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  1. Show will be outdoors so I am told. Numbers: grp 1-141 grp 2-82 grp 3-101 grp 4-86 grp 5-71 grp 6-125 grp 7-80 total 692 BB
  2. JoyPod, The brunswick branch closed down several months ago Thank Goodness!!! There was an article in our local Leader paper about neighbors in the area complaining of dogs barking/howling at night as they were left alone. I did work exp there awhile ago as it was close to home, and it was not a nice place for dogs. Some staff loved the dogs and some didn't. I saw the North Melb branch briefly once and it looked ok, the staff had many negative stories about Chellie and the other owners. Do not allow your dog or others to go on the Bush walk days or whatever they call it now, transport is
  3. I wish you all lots of luck and don't forget to keep cool if its hot. We didn't enter. BB
  4. Sorry I don't have any results. First time in about 3 years that Daylesford will be dry. BB
  5. HI Capanash, All I know is that it was very hot up there. RUBIG was Schipp-Gr Ch Hapipet Mystery Solved (etc) on Saturday. I haven't heard any results for Sunday yet. BB
  6. many many years ago we bred a litter and kept brother & sister. I didn't quite bond with the sister, she knew how to push my buttons. She knew what was good behaviour and what wasn't. She was a sweet girl but knew how to agrregevate me. I guess it didn't help her cause that she was wrong for the show ring but OH loved her said she was staying.And we had several others as well. She did until the age of 8 yrs then went to live with my MIL. BB
  7. We brought our trolley 10+ years ago. It is the heavy one with large pumped up wheels. So far only damage has been to wheels went flat so found a lawnmower place that looked at me weird to change the inner tubes. have had 4 x7+kg dogs in it plus some gear and the floor is still stable. Just brought a second hand one in a similiar model but has the small plastic wheels, don't like those. Good luck on your search. BB
  8. Theres a Schipp who went all the way to Supreme with half of his ear missing due to a fight in a kennel with another. In Spitz breeds ears are important so obviously judges didn't worry about it, plus it was off show side too. Only you can decide if the injury is too severe or not as to if the dog should be shown. BB
  9. We had a lovely time at Morewell shows. Came home with all challenges both days and my baby boy was becoming more conifedent on the ground. he won baby puppy in group TWICE and his older half brother Ziggy won his class in grp twice. Had some showers both days otherwise was nice weather. Nice oval EXCEPT it needed more entry gates. BB
  10. Numbers for Morwell/Traralgon KC 17 & 18 Nov 2012 Saturday 17 grp 1-140 grp 2-64 grp 3-141 grp 4-66 grp 5-85 grp 6-62 grp 7-56 Sunday 18 grp 1 & 2A-142 grp 2B-182 grp 3-214 grp 4-325 grp 5-396 grp 6-486 grp 7-554 BB
  11. Changing from Supercoat to Advance now. BB
  12. When our male puppy cocks his leg for the first time. When puppy looses his first tooth (that I notice anyway). When vicdog arrives. BB
  13. Hope everyone is having a good time. I know of two dogs that got tited today. Schipp-Adorin Million Dollar baby now a Champion. Schipp-Adorin ready Teddy Go-Neuter Champion. Now he can focus on the Agility titles. BB
  14. Nope not us. hope it wont be too hot up there. BB
  15. BIS was Pug RUBIS was an Amercan Cocker. Got no where in veteran sweeps but my girl did me proud and won Challenge so got a bottle of bubbly. Her son Ziggy wasn't looked at for Chall or res BUT the judge couldn't keep his eyes off him for Aust bred in group so we won that. It rained again right about Toy poodle judging then right up until after group specials were finished. BB
  16. Wow the grp 7 judge certaintly liked the Keeshonds. Congrats Sway. BB
  17. I am not watching the series so I was wondering are they showing any of the housemates Pooper Scooping? Who cleans up after Delilah? BB
  18. I hope you all are having a good time. Weather is quite humid. BB
  19. Sunday grp 7 Minor in grp was Schipp-Adorin Million dollar baby & Neuter in grp Schipp Adorin ready Teddy go. Not sure of any other results. Congrats Rebanne on Ferns wins. BB
  20. Numbers & a map was in PO Box today (Monday). Date stamped Nov 2 at Numurkah. I hope they have portaloos as its a very very long walk to the toilets. BB
  21. Saturday: grp 7 RUBIG Schipp-Gr Ch Hapipet Mystery Solved etc etc Minor pup in grp Schipp-Adorin Million dollar baby Neuter in grp-Schipp-Adorin Ready Teddy Go. Thats all I know. BB
  22. I see on the home page that there is a map for the shows over the weekend but no map for this show on Tues. Did anyone receive a map with their numbers? They usually incl a map since there are so many rings for this show. Thank you BB
  23. Bugger missed it, OH was flicking through the channels. BB
  24. Saw last nights ep in Sth Africa. She was such a princess and he was full of him self to start with. BB
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