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  1. Unfortunately, Sandgrubber, you don't get it and you never will. And no matter what is said, you still don't get it. So sorry.
  2. Line breeding in that form is a feature of breeding practices of great breeders of the past and present of many species. Check out pedigrees of great racehorses too. Check out Winx. l⁷ Pekingese were not bred for "the show". They were bred in palaces as a sleeve and companion dog. Slaves, eunuchs and servants did the grooming However this breed only needs grooming once or twice a week, and rarely need washing. Not everyone wants a running, jumping, barking herding or fetching dog. Some want a companion. This wretched woman would be better not to push her numpty ideas onto others in the guise of "animal welfare*. PeKes are fine already thanks. They have been fine for hundreds of years, and before this breed destroyer arrived and will be fine after she has gone.⁹
  3. How much do you know about breeding, or pekingese? The breeding being bashed by Ms Whatsit is and has been accepted for decades as good breeding - to set a gene - to keep in quality. And not just in dogs, in all animal breeding. Please check out some of the winning racehorses and their pedigrees. Animal Rights was about to do a number on pekingeses, and then realised that they lived to their late teens without health problems. If you are interested, please join one of the many facebook sites for pekingese owners . Lastly, Peakingese are not supposted to be "animated" in the ring. They are supposed to be sedate, and to show their distinctive rolling gate to the judge. They are perfectly capable of running and jumping, but not in the ring." The correct gait is shown at a walk. Other breeds do the same - a spaniel variety must walk whilst being judged. This woman thrives on half lies and full lies. Shame she never lets the truth get in the way of a good beat up against purebred dogs. And no, I don't own a pekingese, but I 've known a few, and after reading this woman's claptrap years ago, I did some serious research on the breed. The above information is the result of that researrh.
  4. Congratulations, great save!! So happy to see the updates where he is settled and happy. As a breeder, I never put any names in when I microchip the pups - that is for the owners to do. Unfortunately, I don't think some even update the information!! Happy days.
  5. Also, there are literally hundreds of Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and Amstaffs in rescues all over the country. They are mostly past chewing childrens' toys, and would love some little kid to give them a snuggle. The few hundred being asked just about covers and desexing and vaccinations. Please Consider saving a life - you get what you want, at little expense, and some needy dog gets to keep his life.
  6. I would like to add a little to this subject. As a very long term breeder, I don't think the bitch living with a family and going away to whelp is very fair to the bitch - to be going back to the breeder for 6 weeks+ to whelp and rear pups outside of her regular home has to be very stressful for her, and it is difficult for the owner to part with their bitch on a regular basis. All bitches are different - I once whelped one for a friend who had forgotten she had booked to go to crufts and put the bitch in pup. The girl had a happy, sunny nature, settled in as if she had always been here, loved and raised her pups without any problems, and without a care in the world. Others fret and sulk, and the odd one will even abort her puppies, but you don't know what they will do until you try. Most unfair. They might only be dogs, but they are deserving of our best efforts, I think. Additionally, pregnancy and birth carry their own special risks - many many more than a pet dog, and there are a myriad of reasons why a bitch who has whelped, or needed a caesarian might die, and they are all legitimate ones. As a breeder, I could not face telling someone their pet, which I had taken back to whelp, had died. All too sad, and all too hard. And really, unnecessary. And it seems to me that breeders would only do this if they were lazy, greedy, or had a problem with dog numbers and their council.
  7. If you get one with rANKC registration papers there will never, under any circumstances be any trouble with councils and BSL. And if you go for a health tested one, there will probably be no health issues either.
  8. The lesson I received from that is not to trust rescue, and particularly do not support or donate to rescue. What a crock of............. The dogs were correctly identified, they should have been returned to the owner. All along the chain, the system failed the owner. How appalling. And I will particularly note the name of the rescue who posted here, for not only never supporting, but encouraging friends not to support.
  9. I am with a Standard Poodle too - great dogs, and they don't need a frou frou haircut. Friend has a brown one, with a shaggy haircut, door knockers are terrified of him, but he has a lovely temp. How about a Portugese Water Dog? Available in Australia Great Natures. Someone suggested an Irish Water Spaniel - may be difficult to get, but there are some breeders - also a stunning dog
  10. So sorry, the doings of Bubby were a large part of the forum. He was fortunate to have you. Is now over the rainbow bridge, enjoying himself but keeping and eye on you. You will meet again one day.
  11. That dog shows no characteristics of either spaniel or poodle. My best guess might be kelpie x whippet x - or greyhound x. Neither parent had much acquaintance of purebreds Another case of buyers being ripped off because there is no paperwork to "prove" the parents so dishonest people use any old dog they like and charge heaps for the pups. Just crooks.
  12. I have some serious concerns about tick/flea products which are ingested by the dogs. The facebook site "Does Bravecto Kill Dogs?" is frightening. I use products which work on the outside of the dogs - I have used Advantix - which was ok but needed renewing fortnightly, plus we have found a couple of tick despite using it. Have also used spray on Frontline which was excellent. I now used Scalibor tick collars - 3 monthly renewal - and NO ticks.
  13. Sorry, by "him" I meant the GSD Kobi, not my friend's dog.
  14. Friends owned a dog which was hurt during a burglary and he was never the same again. I think it was the stabbing and viciousness directed at him which could have damaged him, not that he bit someone. I think.
  15. Jed


    Congratulations, you have tagged the boxer 100% You have done very well.. A few remarks Dogs with well conformed flews don't slobber (except when food is right there). A change of food may help with the farting. Mine eat raw, and it is not a problem - some dry foods are also ok. Boxers need owner interaction more than they need exercise. They put everything into what they do, so they get a surprising amount of exercise. Well done on being perceptive enough to understand this dog. Rescue boxers often have lots of issues, but if you ensure he knows the boundaries, and love him, there will be no problems.
  16. Get some advice from a good lawyer. Find out where you stand if you take physical action. I think it could be ok if you feel threatened. But ask, you don't need a court case. Then next time, say to the other dog owner that you find his dog's behaviour worrying and confronting, and it worries your dog too so you would prefer it stopped. Say this nicely. Then add that if he is unable to control his dog in publc to a standard approved by the council, you will have no option but to force his dog away from your dog. Advise him about pepper spray, and about physical force with a club. If you hit the dog, make sure you do it a few times, to shock the dog into leaving. I think spray would be better. IMHO, hair spray works well.
  17. If you wish to complain, write a letter/email to Dogs NSW, which you can google. Write a cohesive story. Even if Dogs NSW appears to do nothing, they will keep your letter on file. If you asked me for a girl, I would tell you about the girls, and perhaps not about the boys, as you didn't want one.
  18. The breeder has thus abided by the law. You need to take up this offer if you want any sort of redress. As far as complaining goes, you may complain to the small claims court in NSW - or whatever it is called, and you may also complain to dogsnsw. DogsNSW address is on your pedigree papers, and I suggest the situation is less than ideal if you are considering breeding a dog without knowing anything about DogsNSW or where to complain.
  19. Loved the video. Pekes are really delightful. I feel so sorry about AR giving them hell, when they are made to their own standard - which is for a lap/house dog, and they usually live well into their teens without any big health problems. The one in the photo is a pet, but so beautiful. I have never owned one, but they are on my bucket list. I knew one very well as a teenager. She was a parti, and one of the most delightful, intelligent and likeable dogs I have ever met. It is a shame that hardly anyone breeds them any longer. I have fb friends on Asia, who have the most gorgeous one. Of course, there would need to be photos when you buy one.
  20. I found this photo of a female pet pedigree Pekingese. Thought other dog lovers might like to see what a peke not in full Crufts or Westminster mode looks like.
  21. TCP - my inbox was full. I have now cleared some of it so yu should be able to send me a message. Cavalier pups specially bitches to breed with are like gold dust!!
  22. Such a terrible pity that the Qld government's legislation "against cruel puppy farms" will not address this and similar problems at all. Poor dogs. Dog fighters.
  23. NSW can enact similar laws to Vic and I believe, soon will. Qld is currently working on legislation. Banning the sale of pups in pet shops is the best thing to happen. Puppy farmers will have problems selling all their pups without pet shop sales.
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