beautiful, as they all are. I'm not sure what the set up is for the chimps at Monarto, are you in a bus to photograph them, or are they closer to the main part?
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