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  1. Good luck today everyone. I heard that grp 7 only has 32 entries for one show, WOW. Enjoy dinner for those whom are getting together. BB
  2. Was a nice night last night. Good to see such a big entry. My young boy won Minor puppy in group 7. yayayay Thank you to the club for the very nice rosette, not often you see those at an all breeds show. Loved the humour our steward brought to the ring. Wind died down which was good. Hope everyone else had a good time. BB
  3. Good luck in finding a home for this fellow. Unfortunatly I don't know of anyone loking for a dog. BB
  4. I saw on their website that there is a Ch show on Sunday only. Has anyone seen a schedule for this show? Or is it for the breeds that will be at the Expo on stands? BB
  5. Has any one seen any schedules (as in dog shows) for the shows that coincide with this Pet Expo? Wasn't there a couple of Open shows mainly last year? Thanks BB
  6. Hope you all had a good weekend away from home? How was dinner Bilbo Baggins? One day we will enter those shows. Would anyone know how any Schipps went? BB
  7. Hope everyone survived the heat and no gazebos were vandelized overnight. I drove past Sat around 4pm and there was only a couple frames left standing. Can some one tell me if any Schipps were entered on either day? Thanks heaps. BB
  8. The eyes on the dog's photo look so sad to me. As if to say, please save me I am suffering. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: BB
  9. Good luck everyone, please stay cool and hydrated. I hope no gazebos get vandelized this year. BB heres the link to Benalla forecast as of today. http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/forecasts/benalla.shtml Friday 18 January Summary Min 23 Max 38 Chance of a storm. North East area Partly cloudy. Isolated showers and thunderstorms from the morning. Winds northwest to northeasterly 35 to 55 km/h shifting cooler west to southwesterly 35 to 50 km/h during the morning then tending south to southwesterly 20 to 30 km/h in the evening. Overnight temperatures falling to between 18 and 22 wi
  10. Looks like it may be a long night on Friday, good to see a big entry to support International judges. Thank you for notifying in advance what the hot weather policy will be, saves 50 poeple asking the same question. BB
  11. We would love to BUT we are not entered. Hope you have agreat weekend. BB
  12. Saturday results for grp 7 were BIG Jackson the G Dane RUBIG was a Shih Tzu, Inter in grp was Walls' Keeshond. Thats all I was told about. Hope you all had fun today in cooler temperature. BB
  13. Sorry I am in Melb. Perhaps try to find a dog show and see if they have any? Or ask someone at the show with your breed and ask if you can mmeasure your dog with their cool coat? Good luck BB
  14. Silverblue, I was simply asking a question and I forgot to add the ??? at the end of it. I was not complaining, if I was complaining I would. I don't care about getting a front row position most of the time, as long as I can get to the ring just before my number is called I am fine with wherever i cn set up. Good luck everyone and hope the mozzies don't bite. BB
  15. YAYAYAY Congrats. Will you be trying to repeat it this year? BB
  16. Thanks Capansh for the numbers. Wonder if we'll be cramped in the GSD area again or inside since rain is forecast. BB
  17. After group specials I have occassionally asked the judge why they made the decision they made. Sometimes to me it doesn't make sense but I accept it & possibly don't enter under them again or just not with that particular dog. BB
  18. Here is a semi good photo of Billy stacked. Alot of people including us have high hopes for this young boy. He has personality, coat plus, bone to the max, excellent movement. As of today Billy is leading the DOL Rising Star pointscore within the breed. Our 2012 rising star is going through the ganglies so not much to report about her. BB
  19. My Rising star for 2013 is BILLY- Hapipet Radio Waves-Schipperke. From our girl Gr Ch Beadale Like A Hurrican ET-Jess, dad is Ch Beadale beleive it Or not-Arnie. His is just 7 months old and has several Minor puppy in grps and a fantastic BOB win from a breed specialist-16 Points.
  20. Today Sunday, my little boy Billy won Minor in grp 7. Congrats to ophnbark for her best of breed with her cream girl Ella. Favourite dish from the canteen seemed to be the chips & gravy, boy were they yummy. Saw most people buying those. The sun certaintly had some sting to it by the time GS were done today. BB
  21. Anyone from the Bega area?? Should we use any tick prevention before heading there? Thank you BB
  22. Agree with most of the stuff mentioned. Low maintanence as in grooming, bathing on rare occasions, virtually THE most healthiest breed out breed there. Not fussy eaters, well most arent. yes part of the Spitz family so can be little stubborn at times but a poece of fod and they will obey. Would reccommend a yard with a fence. Would suit most poeple of any age. They do like a walk then spend the rest of the day on the couch if allowed. Not a constant barker. Wouldn't mix them with rabbits or guinea pigs. Any other questions please ask. BB
  23. Rebanne, My comment wasn't meant to come across as a snide remark. I was just wondering if any other breeds had any typo's? I know it is easily done and don't blame the secretary. BB
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