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  1. Thanks for those results capansh. You had a good day wining RUBIG congrats. BB
  2. Thanks Sway for putting those us. Perhaps one day Tas royals will have a web site to do display results. Any idea who got RUBIG 7? BB
  3. Sounds like it was a very interesting show. I missed it as I had a dog club meeting. Does anyone know if it will be repeated on any of the other free channels? BB
  4. Here are the group numbers for Romsey KC on Oct 21 2012. 1 157 Mrs Jan Kirin (ACT) 2 83 Mr Matthew Morse 3 102 Mr Peter Watson 4 70 Mrs Lyn Watson 5 82 Mrs A Anagnostis (Tas) 6 139 Ms Tracie Edwards (SA) 7 97 Mr Brian Tolley (NZ) G/S 730 Mrs Lyn Watson Yayayay my first show back for many many many months. BB
  5. Radar most of the day showed that it was a wet day there. BIG 7 Was David's Hunter-Keeshond. RUBIG was Garwey's Toy Poodle. That is all I was told. BB
  6. Thanks for the results. I didn't know they had a Best veteran section, well done on the royal for including it. Can anyone tell me if they got a good entry for this class across most breeds? Just curious. BB
  7. Congrats on your results LizT. I clicked on the link for the photos, then chose Tuesday but then got an error message "The requested URL was not found on this server" Perhaps they are busy. BB
  8. I have no idea as we missed the entry for this one. Good luck to all. BB
  9. ROBOB Schipperke was my girl Gr Ch Beadale LikeAHurrican ET BOB was Sup Ch Bateauchien Secret Agent (AI) Max, whom is looking very good. We were supposed to be judged before lunch break but there was a hold up with the Brit Bulldog judging. Was also good to catch up with BBJ. BB
  10. No idea, have you tried to phone the secretary? anything on Ozshow site? BB
  11. Congratulations. any chance of a photo of the lucky girl? BB
  12. Where is everyone parking and how much is it this year??? I don't want to park at Flemington racecourse & walk up that horrible hill. Thank you BB
  13. I have no idea sorry can't help. I have a question re the royal. This will be the first one in 5 years that I will need to pay for parking as OH usually droped me & the dogs off then picked us up. Can anyone please tell me how much parking is? I expect that it most likely has gone up in price from last year. I realise private driveways are up to the individual owner. I don't particularly want to park at the race course and walk UP that hill. Thank you BB
  14. That's great. Hope you guys have a good day and don't get too many weird comments or questions. BB
  15. Thank you for the replies. Just wondering as we may have one last litter from our girl. Sounds like a letter from the vet to confirm her health status may needed with the litter reg form IF we decide to mate her gain. She just wont give us a nice female pup she usually has two boys one girl even when mated to outstanding males conformation wise and excellent pedigrees. Maybe we should use a mediocre male with mediocre pedigree next time???? Just another quick question: Would a fresh AI at her age be better than natural mating to increase her chance of more than two pups? She is very hea
  16. Dear All, I was wondering if anyone knows what is the MAXIMUM breeding age for a Female dog in Vic? VCA site is down ATM, and I can't find much on the ANKC site. This is all I could find: From the Code of Ethics page: 14. A member shall not breed a bitch (except under extenuating circumstances) causing it to whelp more than six times without prior veterinary certification of fitness for further breeding, and without prior approval of the member’s Member Body. I know the minimum is 12 months but I am after the maximum age. Thank you BB
  17. Gp 7 1st boston terrier, 2nd great dane, 3rd german spitz mittel, 4th british bulldog. Puppy dalmation BB P. S Now I can do what I have to do instead of spying on FB :)
  18. Grp 6 1st St Bernard, 2nd Schnauzer ( standard) 3rd siberian, 4th bernese. Puppy was Samoyed. BB
  19. Why does grp 7 have to last?? Dying to know grp 7 results. BB
  20. Thanks for that Sway. Is it just my PC or is anyone elses PC take a long time to change from one page to another? I realise they must have alot of data or whatever you call it on each one. BB
  21. Awwww look at those big eyes. Hope you have lots of fun with him. BB
  22. Well maybe yet another year that we may not enter the Sydney royal, IF we have the Chilean person doubt he will know what my breed is?? BB
  23. What a helpful boy he must be. Wish I could train my husband to do that. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: BB
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