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  1. Ihope you all have a good day. I am looking forward to grp 7 results if anyone watches the group. BB
  2. Hi All, I just saw this mentioned on the CH 10 news (in Melb) http://www.melbourneshowgrounds.com/attending-an-event/event-calendar/event-worldrecorddogs Apparently you choose which charity part of your entry fee goes to. Competions for most dogs wearing bandanas etc. Is anyone going?????? BB
  3. we went, about 40-50 attended. Pedini recorded it but not sure how much the VCA will sell copies of it. Finished around 9:45pm. Several questions were asked at the end. Submissions must be in by May 13. BB
  4. I heard from grp 7 Neuter in show once was a Schipp-Adorin Cop That and he has also won a couple of other neuter in grps. No idea on other placings though. BB
  5. Only took the VCA two weeks to process, yayayayayayay BB
  6. Thanks for the results Sway & CONGRATS on Huddys success. Looking forward to todays grp 7 results. BB
  7. Not sure if correct: From Friday Inter in grp 7 was Hopkins Mini poodle. Neuter in grp 7 was Frenchie. Aust bred a british bulldog???? Saturday BIG was ST Pdle & RUBIG was Brit Bulldog?? I hope everyone is having fun. BB
  8. Must be something in your water to keep producing singletons? Good luck with her. BB
  9. Contact Ophnbark here on DOL as she & hubby Ted are also Doggy Treats Australia. They usually have some. BB
  10. Thanks for posting the results. Was a nice day out, my youngster Billy beat is much older brother Ziggy for RUBOB. Congrats to everyone whom won a fringie. BB
  11. Bugger I never see promotional products for Advance since we moved over to this food. regularly see our old brand on sale now. BB
  12. We are entered Sunday only and postie delivered our numbers Friday. Good luck everyone showing today (Saturday). I am looking forward to grp 7 results. BB
  13. Thanks for letting us know Sway. Are you showing at these shows? BB
  14. Fingers crossed Sundays weather isn't as bad as they are forecasting. BB
  15. CENTRAL VICTORIA CANINE CLUB INC (Affiliated with the Victorian Canine Association Inc.) CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW - 2013 Venue: Bulla Complex Date: Saturday, 13th April 2013 Total entries: 809 Gp 1-151 2-75 3A-??? 3B-120 4-116 5-92 6-146 7-108 SUNDAY Heathcote KC at Bulla. Grp 1-112 2-71 3A-??? 3B-100 4-103 5-133 6-136 7-101
  16. Thanks for those Capansh. we are not entered this year so i hope everyone has a great time. BB
  17. We went to wet Mt Gambier. Fleur was the only bitch so she came home with 30 points. Billy didn't do so well only one in his class. Ziggy came home with 4 out of 5 BOB's (10points each) so home with 40 points, now 50 points closer to his Grand title. Nothing in group for us. Ziggy participated in the Irish Brace with BilboBaggins's Cavalier-Finn. They moved very well together for the first time they did this together. Didn't get a placing but many people said we should of. BB
  18. Congrats to everyone and thanks to Sway for the results. Good boy Zane (Schipp) for wining Aust bred in grp. BB
  19. Was good to be back at Mt G for these shows. Was good to catch up with Rebanne & Trisven & BilboBaggins. Thanks rebanne for allowing Warrior to play with Ziggy he loved it. Thanks to BilboBaggins for asking my Ziggy to participate in the Irish Brace with her Finn. The two boys moed beutifully together. A couple of people commented on this & said they should of got a placing. We managed 4 out of 5 best of breeds with Ziggy. Some breeds in grp that wona class in grp were: G dane, Frenchies, Dalmatian,Mini Poodle, Schipp (Captain & his Gr son Clipper). Even the rain didn't
  20. We received our camping info in the mail. I hope everyone has a great Easter. We are catching up with our girls SA breeder, OH just been to dan Murphys and brought several bottles of bubbbly to celebrate each day with. BB
  21. Has anyone received their camping receipts or whatever they are handing out? We are still waiting. Cheque has not been banked yet either. BB
  22. We are returning to these shows after a four year abscence. Hoping weather gods will be kind to us. Looks like no Keeshonds entered since they aren't listed, although no St poodles but they are listed. Who is camping on the grounds?? BB
  23. We sent a Schipp to Japan a couple of years ago using JetPets. They were great & made the paperwork seem easy, the driver whom collected him was friendly and asked about the breed etc and the van was clean. Good luck on your move. BB
  24. Was a lovely day at the show until the last 10 minutes. We & Ophnbark plus Vicki & her Lhasa's were the last to leave and we waited 5 minutes too long and it pelted down hard. Thanks to Ophnbark for sticking around until OH finally turned up to pick me & the dogs up. Also thanks for handling the Fleur for BOB. My Billy got a run fior group but missed out. BB
  25. We don't use interceptor but our dogs are about 7-7.5 kilos so I give them a tablet for a 10kg dog. If I were you I would give a tablet for a 20kg dog. BB
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