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Introducing Tori, Teddy, Tango, Toby And Tiger


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We should be able to arrange a playdate T. :) Sounds like you are really hanging out. :laugh:

I bought a couple of toys for them today and gave them to Jack to give to them after school. :) (he would of been upset if I gave them to them while he was at school. He likes to give them their 'presents').

The other day as we were out walking Logan, he (Jack) spots a lamaze toy sitting in a box at the front of someone's house. (they'd only just moved out), he says to me "Look Mum, look - a toy for the pups". :laugh:

Although it was clean, I had to wash it in the washing machine, wrap it in wrapping paper (Jacks orders :laugh: ) and then give it to him the next day (after it was dried and wrapped) to give to them after school. :laugh:

They loved it too! :thumbsup:

I took some pics of them getting their new toys today but still have to catch up with yesterdays pics first. I'll get there... eventually. :laugh:

Yesterday's pics. :)








Look at Tigers ears :laugh:




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I noticed a little bald spot near the tip of Toby's tail yesterday. I put 1ml of advocate on each of them and will keep an eye on it. I will also mention it to the vet when we visit later in the week for their vaccinations.

Last night I stumbled across a link to an article with this photo (on FB) of some shep pups in England, training to be police dogs. The one on the right looks like Teddy. :laugh:


And Finally, those pics from Friday afternoon. :)

Jack handing out the new toys. :)






Look at the smile on Tango's face as he snuggles with Jack. :)




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It is with great sadness that we had to say goodbye to 4 of the 5 pups, earlier than expected. :(

They are now in care with Tdierikx and will be rehomed through NSW Animal Rescue.

I just want to say a huge thankyou to T for all her help Tuesday and for opening her heart and home to these gorgeous bubs. :thanks:

The reason I required assistance with the puppies was because my life was turned upside down about a week ago when my own girl, Blacky became paralysed in her back legs. :(

Xrays show calcification on her spine causing compression of her spinal cord. :cry:

The vet gave her a 50/50 chance and ordered strict crate rest. She was also put on Meloxicam. I have to turn her over every few hours and help her toilet. It's heartbreaking and I am absolutely devastated. It has come as a huge shock to us all. :cry:

She is only 7. :(

I have picked up a copy of her xrays and will be taking them to a 2nd vet (who I know and trust, not that I don't trust the first vet I took her to) for a 2nd opinion this afternoon. If the outcome doesn't look good, Blacky will be given her wings. :cry:

I sleep beside her each night and each afternoon I take her outside and sit with her in the grass. I usually talk to her lots, but words weren't needed yesterday afternoon. :cry: I just cried as we listened to the birds and crickets together and as I massaged her back and legs. :cry:

We miss Tori, Tango, Tiger and Toby more than words can say. I knew the day would come eventually, (to say Goodbye) but not like this and certainly not under these circumstances. :( I expected to be there as they went off to their forever homes. :cry:

They are the sweetest and smartest little pups, (I gave T a demonstration while she was here of how they all come and sit on command for a treat). They have been a huge part of our family for the past 5 weeks and each and every one of them will always hold a special place in my heart. :heart:

When I mentioned to Jack a few days ago that I might be contacting another rescue to assist with the puppies, he was really upset and asked if he could keep one to look after at least. (no guessing who...) Then Tuesday when I picked him up from school I told him T was coming today to pick up the pups and he says to me "What? all of them?" I said "Yes, all of them......... except for Teddy". The smile on his face was priceless. Up until recently, he was being bullied by a year 6 kid at school. :(

So after what he's been through at school and what we are going through with Blacky atm, I decided to let him keep Teddy, until we find him a forever home.

I look forward to lots of updates from T as Tori, Tango, Toby and Tiger grow and find their forever homes and wish them all long, happy futures, filled with love and joy, as I know, they will certainly bring much love, happiness and joy to the humans who adopt them. :heart:

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Sorry to hear about worries with your Blacky, k9angel, sure hope there will be some good luck, and she can stay with you a bit longer. This problem with bullying is never ending, your poor son, it's happening in the Aged Care sector, too, where I work.

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