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  • 2 weeks later...

Photos of former foster Maggie competed out at Epic last week in the flyball and her team broke the record for an Australian team's running time.

It was her team's first time competing together and Maggie has only been jumping 11 inches for a few weeks now. First unofficial record run for the day, 17.109. The previous record was 17.128. Maggie's team is the first Australian flyball team to go under 17 seconds.



Here she is with former foster Juniper who was also competing that day


And two videos of the record-breaking run. Maggie is the third dog

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May I ask what the ankle wraps are for, koalathebear? Is it to improve proprioception?

I'm assuming it's for support. Maggie had ACL surgery a while back because she injured herself when playing in the backyard. She made a full recovery and had extensive physio etc but I'm assuming they are strapping to give her extra support. She's faster than ever, I have to say.

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Thanks! How wonderful it must be to see Maggie in a great home, recovering well from her op, and having fun doing agility. :)

I actually just saw a proper answer about the taping over on fb. Her handler says: Because we are running on mats I do it to help protect her feet as well as to give her some more traction so she doesn't slip when running into the box. When I run her on grass I also wrap her feet, but only the front as she has been known to rip her dew claws so this is to protect them.

I always look forward to your photos. Just shows what beautiful dogs come up in rescue & what lovely families adopt them into homes where they blossom!

Thanks! We are lucky that are adopters all give us updates still!

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  • 1 month later...

Jerry went on trial adoption yesterday. He's been more than a year in care and we've rejected about 13 applications for him that would have been good homes but weren't suitable so we are so hopeful ... This is Jerry the night before his trial with his hobo bag:


On trial adoption with his own collar and tag


His own bowls


Being naughty :p


Having fun




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  • 1 month later...

Jerry passed his trial adoption and is doing well. He is legal now, with his ACT dog registration tag and also his microchip details updated. After more than a year in foster care and a lot of time, effort and money spent on his rehabilitation - we are absolutely delighted to see him in such a loving home.


Brand new crate


Kennel of his own


Tonnes of tennis balls




Toys to destroy


And lots of cuddles


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Former foster Maggie at the Australian Flyball Championships on 17 September 2016. She and her team broke the record again later from 16.949 down to 16.673. The team also broke it again on the Sunday with a 16.651 with a slightly different line up where Maggie was reserve.


Former foster Rookie has been a very busy boy this year. He has done a term of Rally-O, is doing well at obedience, tracking and is now starting flyball.


Former foster Baxter (updated in August 2012). He's still doing well and his family just had a baby :)


Rescue dogs get a really bad rap sometimes and it can be so hard to overcome prejudice and the stigma associated with rescue - so it's really great to see rescue dogs doing rescue proud.

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Guest crazydoglady99

Awww congratulations Jerry on your forever home!! Well done KTB.

Look at those puppy eyes! Welcome Dyson you lucky boy!

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Your photo's of Jerry are absolutely heart warming. Thanks for sharing and for the work you do with these dogs in need. Hopefully Dyson can find someone who can utilise his brain a bit more!

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