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  1. I agree Mirawee, my spitz's only get a bath if they are filthy. Supposed to have harsh coat but I know some that are soft due to over bathing. Sway, Yes the hands are supposed to feel what the coat hides but many hands don't communicate with the brain that the coat on some dogs is hiding faults but they will put that dog up instead. BB
  2. HI All, I was doing a search on Ebay for Heated pet beds for puppies, and came across the snugglesafe pad, an electric blanket type thing and heated matts run by electricity. I was wondering how do you keep your litters warm in winter? Ours will be in the main room in show trolley with heater going constantly but does shut down automatically for awhile when room gets to a certain temp. Door will be shut or semi shut for awhile. A hot water bottle goes cold too quick for my liking. Mum constantly digs up her bedding so pups end up buried under the bedding, will try vet bed to see if she di
  3. Awwww love the bum shot Espinay. Your girl looks about to burst 3Woofs. Mine is due on 23rd and she loooks soooooo miserable adn FAT. BB
  4. Good luck in making your decision. I can't get my hubby to agree about one of our dogs, he is just being stubborn for some reason. Have you had another person in your breed go over your litter just to see if what you see in this pup is there? Doesn't hurt to have a second opinion. BB
  5. We have a 2006 Holden Acclaim Station wagon. Back seats ar always down and I have two wire crates on that. Behind the cargo barrier I have a raised floor where I fit two trolleys under and top gazebo, chairs, large c crate and everything I need. Only fault I can think of is the "Blind spot" where the front window ends on the drivers side, its a tad too wide for my liking but after awhile you don't notice it. Tried a Ford wagon and not as much roof to floor space for my crap. BB
  6. Grp 1-1-150 Grp 2- 151-214 Grp 3-215-311 Grp 4-312-402 Grp 5-403-477 Grp 6-478-556 Grp 7-557-661. Don't forget it can get a bit squishy with gazebos, if you don't mind setting up in the parking lot. No ring layout provided. BB
  7. Got mine, now not sure if I can go as I may not have the petrol money. Bugger. Why did the price of petrol have to go up???? BB
  8. I went last night and there was about 12 people attending. Went just over 2 hours but it was fun & interesting. Afterwards I asked the organizer if he would go to the North East to do an information session and he said probably if there was at least a minimum of 8 people attending. If at least 8 people express interest I will pass on his contact details so some one UP THERE can organize it. Perhaps at an RSL or pub after the show in a room away from other diners. BB
  9. No idea Keezzzza if the organisers will travel that far. Maybe during the shows held at Myrtleford, which month are they again? And if they get enough response they might consider it. BB
  10. Hi All, I was advised that there is an information session at BULLA-Calabrian Club at 7:30pm on Thursday 9th May 2013. If you want to learn or just ask questions about being a dog show steward in Vic. I think the kitchen is open, I am not 100% sure so maybe BYO food. Or maybe you have some suggestions for them. This is organised by the Dog Stewards Association of Vic. Thanks BB
  11. SCHIPPERKE Hi Rusty & Bucket, can you please talk to my dog Fleur and tell her that she isn't supposed to be a lap dog or a cuddly dog! She loves to sit on OH's lap and have her belly rubbed until she falls asleep. Schipps are smart, shed once a year maybe twice. Can self exercise themselves. Any other questions just ask me. BB
  12. I met a young lady at Petrescue she had a cute black dog on a lead and I swear 80% of the dog was a Schipp X but she was calling it a Pom X. She wouldn't really listen to me when I presented her with some pics of my guys to show that the dog she had was soooo much like my guys. So not sure what criteria they use to label their breeds. BB
  13. I admit I am abit slack in trimming my dogs nails. Our breed should NEVER be near a pair of scissors except for the hair between the toes. BB
  14. Yay Go Huddy, Wining "overseas" is fantastic!!! Enjoy your holiday (if your having one.) BB
  15. Thanks heaps for the full results Sway, your a Gem. Can't wait to get back in the ring, stupid of us to miss so many deadlines. BB
  16. I went today, arrived around 10am and left around 2pm. Took advantage of all the freebies on offer. Food for humans was very limited and pricey, glad I took my own drink. One end of the building seemed more cramped with stalls while the other end seemed more roomy, perhaps could of moved a couple towards that end. Yes I was hoping that some stuff I use would be slightly cheaper than in their stores but nope. Grabbed alot of brochures as my club is looking for sponsorship of our speciality coming up, got good responses from alot of people. Checked out the breed stalls after that, Lappie st
  17. How did everyone go today? No gazebos broken in the wind? Would anyone have grp 7 results, theres none on the results page. Thanks BB
  18. YAYAY Congrats on your baby LizT. BB
  19. CONGRATS Bilbo Baggins on your wins. 3 different groups you & BBJ were busy showing. BB
  20. Can we please get back on topic!!!!! What did the schedule say in regards to this show? I know that the Schipp club of Vic have 18 & 18A and in show for our Open & Champ show and they will receive the same amount of money spent on it as all other classes. Same as the Non Sporting Dog club of Vic have 18 & 18A and In Show and that winner will have same spent on them. (even though there was only 3 breeds competing last year.) BB
  21. Doesn't anyone have any results for this circuit????? Seems everyone from grp 7 haven't had time to submit their results to their profile/comp yet. (except for a St Poodle). The Neuter Schipp Adorin Cop That gained his Neuter Ch title up there. BB
  22. Did anyone attend the event the at Melb showgrounds? Congrats to the guys with the border Collies in Sydney. BB
  23. Does anyone have any results for this weekend? How windy was it on Saturday? BB
  24. Congrats everyone. You can put us on the list. Due around may 24th-Schipperkes. No ultrasound done, is it too late now? Stomach size, increased appetite, now lazy all indicate babies. For those feeding Advance dry food, do you put your pregnant girls on the Puppy plus growth or the Active all breeds?? Thanks BB
  25. The ch 10 report didn't sy much either. Just they hoping to break a few world records when it comes to dogs. BB
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