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  1. I am on committee of our breed club and I was wondering if you could tell me what banking institutition does your breed club use??? I am only interested about clubs in/around Melbourne. Our club may change who they use which is why I am asking. Currently ours with a credit union but they are sometimes difficult to use. They only have two offices in Melbourne, deposits can be made at any Commonwealth bank using the credit Unions deposit book or they can't be accepted or if done at the Credit union they still have deposit slips. They do have a cheque books which is great. Interest is low on o
  2. Yes grp 1 has a new judge also grp 2 has a new judge-Robyn Brock I think. BB
  3. Hi All, Not sure if anyone is aware but there is two judges that have been replaced for the Daylesford Aggie on 23 Nov 2013. Grp 1 is no longer Allan Mae it is now Lynette Niemann (SA). I can't remember which other grp has a change also. May be grp 2??? I hope the weatehr wont be as bad as last year either. Good luck everyone. BB
  4. We had a good day yesterday since the public was not given access to our small cramped area. A barrier was put up. Our girl jessica (Gr Ch Beadale LikeAhurrican RN ET) won challenge bitch, AGAIN. this is the thrird time in a row she won this at the royal. Judge said she was very ncie but her waistline needs some work. . I said yes I know she was too fed too much after her litter. unfortunatly Ziggy was placed 2nd in a class of two. But brother Zane won RUBOB even though he is moulting. Does anyone know what "the new and improved dog toilet area" was as I could not spot it and we were b
  5. HI all, Our breed club is accepting some trophy donations from a SA member for our speciality in early November but need the trophies to be collected from the Wagga Wagga, Walbundrie shows on the 4-7th October 2013. Apparently they may be two medium-large boxes. Is anyone able to pick them up and bring to melbourne, northern suburbs for us? Thank you BB
  6. Will Neuter class be on offer? Not that we have one. Well done for putting on more shows to make the trip there worthwhile for some people. BB
  7. Results for Schipps are up on the website already. BEST OF BREED 2065 Tyrrell, B SUP CH BEADALE LITTLE CAPTAIN RUNNER-UP TO BEST OF BREED 2060 Bateau Chien Kennels Gr Ch Sanlyn Hit The Road Jack Imp NZL BEST PUPPY OF BREED 2059 Collins P J & Chapman R & E SCHEEPSHOND SPIRIT OFTHE SEA BEST BABY PUPPY OF BREED 2058 Sharpe, K BEADALE STAR DUST Go Captain!!!! BB
  8. i went just for a sticky beak since I wasn't entered. WAS a nice day weather wise until approx 2pm then the clouds came over and the wind picked up. I hope everyone ties down the gazebos wekll over night. Grp 7 results are: BIG Staceys Shar pei Rubig was trevors Keeshond. a Smooth chow, Daly, Mini pdle, davids keeshond all won a class in grp. Also saw Ophnabark's new baby puppy whom played with my baby. He is very nice and did well for his first show. BB
  9. Now that I am home from the Central West circuit in NSW I can post my BIG Brag. After limited showing for the past two or so years we have finally made our boy Ziggy A Grand Champion (pending VCA approval). Ziggy Ch Hapipet Allthatyoudream RN ET will be our third home bred Grand Champion. :thumbsup: Thank you to all judges and All handlers along the journey. :clap: :clap: He gained the final points on sat 17 August 2013 at Bedgerabong P A & H Assoc under judge Mrs J Bray (NSW) She also awarded him Runner up best in group!! Yay :cheers: Attached is a pic of Ziggy taken at
  10. we were on Proheart tablets and sourced from Ebay sellers as most Pet wharehouses were not stocking it any more. Some sellers had trouble sourcing stock occassionally too. We moved our lot over to the PANORAMIS tablets, which cover EVERYTHINIG but ticks. BB
  11. The championship show will be held in the regular group 7 ring and Open show & sweeps in the Gundog (grp 3) ring. And BBJ will be our photographer. BB
  12. Non Sporting Dog Club of Vic inc 28th July 2013. Championship show judge: Ms Lynette Niemann (SA) Open Show judge: Ms Paulaine Grutzner (Vic) Sweepstakes Judge: Mrs Judy Oliver (Vic) Champ Open Bostons 8 3 British B 15 1 Chows 12 12 Dali 29 12 Frenchie 28 8 Klein 2 0 Mittels 1 0 Danes 11 4 Jap SPitz 2 2 Kees 14 9 Lhasa
  13. Is this part of the shows that were just held at Darwin? Not mnay results are up yet on the results page and I was wondering who/what has been wining grp 7?? BB
  14. Espinay2, my pup turns 5 weeks this Friday. Glad your pups are doing well. How are everyone elses pups? BB
  15. How are everyones puppies doing? We named our girl Roxy, now to work on her pedigree name. I am abit concerned that she wont eat food yet, should I be?? Mum is still giving her milk a couple of times a day. But with teeth coming through it wont last. I have tried Roxy on warm raw chicken mince but she licked it then walked off, tried a spoon of the My Dog puppy Chicken & rice but she sniffed it and thats all. I try her after mum has been away from the crate for over 4 hrs. Tried her on Animalac milk but no go there either. My previous litters were trying food by now. Thanks BB
  16. grp 7 today was Dally from Inter class then leannes keeshond BJ RUBIG from open class. baby was narelles Chow, about 4 Lhasa Apso's won a class, A shih tzu also, and a Boston I think. Did any one elses classes in group have to stay for a reserve in class? eg best baby was a Chow then he picked a runner up best baby and so on for each class. I heard grp 6 did not do this. Manager said it was just an experiment and to keep us on our toes LOL. No the runner up in classes didn't have to go back for anything in show. I could only manage RUBOB today. BBJ, won BIG with the Swiss white Shepher
  17. This Morning at 9:15am Jess delivered a healthy baby girl, black weighing 186gr. Mum & bubs doing fine sleeping in the very warm lounge room. On wed jess weighed 9kgs (yes quite overweight) and today she is now 8kgs, wonder where it all went??? Photo coming shortly. BB
  18. We are 9 weeks today so keeping an eye on jess all day. So far nothing happening except she wont leave my side. BB
  19. Good luck & stay warm everyone. We didn't enter this weekend. BB
  20. Was a very nice day tody at Seymour. The sun came out and cleared away the fog. Grp 7 BIG was marshalls Dally, Rubig was Lex the St poodle, Baby wsa a Dally, there was also a Frenchie, another Dally, Keeshond, Boston Terrier. Thats about all i can remember. BB
  21. Has anyone tried the heated pet beds in the Reject shop? I thought they looked really cosy & my girl should be able to scratch up the top cover without hiding the pups. BB
  22. No idea Lady of the Ghans. Today Saturday BIG 7 was a Dally RUBIG was TT-Ashley Reids. Thats all I know. See ya Sunday BB
  23. I think Jess can't wait to have hers. She is set up in her trolley and doesn't like the others going near her trolley. I hope she waits till Thurs. BB
  24. We are in melb and got our numbers Tuesday I think. We are entered Sunday only. I am not looking forward to the cold weather on the weekend, will be wearing several jumpers & coats. BB
  25. Was going to suggest this site but then looked at it and its relevant for vic mainly. Perhaps contact some clubs who put on agility trials and ask if there is a similar site? BB http://www.agilitytrials.info/index.htm
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