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  1. Thanks for the numbers. It is going to be a very loong weekend. BB
  2. I think my LARGE C crate with a lid may be big enough for her. Call me. BB
  3. Thanks guys. If she is thinking of using another poodle to mate her Poodle x chi, what health tests should she be doing? I have heard of PRA in Poodles, is that correct? What good health sites should I show her? BB
  4. Congrats to all those soon to be mums, and my sympathies to all those that will miss out this year. Any chance of seeing some pics of these pregnant girls? BB
  5. That judge will be seeing spots for quite awhile then :) Here's hoping we have good weather this year. Can some one post the numbers for Vic Womens when they arrive? BB
  6. Group Dog Judge 1A & 7B 222 Ms G Kerr (USA) 3B & 1B Group Specials 228 Mr R Ennis (USA) Group 2 Specials 210 Mr C Quinones (Columbia) 4B & 3A 219 Ms J Kruus(Estonia) 3C Group Specials 143 Mrs W Paquette(Canada) 4A & 6A 125 Mr N Luxmoore-Ball(UK) 4C Group Specials 183 Dr F Chapa(Mexico) 5A & 6B General Specials 237 Mr R Shreve (USA) 5B Group Specials 230 Mrs J Gray (South Africa) 6C Group Specials 172 Mrs S Greendale-Paveza (USA) 7A 72 Mrs M Cuthbertson (UK) 7C Group Specials 183 Mr G Nymann (Denmark) Veterans Under 10 22 Ms J McDonald Veterans Over 10 17 Mr
  7. Background: I am currently studying at TAFE; Animal companion Services/studies. At the start of the year we all said what we want to do after the course, one female said "she wants to breed dogs" groan groan. I have become friendly with her and she wants to breed TAMASKAN'S. (Google it they aint here.) Half way through the year: Another student has a litter of pups Poodle x Chi x malt, The young one buys one a female. Breeder says she will mate the mother again later most likely. She has a family & Grt Gr kids so the dogs are raised in a home environment. Her background: Lives in an
  8. I second that Capansh. How big was there show this year? BB
  9. I asked the VCA once if they can verify what chall/BOB certificates I should have and they said NO once they are lost they are lost and they can not tell me anything. Turns out I was not missing any after all. BB
  10. I was told both shows will be INDOORS. BB
  11. When you drive into KCC Park you will see a large sign stating where each group is, they never change. Even inside they are in the same position on the sign. The secretary office is at the end of the pavillion near the toilets behind a large glass window. Good luck at your speciality & at the All breeds show. BB
  12. My dog doesn't like Vegiemite. Would human Vit B tablets be ok? Don't want to do injections. Where can you get Bush Flower Essences have an Emergency Blend? BB
  13. Hi All, It was suggested to me that I could give our 5 month old puppy Vitamin B to help make him more relaxed around people. Can anyone reccommend what sort? tablets,liquid? How much should he have? He probably weighs 2-3kgs. How long should I give it to him? Have thought about Rescue remedy but would like to try this first. Thank you BB
  14. I beleive the Schipp from SA won Aust bred in show and a baby Schipp from SA also won baby in show. Does anyone else have any grp 7 results from the weekend? Thanks BB
  15. Boy was it hot at Benalla. My boy Ziggy won best Open in group. BB
  16. Was a great show today. Oval was green, the pumpkin soup was excellent, it didn't rain. Congrats to all the winners & the committee for running a great show. Congrats to Capansh on her win with Vali. BB
  17. Received my numbers hoping for a map of rings since its a small ground. Only 335 in the show. BB
  18. No have not received numbers back either. BB
  19. After all that I have my fingers crossed that you get very nice pups. BB
  20. Saw it last night too. Exactly what has cooking roo steaks & burning bread got to do with bonding with the dogs???? I don't think I saw the dogs in that scene. Next week may be interesting: 2 people go to Canada to work with service dogs. BB
  21. Rebelsrequest, just sign in your details on the web site as a breeder. The flyer didn't mention anything on how to register or anything like that. Saggitarian, I sent you a PM but haven't had a reply. I am wanting to switch over to the Advance breeder bags too. How much are the 20kg bags please? BB
  22. Tazar, I beleive I walked past that shop @ HP today. Its also next to the new reject shop and has some new name. Full of people & kids taping on the glass windows. I too feel sorry for the dogs there. And isn't it illegal to have pets new food areas? I'm sure you may have to walk past a small cafe to get to the exit from the pet shop. Otherwise how else do they get the pets out?? I saw that Pets hop a couple of months ago and convienantly the reject shop had some pet products for sale near the entrance. BB
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