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  1. Frontline is useless. We were on Comfortise and now have moved onto Panoramis, makes giving heart worm & flea treatment cheaper, it also does All worms. We are from Vic and planing on going to Bega NSW in feb, should we use Tick prevention? they wont be swiming. BB
  2. This year (2012) we showed at Benalla (up the Hume Hwy) in early January and I found the humidity coming out from under the gazebo and into the ring just too stifling. Most rings were in sun and the lucky ones got the shade under the trees for their gazebos. But toileting the dogs or my self in the heat was just too much, the dogs & I were just not our best. So for this reason we have not entered the Benalla shows, knowing my luck this time the weather will be nice & cool. Personal prefernce as to what you find too hot for you and for your dogs. BB
  3. Congrats on the win Sway. Was a lovely night although abit chilly by middnight. We had a fantastic night. Our young boy Billy won his first BOB (a 16 pointer) from the minor class from a Schipp specialist and his mum was RUBOB. Plus he was shortlisted for BIG then won minor in grp on Sunday. We are not entered for the next two shows so hope everyone has a great couple of days. Did anyone else pick up the little mistakes in the catalogue?? In our breed there was litter brothers but only one had the correct DOB in the Cat.The owner checked her entry form and that was correct so some how
  4. Keeshond was Leannes BJ. Can anyone tell which Skipp got BIG in the moring show? Hope you are all having fun, my younger sister & I did girly stuff all afternoon. eg facials etc. BB
  5. Thanks for numbers Austera. Can't wait for these shows. BB
  6. I hope the que at the secretary office wont be too long before the show. Wonder how many other exhibitors may have the wrong numbers? Not much of an inconvienance to get replacement numbers. Apparently there is a massive amount of Schipps entered for the 30th. BB P>S Any word if all rings are outside? What is the forecast for the 30th?
  7. I think I am picking mine up from the secretary as we are away till then. Does anyone know or when they know can they please post if ALL rings are outside or some inside? Also group numbers particulary they 30th and group 7. Thanks heaps. BB
  8. I hope everyone has agreat day and it wont be too hot. We are not entered. Have fun. BB
  9. We had a bitch that had silent seasons. Although a couple of times she would be either late or early with it. First time was her half bro so we allowed the litter to happen and sold them as pets and told the owners that they were inbred. Second time we aborted with no side effects. I also know of a dog & bitch that were in seperate wire runs, came into season and they tied with the wire between them somehow. If a boy is desperate enough he will try anything to get to a bitch. BB
  10. Thanks for those results Sway, I couldn't be bothered going ringside to watch yesterday. Several announcements over the PA system yesterday that it owuld start at 8:30am on Sunday. Saw several empty spots at end of the day so i guess several people decided to stay home today (Sunday) Myself included, only had one dog entered (due to entry fee hike), if we had two entered I guess I would of gone today. I hope everyone & their dogs managed to stay cool. BB
  11. I have fingers crossed that Vino makes it very far into the comp. BB
  12. I thought it turned out to be lucky that we were inside after the hail in the morning, even though it did get abit humid inside. All over by 11:30 for us I think. My boy Ziggy got BOB and his much younger half brother Billy won RUBOB over some much older dogs. He is starting to get the hang of it. Minor in grp 7 was a Frenchie. A British Bulldog won a class too. BB
  13. HI All, here are the numbers if anyone is interested. It should be INSIDE. Grp 1-152 Grp 2-102 Grp 3-96 Grp 4-111 Grp 5-108 Grp 6-111 Grp 7-76 BB
  14. Glad to hear she jumped the fence :) Did you end up taking her to the vet? BB
  15. I didn't get to go, had a 90th B/day party to attend. Sounds like it was a great day. Weather ws great too. BB
  16. I have my fingers crossed that she will be ok and no major surgery will be required. BB
  17. Hi All, glad you guys didn't get too hot. Today (Sunday) is alot cooler. Does anyone have any grp 7 results from SAturday or Sunday? Or didn't grp 7 exh turn up :) BB
  18. Our Special classes are the main points about our breed and get trainees to judge it so they learn about the breed. Except for coat, let them enter as many as they want. Armahni, do you remember which person you spoke to from the rules & reg committee? BB
  19. I think the Poodles and Portugese Water dogs have more of a webbed foot. Some judges I have seen look for the webbing on the foot. Perhaps some one with these breeds could post a pic or two? BB
  20. Pretty Miss Emma, Property classes or special classes can be whatever a club wants them to be. For example my breed club uses ther main points of our standard eg best coat, best head, best feet, best gait, best tail (now that we have to have one), best colored (other than black), best brace, best Parent & progeny or best Owner Bred & Handled. also have best Q C, (Qualifying Certificate) for those with more than just conformation title. For these classes the club usually contracts trainee judges as its one way for them to learn about the breed. Perhaps other breed clubs have differ
  21. Bugger bugger Spoke to Janet at the VCA, No they can't enter these classes as they are on a Neuter main register not THE main register. BB
  22. Dear All, Now that Neuters are allowed to compete for their own BOB's & Neuter in show at all breeds and at their Speciality clubs shows, do you feel that neuters should be allowed to compete in the Special/property classes? eg best head, tail, coat, gait, colored, feet, parent & progeny etc etc Would you kick up a fuss if a neuter won such classes? IF your club allows them to, what is the wording on your clubs show schedule? (PMS accepted). I can not find anything in the VCA rules to state that they can't enter them. PLEASE NO FLAMMING. The only class I feel a Neuter could have
  23. I think BIG 3 was a Golden Retriever. My boy Ziggy won Open in grp. Yayayay And his half bro Billy won reserve dog challenge his first yayyay Was a pleasant day after the wind died down, came home and realised my arms were sunburnt. Oooopps. BB
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