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  1. I am positive our judging order is the same as last year. Fingers crossed that there wont be a hold up this time. Did everyone else receive an email from the RASV stating that a Mr wayne Pearson is now a chairman for the dog section? Any chance he can improve the dog toilet area? What will be the package deal that dog exhibitors can get?? eg discount on fee for more than one adult dog???? BB
  2. To all entered in the Warragul show at Darrnum I just heard from the Show manager-Donna that the show will start judging at 7:30AM due to the heat expected. Its is on the schedule that they can do this and it is on the Dogs Vic website. "Due to the extreme weather the Warragul and District Kennel & Obedience Dog club championship show on Monday 11 March 2013 will commence at 7.30am. For further details please go to www.warraguldogclub.weebly.com or contact Kathy Grass on 0419 312 469." Take care everyone. BB
  3. Thank you for notifying us rebanne, I hope its nothing serious. BB
  4. I thought I would add here that my 2012 rising star hopeful has FINALLY gained the final points to be called Australian Champion Beadale High Flyer (AI) :thumbsup: :thumbsup: BB
  5. Well it was a good day for us at KCC Park. We didn't win anything in group But we did gain a title. Fleur or Princess Fleur (once papers are approved) can be called Australian Champion Beadale High Flyer (AI). :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Thank you to Ophnbark for her advice and great company all day. BB
  6. 29'C Forecast for Sunday, I hope everyone remembers the sunscreen. BB
  7. I agree a GPS to keep track of OH who has gone wondering about chatting to people when I need his help with something. I wish there was a private room with professional women in it to fit women in a proper sized Bra. Being a bigger size myself its hard to find a sports bra or any bra to keep them from bouncing around. BB
  8. Ohhhh my most of those pics I would not want the world to see if I owned those dogs. The expresion on most was like they were being forced into standing there, they looked miserable. Why do most of the breeds in Non sporting seem too straight in stifle? Or standing on their back tipy toes and are about to fall over? Just watched the breed judging of my breed (Schipps), not impressed with movement but at least I did see a loose lead and not being strung up. The Norweigan Buhund looks like an oversized Cream Schipp to me. BB
  9. I know its early in the week but I hope the forescast changes to a lower temp for this one. BB
  10. Hi I hope everyone who went managed to stay cool. Would anyone know the grp 7 results please??? BB
  11. Wow that group finished quickly, thanks for the results Sway. Whose Kee & Mini Poodle please? Congrats on your win. I wonder how many people are sticking around for the Open show??? BB
  12. Yarra Glen KC double champ shows. 1a 60 Mrs B Doyle 1b 124 G/S Mrs C Stoate 2 62 Mr K Lovell 3a 72 Mrs C Wright 3b 50 G/S Mrs R Spencer 4 101 Mr P Griffiths 5 77 Mr W Fleming 6a 61 Mrs M Thorpe (ire) 6b 67 G/S Mr J Doyle 7 83 Miss J McDonald Total 757 Mrs J Hocking Entry Judge 1a 57 Mrs C Stoate 1b 117 G/S Mrs B Doyle 2 55 Mrs S Marshall 3a 67 Mrs R Spencer 3b 48 G/S Mrs C Wright 4 99 Ms J Oliver 5 77 Mrs G Fleming 6a 54 Mr J Doyle 6b 67 G/S Mrs M Thorpe (ire) 7 84 Mrs J Hocking Total 725 Miss J McDonald BB
  13. I saw most of the story last night. It should come back to the breeder choosing the correct home for their pups. Some breeds should not be sold into certain living conditions. BB
  14. I heard that the secretary couldn't be bothered putting in individual passes into the envelopes so just stamped them. A friend even paid extra for a pass for their gr child and now didn't have too. have fun all and wear the sunscreen it may be a hot one. BB
  15. It was a lovely 10 days at Bermagui. I loved the sea breeze across the oval. Although it did get a tad hot at times. OH loved trying the different variety of fish on the BBQ. Thanks to BBJ & BB for coming for dinner and to BBJ for handling my boys--even though you beat me several times. The Rally O trials seemed a success for some, but not for us. We did come home with a CCD pass for our old girl Jess. We hope to attend these shows next year. BB
  16. here are some breed numbers courtesy of FB. Some groups look like they will finish quickly. Are any DOLERS going? BEGA VALLEY SAT SUN MON 360 3-6 s/stakes 24 21 360 6-12 s/stakes 13 13 360 360 TOYS 360 Australian Silky Terrier 3 3 360 Bichon Frise 1 1 360 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 17 17 360 Chihuahua (Long) 1 1 360 Chihuahua (Smooth) 2 2 360 Chinese Crested Dog 5 5 360 Havanese 5 5 360 Lowchen 1 1 360 Papillon 7 8 360 Pekingese 5 5 360 Pomeranian 1 1 360 Pug 6 6 360 Tibetan Spaniel 1 1 360 TOTAL 55 56 360 360 TERRIER GROUP 360 American Staffordshire T
  17. Good Luck everyone. Can some one let me know who wins the Minor Puppy in show ribbon as we donated it. Thank you BB
  18. This is from Chris Moores FB post. ear Dogs Victoria Members attached is a post from my facebook site. *****A COPY OF THE SIGNED LETTER IS ON MY FACE BOOK SITE**** PART 2 -WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED Attached is the motion put forward to the ANKC on 23rd January 2013 and signed by our Vice President Mr Graeme Tracey "That any dog whelped on or after 1 July 2014 is ineligible for exhibition at ANKC approved events if the tail of the dog has been docked" This has been submitted without consultation of clubs, breeders or members I REQUEST THE MOTION BE WITHDRAWN IMMEDIATELY, AND THE SIGNATORY AN
  19. gee genetics can be really confusing. I think Schipperkes have the easiest colors to register. Black-Dominate gene. Then theres Cream, white reds, Amber, Chocolate, Blue. Creams must have black pigment.(nose,feet). Can get a snow nose. If you google these colors, to me the chocolate doesn't look like a Schipp. I saw a red bred and when the dog got older and it turned into such a deep red it was off putting (to me, hubby liked it.) There are a couple of kennels in USA that breed Chocolates. But none here. Blue is a death gene in Aus and lucky it doesn't occur very often, bad skin problem
  20. Today (Monday) was a nice day out. Congrats to Capansh for wining BOB over a big field. BB
  21. very cute fellow. I almost thought Schipperke too until remembered what weight you said--9kg-- that would a slightly overweight Schipp in adulthood. BB
  22. very cute fellow. I almost thought Schipperke too until remembered what weight you said--9kg-- that would a slightly overweight Schipp in adulthood. BB
  23. Are parti Poodles any different to parti Portugese Waterdogs? They can look similiar to the untrained person. BB
  24. Hope it was a nice day at Warrnambool today for you all. Any chance some one remembers who got big & RUBIG in grp 7 today (Sunday)?? Thanks BB
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