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Does Anyone Else Get Visited By The Dog Who Has Gone To The Bridge


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It's been about 10 months since I lost my little one, Dusk. I often wake up thinking that she's in our bed, but it's really just our other little dog. He never used to sleep in our bed and now he does.

I don't 'see' her around, but I did have an unusual and vivid dream about her on Wednesday night. Though most of me is content to believe in coincidence, I can't help but think it was some kind of sign :cry: I started the day feeling really out of sorts, I'm not a very spiritual person but there's moment I'm content to believe in 'something'.

We were some where 'happy', sunny rolling hills and a little farm house and she was frolicking the grass with our other two dogs (our first dog, and a little geriatric fellow I adopted from a client). It came time to go home and we all started walking down the driveway and she was hanging back. She was still all smiley so we kept walking. I turned around then and couldn't see her at first, but then saw her trotting back down the drive away from us. I saw something shiny and silver on the ground and bent over to pick it up (it's taken me ages to work out what it was, but I think it was the little cast of her paw I had made before she was cremated). Now I'm fully aware that dog don't talk and this may not make sense :o but she told me that she couldn't come with us because her soul couldn't leave, but since we could see her she knew we still had her in our heart. It basically ended with a strange combination of sadness and happiness, knowing that even though she's gone, she's ok.

I think the thing that really messed with me was that on Thursday afternoon, I was faced with 3 'souls' that needed me to help them. I had an old Rottie that was quite aggressive but after taking the time to sedate him and look over him I found a very large, horrible tumour and he was euthanased. Then I had an elderly cat that had been missing for weeks and come home in a very sorry state. I don't know how she had hung on but she had something horrible happening in her mouth and she was also euthanased (there wasn't anything else to do). Then we had a young dog hit by a car. We started emergency treatment in an attempt to stabilise him but his injuries were too severe and he passed away :( I haven't had a day like that for many months :cry:

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I was absolutely grief stricken when my heart dog died a few years ago at the grand age of 16. She was the sweetest, most lovable little maltese terrier mix, my first dog and i loved her so much.

I was devasted, cried every night, couldnt stop thinking about her. One night i had the most vivid visit/dream from her, she ran wagging her tail in the doggy door and i had such a sense of peace, i was cuddling her and thinking she is ok, she is ok. I woke up for the first time since she passed without crying and feeling really calm and peaceful. She had come and visited and let me know she was at rest and she was fine :)

After that i could look back at all the good memories and laugh and smile instead of crying, and often at night i would hear her little nails clicking on the floor boards of my room, or feel a little body snuggled under the covers with me where she used to sleep.

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I have had another visit from Ollie dog..

We have hard floors and when Ollie walked down the hall his nails would make a clicking sound.

When Ziggy walks his nails don't make any sound as they are much shorter...

Ziggy, Pippa and i were all curled up on the lounge and I know I heard him... The sound was so clear that I even got up to check...

Since we got Ziggy we have played the same game with him every night. While watching tv of a night, we throw a ball from the lounge to the kitchen and he goes and gets it and we throw it again... He will play for about half an hour before bed...

For the last week, when we throw the ball he stops and won't go and get it (neither will Pippa).. He starts to but then stops at the dining door and he always turns to look for us.. When we say go on he is still apprehensive but will walk to the kitchen and get the ball and bring it back..

We used to play the same game with Ollie... I wonder if Ollie is going after the ball and Ziggy is waiting??

It has only been the last week that he has been doing this...

I like thinking that he is around... I don't know if he is but the thought is so comforting.. It was 6 months since I gave him his wings on ANZAC day and I still miss him so very much. Iam glad I have Ziggy and Pippa for doggy company...

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My 16yo Golden Retriever came to me in what I put down to some sort of weird "awake dream" at 2.35a.m. He was chatting away to me, thanking me for moving heaven and hell to get the vets to wait open after hours, and then my subsequently agreeing to put him down. He was in a very particular environment that was significant and made me smile.

The next day I got to work and lo and behold a gal I worked with who'd met the dog a couple of times only, and I never used to discuss my animals at work so staff really knew nothing about them said, "Mac came to me in a dream last night" and proceeded to tell me about the exact same environment, right down to the last detail which was all identical to what I had seen. He didn't speak to her though, and when I asked her what time this was she said, "Oh just after 2.30a.m., it woke me up and I went to the bathroom and looked at the clock". Any doubts that I had as to the validity of this incredible experience vanished, and I know we (our loved ones, both 2 & 4 legged) will all be reunited.

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The morning after my little girl was given her wings i was awoken by her barking and another time three weeks later i felt her lying at the foot of the bed where she always slept.

That was two years ago and there has been nothing since, not even a dream.

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I wish they did. So far, I've seen/heard nothing of them. :(

Two of my babies died together 8 weeks ago. :cry:

I've been hoping I might have a nice dream about them. To let me hug them again, cuddle them in bed, but they're also dead in my dreams too. :(

This made me cry. I know the feeling well. The longing to see them again... even if it is just one more time.

You will see them again one day SW. :hug:

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When Darcy paseed over i knew he was with me i would see him sitting in the doorway it was his favorite place to sleep but when i got Bailey i havent seen him since but i know he is not far away when i need him he will come to me in a dream

Kaye And Bailey

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A friend visited a psychic. The psychic knew nothing about her. The psychic told her that the pup she was keeping from the litter she had at that time was what-ever-his-name-was come back to her as a pup.

As the psychic didn't know she even owned a dog (she assures me there were no hairs on her clothes), so how could she know about the dog who died, and the litter?

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When I was 19 I found a pregnant boxer bully x on the street in Adelaide.When I found her owner, he said she was no longer allowed to stay with him, she was pregnant to his friends dingo.

She was a beautiful dog and the owner said I could have her or take her to the pound.

I kept her and she had 5 pups, 4 of which I found homes for and one that I kept.

I kept him because he was the biggest and seemed to bond with me straight away.He was also the only one that was completely white.

I called him Rebel and I had him when I met my wife and he was there when the kids were born..and he was great with them and very smart,dingo looking dog.

For some reason he ran under a truck at about. 11 years old.

I have never been so devestated even more than when I've had a death in my family.I was crazy with grief...Well that was years ago but

I still see Rebel in dreams occasionally..and I still go to to the grave under a flame tree in RedHill

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Sir WJ

I too lost my beautiful just 2 year old GSD in Feb this year, I have been hopeful that she would visit me in my dreams, but she hasn't :(

But her son I have (4 months old) is the spitting image of her, his eyes are definately hers :) and his character is all his mum....maybe she knows I'm in good hands ? :)

I would love to see my girl again, I miss her terribly.... :(

I wish they did. So far, I've seen/heard nothing of them. :(

Two of my babies died together 8 weeks ago. :cry:

I've been hoping I might have a nice dream about them. To let me hug them again, cuddle them in bed, but they're also dead in my dreams too. :(

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I have had another visit from Zedley, Wednesday night I was woken by his feet hitting the side of the chest of drawers he used to sleep next to. I thought I was dreaming, but I lifted my head off the pillow and heard the same sound again. Right now my son (only child) and his family are about to return to the UK to live and a feel that Zedley is watching over me.

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The day our boy Alfred passed away at 18 months of age ; we came home and went out into the backyard to give our foster dog at the time some cuddles. She picked up one of his favourite toys, shook it around like he used to do and played with it. She never did it after that day, and hadn't really played of her own accord before that day either. It was very spooky. I do feel perhaps it was Alfred.

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All the time. I constantly hav very real feeling dreams. It's so nice to be playing with her again or cuddling the worst part is waking up. It always makes me cry coz I'm with her in my dreams then I wake up alone n that's the worst part. Not long after she passed I kept getting dreams where she was back at my parents house I looked out the window n she was sunning herself where her pen used to be n I was thinking why is she here? We don't live here anymore then my parents dogs who r both buried there (my girls mum n uncle who she was raised with) run out n start playing with her how they used to. That was wen I realized y I hadn't seen her at my home where her ashes r - coz she didn't stay with me she returned to mum ndads house to be with her family. She was so happy.

Stuff this. Now I need a smoke - way too upset

Id give anything for just one more day.

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A friend visited a psychic. The psychic knew nothing about her. The psychic told her that the pup she was keeping from the litter she had at that time was what-ever-his-name-was come back to her as a pup.

As the psychic didn't know she even owned a dog (she assures me there were no hairs on her clothes), so how could she know about the dog who died, and the litter?

Incredible and I believe it. :o

(sorry this is going to be a very long post)

A friend told me, not long after I lost Gyps that she would come back to me and that she'd always been in my life in some form or another. Oddly enough I was thinking the very same only days before we had this conversation.

When I got Takoda I never got her to replace Gyps, nor did I expect her to be anything like her but she is in many more ways than one and I am not the only one to notice it.

It's incredible. A few years back Gyps did her back in and from then on, was never able to use her back right leg to scratch her ear. When she had an itchy ear she would come running to me with her head tilted letting me know she needed a scratch. Anyways, guess who started doing the exact same thing a couple of months ago?, yes Takoda. And she has legs that do work!

Me and Gyps used to have this thing where I would blink at her (one eyed) and she'd do it back. When I bought Takoda home and started noticing the similiarities, I decided to try it with her. Sure as houses she did it back.

Many a time I have taken a photo of Takoda as I am thinking of Gyps and when I go to look at the pic, will find a rainbow or a white orb has showed up in it.

I knew the day she'd arrive. It was though we had a connection before she was born even. She was due 11.8.11 and I told everyone that WAS the day she WOULD be born. I even felt Rani's pregnancy symptoms (Takoda's Mum) as strange at that might sound, and I knew as soon as the pains stopped, my girl had been born.

Again I was right. When I called the breeder that night I learned Takoda had been born around lunch time, the exact time my pains stopped. :o

Then there was the heart incident...

Below was taken from Gypsy's thread in Rainbow bridge.

As you probably know we welcomed little Takoda into our lives in October.

I often wonder if you sent her Gyps or whether a part of you lives on in her somewhere.

I never got her to replace you, I got her to help mend my heart. To help fill some of the emptiness in my life. It wasn't just a matter of just wanting her, I needed her.

But what amazes me is just how much she is like you. In so many ways. She constantly reminds me of you. The way everynight, she comes to say Goodnight before bed, the way she plays with Jasmine - just how you used to, the way she works hard to hide her food then gives in to temptation and eats it :laugh: , or leaves it in silly places like the basket of clean washing for me to find it. :laugh: The way she hiccups even, the way she looks at me and knows I am her Mumma. The list goes on and on, but most of all it's the connection we share.

It's uncanny and I cannot explain it... but I am thinking you might be able to girl.

You know I have asked you for signs - to show me - to prove to me you're in there somewhere and I know you've answered me. It's just hard to believe without you here in body.

I am not the only one who has noted the similarities either.

A few weeks ago when I was sitting here at night with Cody sleeping at my feet just like you used to, I was thinking about you & her and wondering how two dogs could be so much alike. As I stared at Takoda I thought to myself "If you're in there Gyps, give me a sign. One I will know".

Everyone else was sleeping, it was early morning. I got up to go to the bathroom and there on the paper before me was a heart. Takoda had wee'd me a heart. I laughed it off at first but then thought to myself 'hang on, was this the sign I was just asking Gypsy for?' "No" I told myself. I even took a pic to show Jack in the morning.

But as I lay in bed thinking about it and how it could of been a sign from you Gyps, it hit me like a tonne of bricks.

What do I suspect you died of? a heart attack, yes a heart attack. :cry:

Maybe it was your sign to me after all....


Then there was those pics I took of Takoda out the back. Again I was thinking of you as I admired Takoda standing in the sun. She is so beautiful. And so much like you in not only her ways, but also her looks. I took a couple of photo's. The angle she was standing on made her look even more like you. It was eerie. Later when I went through the pics I noted those 2 particular pics I had taken whilst thinking of you Gyps, came out with Takoda in a beautiful ray of Sunshine. My first thought was "Gypsy is in there".

It wasn't the first and I am sure won't be the last pic I have taken of Takoda with an orb(s) or light in it.


And another post from the same thread;

I believe also that their spirit lives on... :angel:

And I know Gyps does live on in Takoda, it's just hard to accept atm. I will one day though.

There is no way in this world I could be blessed with 2 dogs, so beautiful and sooooo alike.

The night Gyps died she looked up at me and made this noise I had never, ever heard her make before. It's hard to explain and I don't really want to try to :cry: but the other day I heard that very same noise. :( It was no mistake. It is a sound I will never forget. My heart stopped for a moment as my thoughts raced back to that night... :( I went to see what/who it was and yes, you guessed it. It was Takoda, playing.

Not long after I lost Gypsy I was speaking to a friend (Abbey's Mum Kerri) and she told me Gyps has probably always been in my life in one form or another. I was thinking the same thing only days earlier as I struggled to fathom how I would cope and live without her. It was as though she'd always been in my life. Forever. :heart:

Kerri went on to tell me the story of her own heart dog a black shep x. I cannot recall her name off hand (so will just call her Sammy here) but she was Kerri's heart dog and when she lost her, she was struggling to cope just as I was.

Kerri lives in a small town close to the mines. There was a golden retriever who lived close by who according to Kerri, was as mad as a cut snake. Not his fault. He'd had no training and was forever getting out roaming the neighbourhood.

Anyways, after Kerri lost her heart dog Sammy, this dog would turn up to her house at all hours of the night and day, waiting to be let in. Kerri was lonely after losing Sammy and felt sorry for this dog so would let him in.

What she couldn't figure out though, was the sudden change in him. He could sit and shake and wasn't jumping up all over her, he was so well behaved. He was just like her old Sammy used to be.

The retriever would follow her everywhere, even to work. Kerri said as she'd pass through the mines the guys there would laugh and shout out "What have you done to that dog Kerri? he's like a new boy". Kerri said she was just as baffled as they were.

One day Kerri was outside playing with the retriever when one of her friends turned up from out of town.

As they sat down and got talking her friend says to her "You know when I pulled up I could of swore that was Sammy running beside you".

The thing is... Sam was jet black, whereas the golden retriever was gold...... Kerri said they were 2 totally different looking dogs.

Kerri got talking to another friend who believed she was holding onto Sammy's spirit and had to let go to set her free so she could come back to her again.

Kerri said it still took a little while but she took her friends advice. She went somewhere nice where she was alone and reluctantly let Sammy's spirit go. (Told Sammy that it was ok for her to leave, that she'd (Kerri) be ok).

Kerri said as soon as she did, the retriever stopped visiting and went back to his silly self, roaming around town.

She believes Sammy's spirit somehow got into the retriever to be with her.

She cried as she told me that. We cried together. She is usually a happy go lucky person who is forever joking but not this time... she was very serious.

Oh and Sammy has found her way back to Kerri and back home again.

This time in the form of a little foxy called Rodney. :heart: That in itself is a whole other story, but a lovely one too. :)

When I fisrt moved in here 8 years ago, I kept having re-curring dreams of losing 2 of my 4 sibes. It went on for years.

Always the same. I was in the country somewhere and 2 of them got out but it I couldn't find them no matter how far I searched... It was an awful feeling and one which would soon come true. :( In 2007 I lost Claude unexpectedly aged 6. A year later I lost Cassie to cancer aged 7.

The dreams stopped for a while.

Early last year I had a weird dream of 3 planets close to Earth. As much as they fascinated me, I was scared they were going to crash to earth. The dogs were with me as I ran into the house.

At around the same time I was having recurring dreams that my dogs were stuck in a cage and I was worried they werent getting fed or let out. Someone or something was keeping me from them. It was a horrible feeling. When they were finally let out for a run, (at my insistence) they escaped and again I found myself searching and feeling sick with worry.

Weeks later I lost Jay Jay, one of my original 4 sibes. Then a month later Whitey lost his battle with IMT.

Another month or so passes and I had a dream that I lost something very precious to me, the engagement ring my Dad gave to my Mum.

I knew it wasn't going to be the ring and had a feeling it was my Gypsy girl. :( I was right.

Less than a week later, I lost her. :(

And I believe that dream I had of those 3 planets, the fear I had of them crashing down, was a sign I was about to lose 3 of my dogs and have my own world come crashing down. :(

I knew that dream meant something, just didn't know what until afterwards.

I have seen my babies since. I have seen Jay Jay in the yard & on the lounge, I have seen and heard Whitey boy, (he had seizures in the lead up to his death, and would make loud thumping sounds against the cupboards or doors when he was doing it, for months afterwards, I heard those same bangs), and I have seen Cass and Claude many a time out in the yard and also heard them. :(

I have also seen them in my dreams since. I am not anxious and I am not searching anymore. I am happy and they are happy. They're always there waiting for me at the same place in the country. I have had this one a couple of times & hope to have it again.

I didn't dream of Gyps until the night before I picked Takoda out, some 3 months after she passed. I longed and longed to see her again in my dreams, and it was so good when I did.

In the first dream she died but looked so peaceful. I wasn't sad and I wasn't crying & screaming like I did the night she died. I cannot even explain it but I took comfort in her being at peace and being able to say goodbye to her properly. I remember I awoke not feeling sad but relieved that she was ok.

Ironically when I went and turned on the computer - there before me was a much anticipated email from Takoda's breeder with pics of the pups. It was time to choose a puppy. It was as though she knew & came to say Goodbye to me in my dreams and to let me know she was ok and that it was ok to move on & let go. It was like a closing. A peaceful farewell.

The 2nd dream I had of her she was slightly different to what she used to be (come to think of it, she was darker, just like Takoda is now and Gyps was as a pup). She was sitting on the ground panting and smiling just as she used to.

I will never forget that face and smile. Makes me cry just thinking of that dream. :cry:

I have also seen Gyps and heard her and felt her around me. Many many times. A few months after she died I was walking into the bedroom late one night and she was walking right beside me, just as she used to. When I went to call her and look twice, she was gone. I turned around and walking a few metres behind me was Takoda. Gyps will always be with me. They all will. :heart: And I know a huge part of her does live on in Takoda. :angel:

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Well, I can honestly say that's the first time that a photo of puppy wee has made me cry!! :cry: :laugh: :o

That's just beautiful, k9angel :)

I don't know - I see things in Nova that are so ridiculously Enya - the way that she smacks me with her paw and grumbles, the way that she sits in front of me, puts her front feet up on my lap and sits back on her bum in a really sloppy (and funny) way.

And then there is the strangest likeness.... Many years ago Enya put one of her front feet through a window, severing her digital tendons and giving herself a flat foot which remained a source of intermittent lamness for the rest of her life. Since doing that, whenever Enya was waiting for her food bowl she would hold that foot off the ground. I would say "put your foot down", she would, and I would put her bowl down.

Just recently Nova has started doing the exact same thing, with the same front foot. I tell her to put her foot down, and she does straight away.

I don't know - I can pass everything else off as genetic (Nova is Enya's granddaughter), but the foot one gets me. Still, I just can't let myself really think too much of it, I'm not convinced that I'm not just trying to see things. :o

As for seeing Enya, no - she's never visited me. I may have dreamed about her, but I rarely remember my dreams so I don't really have any memory of dreams involving her :(

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The previous owner of my house died at home, and the neighbours have told me that she had a dog many years ago. Both of them have visited, and I often see a swish of a tail going down the hallway and realise that both of mine are fast asleep on the bed.

In some ways I'm sad that the dog is visiting its home but no-one it knows is there, but then I also feel that if it didn't feel comfortable popping in to say hi ti wouldn't either (if that makes sense). I always say hello to both of them if I feel their presence.

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