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Where To Buy Raw ?


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WA Raw

A couple of places I like...

Avon Valley Beef

Truganina Rd, Malaga

Good selection of bulk meat - not just beef - also have chicken and bags of bones and some other offcuts. Also have a larger retail shop not far from this one but not sure where it is.

Warwick Shopping Centre Butcher

Good selection of off cuts (eg tongue, liver, kidney). Also have pet mince and bones. All the pet meat is around one side of the front counter.

Innaloo Fish Shop

In the little collection of shops next to the main Innaloo shopping centre. Got a massive bag of fish off cuts - open 7 days.

Butcher Morris Place Innaloo

Good selection of all meats.

i 2nd avon valley they are great and just up the road :mad

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Got bored today at work, so I complied these for everyone :mad Highlighted the suburb and divided by state :(

HINTS - Check local supermarkets for "Markdown" discounts - late afternoon - then freeze or serve!

Local Lenards store - ask for chicken mince and frames - normally have bulk packs :(


Just Food 4 Dogs


Burns Pet Foods


Cnr Windsor & Garfield (East) Rds Riverstone NSW

Queen Victoria Market - The pork butchers right up one end, away from the seafood, sell trays of pork bones with a decent amount meat for $3 a tray (~1.5 kg per tray, I think). Lamb shanks from there are cheapest of all the stalls I've seen at the market. Lambs' heads are $4 each from a shop at one end in the central aisle (not sure how to describe the location - sorry!). Offal is available from all the butchers. Freshest seems to be at the big stall near the aforementioned pork butcher. I get roo tails from the deli at $6 each and get them cut up (I think they proprietors hate me for this..). Poultry and game can be bought in the deli. I stock up on whole small fish when they are available at $4-$5.50/kg.

The shops on Victoria Street, Richmond, are pretty good for bones and offal too.

I buy the frozen BARF-style mix from the Wagging Tail boutique in Ivanhoe. It's no more than $7/kg. Good stuff.

Oakleigh: Oakleigh market and two of the wholesale butchers in the shopping centre - ox and lamb tongues, chicken frames, lamb necks and shanks, sheeps' heads, lamb ribs, pet mince and a large range of offal, etc. Poultry shop in Oakleigh Central for turkey & chicken necks, turkey & chicken frames, chicken pet mince.

Brighton East: Buddies Pet Supplies on Nepean Hwy - for good quality pet meat.

Prahran: Asian butcher on Commercial Rd (near Prahran market) - mostly for pork and chicken - giblets and other offal are cheaper here.

Springvale Market: Worth a look for cheap lamb necks, chicken feet and a range of more unusual pork offal, but other prices seem much the same as in other places I shop.

Mega Pet Warehouese in Ringwood (Vic) used to have a huge variety of raw foods for a pretty reasonable price. The chicken frames i bought from there last time were huge.

Mega Pet Warehouse in Epping (VIC) for all the girls raw except I get the RMB from a butcher in Epping Plaza across the road instead. Mega Pet Warehouse is convenient as I get all my Rabbit bedding and Pellets there as well.

Down in Thomastown way, i get the Chicken at La Ionica in Lipton drive.

Paul's Poulty

490 Warrandyte Road

Langwarrin South

5971 1179

Open 9.00am - 5.00pm M - F

Sat - 8.00am - 1.00pm

Pet Mince 80c per kg

Mince $1 per kg or 15kg box for $12

Chicken Frames $1 per kg

Box $10 has 10kg

Necks $2 per kg

Box $20 has 12kg

Wing tips $1 per kg

Box - $10

Beef Bones - 3 bags for $2.00.

Breen St Pet Supply - Great service here - they have always happily chopped things smaller for me if needed. You can find roo tail sections, roo chunks, big beef steaks, chicken necks, skinned rabbits and different preservative free minces.

Fresh Fish Shop, Bendigo Market Place

I buy large, meaty salmon heads here for 50 cents each.

The Meat Master, Kangaroo Flat Market Centre

Beef chuck bones, chicken hearts, ox heart, shanks, chicken livers, brains.

Klassy pets in North Ringwood sells frozen Dr billinghurst Barf patties 20$ for 12 ( ring before hand as they only have a small frezzer so dont always bring alot in but if they know you are coming they will )

pet stock in mitcham has a dif brand but were like Barf patties dont know the price

bucher in eastlands Ringwood sells Bones 1$ a bag and they will cut them up for you

lenards in eastlands - chook frames 1$ a bag about 4 to a bag also 2 kg pet mince 1$ ( very high bone content )

Butcher in Richmond - in an arcade next to Coles. Sells a bag of chicken carcasses for $1 you get about 4 - 6 per bag.

The Meat Master in Strath Village -The one in Strath Village is not too bad, but you have to get them on a good day. The butcher in Kangaroo Flat (The Meat Masters) not sure of their name, well if its that one then I found their meat 'off'. I dont know maybe it was a bad day for them or what.

Bell's Pet Supplies, Rohs Rd, Bendigo, VIC 3550 A Corgi breeder put me onto that one. Not sure if its still there.

I have also been to Mannings Greyhound complex - forgot to mention that one. They had some roo chunks last time I went which were good. No blue dye that I saw.

Just picked up some nice big chicken frames from laonica chicken at glen waverly. $1 for a bag of 3 good sized frames

I just discovered Country Fresh Meats in the Kangaroo Flat Market Centre (Bendigo, Victoria) has recently started selling sheep heads! $5 each or 3 for $10. Skinned, but includes eyes, brain, tongue, etc. They also sell whole rabbits, turkeys, quail and also chicken hearts & livers and Lamb brains, liver and hearts.

I just rang Hazeldene's, you have to go to Lockwood to collect their dog meat, in the mornings. Fresh on Thursdays, frozen other days, in 12kg boxes. Their Chicken necks are $15.60 per box Mince, which includes bone in it, the lady said it was "better than dog food quality" is $22.80 per box

I buy my dog's raw food at the pet supply shop on the Broadway at Glenelg,They have really fresh meat at great prices.the owner is a butcher and really knows his meat. They have free range turkey, offal , chicken frames , marrow bones cut how you want.

Priority Pets

154 Cheltenham Road

(13-15 Handley Cresent back entrance)

Dandenong 3275

(03) 9791 8877

Open 9.00am - 5.30pm M - F

Sat Sun - 9.00am - 4.00pm

FRESH *Meat can be ordered over the phone ahead of time and will be bagged and ready to go on your arrival*

Semi Lean/Puppy Mince $2.00 per KG

Chopped or Minced Beef 1-9kg $3.20 per KG / 10-19kg $3.05 (prices keep dropping for bulk amounts) *this is the highest quality pet meat we can get*

Chopped or Minced Roo $3.95 per KG


Minced/Chopped Roo

Minced/Chopped Beef

Minced Ox Cheek

Chicken Frames

Chicken Necks

Lamb Marrowbones

Beef Marrowbones

Pork Bones

Roo Tails

Lamb Shanks

We also sell the Vets All Natural dry mix, omega oil and skin formula which is the Raw diet my Staffy is currently eating.

This is a bit of a shameless plug as i have worked at this store for over 5 years! But I love it and thats why I have been there so long, we try to keep out prices down on all our stock.

For Your Paws Only Pet Supplies, 747 Mountain Hwy, Bayswater.

Tasman Meats in Brooklyn (Melbourne West) sell heaps of raw. I buy mince chicken carcasses for $1 kilo. It's pre-bagged and frozen. They also sell 2 or 3 frames for $1. Last time I was there they had heaps of heart, kidney liver and tongue of all sorts of Animals, and also whole pigs heads. It's just off Geelong Rd on McDonald Road. Huge meat supermarket, you can't miss it.


MINCED CHICKEN FRAMES - Lenards Chicken Shops at $1.50 kg

BEEF MINCE & OFFAL - Devitts Meats - Narrabeen

I have "trained" my local Joe's Meat Butcher to supply me with all the meat & chicken I need to feed my diet.

They will now do a chunky beef mince with a slightly higher fat content (or lower if needed) and they will

also mince chicken frames for me for under $1 per kilo and also they will mince or chop any offal I need.

My butcher will also save Lamb Chine bones and beef Brisket and freeze them in portion size bags for me -

so I am always guaranteed to get the bones and meats I need from him.. For my bigger orders I simply

have to give him 2-3 days notice as to what I want and it is always there at a very reasonable price.

Pendle Hill Meat Market

Address : 138 Bungaree Rd.,

Pendle Hill NSW

Opening Hours

MON 6:00 AM to 5:30 PM TUE 6:00 AM to 5:30 PM WED 6:00 AM to 5:30 PM THU 6:00 AM to 5:30 PM FRI 6:00 AM to 5:30 PM SAT 6:00 AM to 12:30 PM

(Make sure you get in early on Saturdays, as gets chockers around 10-11am!)

Pendle hill meat market i find really good for RMB's and lamb. Off cuts (Very meaty with some fat and bone)-between $1.50-$2.00 for a 1-2kg bag, whole lamb necks 3 for $2. Lamb shanks i can sometimes pick up a 2pack for $2-3, chicken breast Frozen 2kg bag @ $6, plus they always have chicken pet mince for around $2.50-$3.00 for 2kg bag.

Glenmore Meat Company

Address : 40 Wentworth Park Road

Glebe NSW

Phone : 02 9660 3522

Fax : 02 9692 9662

Opening times : Mon - Fri: 6.30am-6pm

Sat: 6.30am-1pm

Sun: 8-11.30am

Glebe i get all my offals/muscle meat, last week picked up 4 lamb hearts for around $2.50, 3.5kg of chicken necks for $5, chicken frames (With some good amounts of meat and offal still on bone) for 1.50 for 2. Also cheap lambs fry and kidneys between $1-2 for a large peice liver or 6-8 kidneys

"Bully Beef" at Menai

minced chicken frames from Lenards in Menai

best pet mince I ever found in the Shire was from Stapletons Butcher opposite the railway station in Sutherland.

There's a big pet store on Paramatta Rd in Ashfield, kind of near Bunnings. I have forgotten what it's called, but it's on the eastbound side. They have turkey necks, lamb ribs, pork bones (rec only), kangaroo tails, chicken necks, wings and carcases, and they have some great mince mixes like chicken and sardine, chicken and venison, beef and vegies and so on. Also rabbit pieces. Reasonably priced, although the rabbit is a bit pricey. I also got some liver and vegie cubes from there while passing through on Monday. There used to be another store in Rockdale, but they said it had just closed.

The local butcher in Jannali (Sutherland Shire) has just started selling a lot of game meats. It's too expensive for dog food (at least for me), but I'm going to ask them where they get it from. I would love to source some cheap game meat.

Petcare 2000 in Caringbah usually has kangaroo shanks, which are very meaty. They are around $5 a kilo, I think. They have roo tail as well for around the same price. I don't bother with the chicken wings because they are teensy and still dearer than Cliff from Just Food 4 Dogs.

I have found that Williams Meats (or Williams Butchery, not sure) in Mittagong do a pet mince that is pretty much minced chicken frames with a little bit of offal in the mix - possibly chicken liver. Some days it's fresh other it's frozen into 1kg bags. If it's frozen I ask them to cut each bag into four portions - no probs.


Longpark Meat Co

Paragon Mall, Gladstone St, Fyshwick

ph 02 6280 4338

Order on Friday for Saturday pickup by midday. Brett the butcher is lovely.

It cost me $34 for enough chicken wings, minced carcasses, lamb flaps, lamb necks and marrowbone for my 30kg dog for just over three weeks. He eats two 300g all-raw meals per day.

Cardawan Pet Supplies

116 Uriarra Rd, Queanbeyan

ph 02 6297 9154

This chap is a greyhound breeder and racer, I think?

I've got beef and roo mince from him before, dried roo tails, dried lamb necks as well as supplements for BARF ... he seems to be able to get just about anything you ask for. I can just never remember his opening hours


Avon Valley Beef

Truganina Rd, Malaga

Good selection of bulk meat - not just beef - also have chicken and bags of bones and some other offcuts. Also have a larger retail shop not far from this one but not sure where it is.

Warwick Shopping Centre Butcher

Good selection of off cuts (eg tongue, liver, kidney). Also have pet mince and bones. All the pet meat is around one side of the front counter.

Innaloo Fish Shop

In the little collection of shops next to the main Innaloo shopping centre. Got a massive bag of fish off cuts - open 7 days.

Butcher Morris Place Innaloo

Good selection of all meats.

Giva Doga Bone

Wanneroo Markets, Wangara - They don't have a huge selection and it is mostly beef or lamb.

A & D Pet Food Supplies

Elliott Road Midvale (off Farrell Road)

Open till 5pm mon-fri and to 12pm saturday.

Stock fresh roo, beef, chicken, lamb meat. Kill/pack the roo and lamb on premises.

Most are $2.85 p/kilo, plus selected bones.

I get meaty bones (lamb and beef) from the butcher opposite Woolworth in Mirrabooka shopping centre. $2-3 for a huge bag.

Leonards Chicken, Livingstone Shopping Cente, Sells chicken frames bag of 10 for $2.50 sometimes very meaty. Minced frames are $1.50 KG plenty of meat but not always minced well, so possiably more risk of bone injury than with frames.

Butchers at Maddington Plaza sells frozen meat packs for a couple of dollars a Kg.

Farmer Jacks's Maddington often has bags of Hamburger mince for under $5 a Kg. Frozen bags of chicken pieces for around $3 to$4 a kg on special

Pet Chef in Midland

Better Pets and Gardens - all over WA

South St Pet Supplies

372 South Street


Ph: (08) 93378599

Natural Paws

209 Cormorant Court

Southern River

Western Australia 6110

(08) 9398 4616

www.naturalpaws.com.au (they also have an online store and deliver)

Natural Paws have big lamb shanks for $1 each which is much cheaper than I have been able to find them anywhere else

Drovers Markets Wanneroo Rd/Joondalup

big bags of bones & offcuts $2-3, chicken frames $1 per kg, turkey necks, some offal, chicken giblets, livers, necks

check out specials in people food section, got a bag of chicken wings (40) for $10

good meaty drumsticks. Also check out fish shop, sure there would be some good buys there, I didnt need to as we catch our own fish! Also open 7 days week

Prota Pet Food

55 Dellamarta Road


Direct from factory, minced kangaroo, 400g packs, no preservatives. Special price for seconds (wrong packaging, overruns etc.) around 1/2 price of supermarket.

Leonards Chicken Joondalup. Well minced frames, lots of meat in them, 4kg for $5


Canine Country


2/39 Station Road

Woodridge QLD 4114

Canine Country at Woodridge:I recently got some of their Barf mixes and am really impressed by them,I only live about 3 minutes drive from Bigdog Petfoods but I still think I'd rather make the 45 minute drive to Canine Country to get their Barf mixes in the future.

Big Dog Pet Foods


Unit 5 & 6, 3 Jacques Court,

Lawnton QLD 4503

Bigdog Pet Foods at Lawnton:Good range of RMB's,Barf patties/minces and natural treats,although to be honest I'm personally not as happy with the newer barf patties

Aussie Pet Foods in Caboolture:The best place I've found for the Kangaroo tails and Kangaroo meat chunks,that make up a large part of Bosco's diet.

Jack Purcell Meats at Geebung:A HUGE pet food section for a butchers shop,they carry most of the stuff that raw feeders like to give their dogs (lamb hearts,livers and kidneys,beef hearts and livers,pigs hearts,trotters and sometimes half heads,chicken necks,giblets,chicken frames and minced frames,lamb shanks,lamb flaps and lamb brisket).You can also get stuff like chicken maryland,wings,drumsticks and bone-in-thighs,turkey drumsticks etc. from the regular section for really good prices.They also sell stuff like rabbit,venison and goat for the people who can afford to feed it.

Morgans Seafood at Scarborough:Huge range of fresh fish.I get Bosco's sardines,salmon heads and salmon frames from here.

Samie's Girl Seafood at Hamilton - near the new Portside district on Hercules Street, sell Salmon Heads for $3.00 each

West Moreton Pet Foods

81 Glebe Rd, Silkstone, QLD 4304

PH: (07) 32811277 Jason or Tammy

Big Gun Butchers at Underwood:

Frozen 10kg (or there about) boxes of Turkey Tails and Lamb flaps. $20-$30 Turkey tails I think are little more expensive but they are HUGE! You will need a deep freezer. I get the box, partly defrost enough to break into smaller meals then refreeze.

Busby's Pet Meat & Supplies

Address: 35 Berserker St, Berserker, QLD, 4701

Phone number: (07) 49285138

Gold Coast

Pet Deli

66 Bundall Road

Bundall Qld


A Northside Brisbane one is Chermside Quality Meats in the shopping centre up near Coles I buy 10/15kg box of chicken mince for nxt to nothing fresh then I bag it and freeze it into portions I wnt. I think they also have 1kgbags frzn cheap chicken necks and frames as well! I just ring and ask them for it and tell them a day I'll drop down and pick it up!

Lotsa Pet Food in Woodridge are also selling a small range of Big Dog and they sell all varieties of bones at a good price. They also sell 12kg boxes of chicken necks. Their BARF is heaps cheaper than Dr B's with no grain in it.



Central Market - in the arcade where there are a few butchers, can often get a good range at a good price.

Rainbow Meats - South Rd near the Brickworks market. I haven't been there for awhile but they used to be really good quality and cheap also an excellent range of meats. It is a Halal butcher, so no pork but I have got chicken. turkey, lamb, beef and goat from there before. And they used to be happy to cut things to size - eg would cut the beef necks down to size. Also they used to give us extra bags of off cuts and stuff. Sometimes they would be too fatty but often there would be another meal or 2 for 3 dogs in the free bag they gave us.

Rural Pet Meats - South Rd O Hallorhan Hill sp not that far from you. Heading south it is on the left hand side, just past the big pet shop - in the same block of shops. From there I have bought lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, kangaroo and venison. I got to Mt Compass for herding lessons and often stop in on the way back to get some good meaty bones from them

Bucket-o-beef. It's a home delivery service. They only stock roo, chicken and beef mince but are again, well priced.


76a Hogarth Road

Elizabeth South 8252 3830. Great prices, great meaty roo bones, great variety and it is only the beef that has any preservatives. I can often even get fresh rabbit here.. They also carry a wide range of dietary supplements ... my two dogs get great natural doggie treats from the owner every time we visit and load up the car. It costs me about $40 to $50 a 2 to 3 weeks for my 2 shepherds and I feed all raw ...

Another one for SA is "Kim's Gourment Poultry" located in Tea Tree Plaza. They sell bags of chicken frames, 3 in a bag, for $1.20. They are HUGE frames, very meaty, and all the goodies are still attached. I used to buy from Leonard's, but now I wouldn't touch their stuff ever again, as their frames are always so small and more bone than anything else. The frames from Kim's are at least double in size and weight, and so cheap!! Store K16

976 North East Rd , Westfield - Tea Tree Plaza, Modbury

Adelaide, SA, 5092

Hope Valley Meat

Grand Junction Rd,

Hope Valley

I get my pet meat from Rural Pet Meats at O'Halloran Hill on South Rd. They have chicken, roo, turkey and I think lamb as well. Their turkey [necks] is $2.20kg, roo [tail sections] is around $2.50kg, chicken necks I think are $1.20-$1.50kg. Not sure about anything else as I haven't bought anything more from them.

'Fido's Funhouse' www.fidosfunhouse.com.au It's about 10 minutes from the city in the Minicozzi shopping centre. 305a Payneham Road, Royston Park. Ph 8363 4446. They have raw meats, bones, chicken necks & frames, etc.

BARF (see barfsa.com.au) for stockists of BARF patties

Raw meats and bones

- Pet Cafe, Port Rd Woodville (enter through BP servo)

- Lenards (various outlets) call outlets for stock and pricing because it varies greatly. I have used stores at Hilton and more recently Hallett Cove Foodland. Fresh Chicken carcasses are 99c/Kg at these stores. Some stores also do fresh carcass mince quite cheap.

Aussie Country Pet Food

41BROADWAY, Glenelg, SA 5045

Think there's also a bigger shop down at Aldinga somewhere as well. We've gotten roo tails, turkey necks, chicken necks, turkey carcusses and I think we may have also gotten sheep necks from there but not 100% sure on that one! They now also have whole rabbits too They also do diced and minced meat - turkey, lamb, roo and beef as well as those raw and cooked "packs" with pasta or rice and veges too as well as stocking the BARF patties if anyone uses those too


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Sunbury coles (not in Sunbury Sqaure) does a plastic bag of lamb flaps for $3...

I have three big dogs that get them, and they lasted (one a day) almost 2 weeks...

There is a place in Sunbury square also that sells ox tongues, lamb flaps, bones, hearts, liver, etc for cheap too... I think the place is called fresh meats... Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

I was able to get 6 lamb hearts for $3. They also do bags of dog bones for $1

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Gold Coast QLD

Savilles Butcher - Their outlet is at Helensvale (not in the shopping center) and is a bit cheaper for some things

I was getting their 'Vitamince' - minced chicken meat scraps and carcasses 6 containers for $6. The containers are the rectangular types takeaway food comes in, found this very convinient to just pull out a container at a time and defrost.

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Hello Everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone would know of where i could get raw food for a Rottie Bitch in Ballarat.

I plan on moving up to Ballarat with Piper (my dog), and need to know of where i could get raw bones and meat for a great price.

I will still be in School (year 12) and doing TAFE as well as working at the stables. So i need things a bit on the cheap side.

I dont need to worry about bills, rent, ect with who im moving in with, but i will need to pay for Piper's needs as well as my own.

I have until January next year to have everything sorted out.

So if anyone knows a where i can get raw food for a great price please let me know.

Kind Regards

Lauren Marie xoxo

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Great site.I am looking for bulk Kangaroo mince .Brisbane South.The Q>L>D link is in yellow,I cannot read it on white background! Big Gun are great for bulk Chicken wings& legs 12kg box $24.00. :dancingelephant:

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Melbourne, VIC:

I still get lots of food from Queen Victoria Market. I may be defecting though - last week I got pork bones from Preston Market, $5 for 2 kg, and they had so much more meat on them (I guess that makes them worse butchers, but it works in my favour). The stall I bought from also had pigs' heads. Not sure if they'd cut the heads.

The fish was cheaper, I got lots of chicken frames ($1/kg) and chicken necks (can't remember the price), and a lamb's heart, lungs and liver all still connected ($4).

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awww thank you thank you for this thread!!

My contribution.. check the Halal butchers on Lonsdale St in Dandenong VIC. We buy most of our chicken stuff from there you can get a mixed box of offcuts (mainly leftover bones from filleted meat & frames) for $3 it's about a 5 kilo box possibly a bit more. If you speak to the butchers you can ask them for a bag of bones which is usually the size of a garbage bag & $5 filled with mixed bones too. I find their bones have a lot more chicken on them.

Definately worth looking at :thumbsup:

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SA - I just called Northern Seafood & Game‎-7 Main North Rd, Willaston SA 5118‎ - (08) 8523 0666‎ and they told me they sell salmon frames / heads, $3 for a bag which he said was a couple of Kgs, he did say to ring first but they get the salmon in a few times a week. Havent yet been there, I thought I might drive up over the weekend if my car was co-operating :D Has anyone had any experience with them before? Its only a 30 min drive (1hr return) but my car is temperamental, lol.

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cazxxz, I've given up asking butchers if they will halve pigs' heads tho' refusal doesn't offend :thumbsup: Only one ever did, and the other day my current favourite explained it's the teeth that damage his bandsaw.

I either take to the head with an axe and remove the lower jaw for sooner or later; or, allow the head for ~ 20 minutes, retrieve, hose off and refrigerate for tomorrow or the next day. Depends on when garbage collection day is.

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my current favourite explained it's the teeth that damage his bandsaw.

I wonder, then, why they don't offer to cut it transversely? That would avoid cutting the teeth!

Thanks for the removal and hosing tip. It might be easier to just stick with the more appropriately sized lambs' heads though :laugh:

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Traralgon, Victoria.

The chicken shop at Manny's Market has frames, necks, offcuts etc for $1 kg.

Rutters Butchers at the same market have meaty bones and pet mince (no preservatives, contains offal) for $1.49 kg. They also have pigs trotters, ox tails and other various animal parts for varying prices. If you can't see what you want, ask cos they are always very happy to see what else they've got in the storeroom.

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