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Need Help Urgently. Nelson Bay Area

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I won't share too much but my aunty is in a real situation. Her grandson was living with her and collected an array of animals and then moved out leaving her with the animals which he has no intention of ever collecting. The real estate has found out and has threatened to evict her if 3 cats and 2 snakes cannot be found homes. My aunty has no idea of how to deal with snakes. Her grandson had a valid reptile keepers license but she doesn't so it's also illegal for her to keep them. One is a Murray Carpet about 6ft and the other is a Jungle Carpet about the same size (sexes unknown). They come with a double story enclosure with fitted UV and heat lights as well as hide boxes. They must go to a licensed home. Both snakes are easy to handle and don't bite.

Murray Darling Python


Jungle Python


The other animals are 3 young cats. All desexed, chipped and vaccinated. The cats are all friendly and affectionate.

Yoda is a white male with blue eyes (not deaf) 2 years


Spatz is a black and white male 2 years


Georgina is a torti and white female 9 months.


If anyone can help or network to find these animals homes and help my Aunty out please do. She's such a lovely woman and doesn't deserve to be dealt this crappy card. This is a very urgent situation.

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How about she contacts the Gosford Reptile Park for the snakes? I'm sure they'd help or point her in the right direction?

It's also not too far for her to drive them - they are at Somersby on the Central Coast.

Re the cats, maybe she could contact Port Macquarie Animal Rescue and see if they can help. Not sure if there are any other rescues in Nelsons Bay but there are some in Newcastle. It's awful for the cats at the moment, far too many of them needing homes.

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You could post for advice on Aussie Pythons and Snakes, not sure how the NSW licenses are compared to here, I know we have to fill in our wildlife book, show licences etc. You can PM me for any info regarding the immediate care of the snakes, as long as they have heat they can go without a feed for weeks or even months.

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