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Sudden Weakness In Hind Legs

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All good so far. Vet did a thorough check and has 90% ruled out tick. Her leg is getting better but the vet has asked us to continue to observe her.

The vet thinks that it is probably a muscle pain or a hip joint issue.

If it is muscle or hip pain then some gentle heat over the hip and lumbar area would help relax muscles and ease pain. It only has to be 42 degrees (so comfortable if you put it to the inside of your wrist area) for 15 minutes for it to heat up the area with a hot water bottle or heat pack wrapped in a cloth.

I hope she is feeling better soon.

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Thanks everyone for your support. The vet suggested that we take her out for a walk as usual and let her decide if and how much she wants to walk. That would help identify the cause. So far she is improving and even tried to play with Odin.

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Good news Odin :)

I was wondering how you were going with her. So glad it isn't a tick. Dam horrible things they are.

Just have to keep an eye on her then. Just wish they could tell us where it hurts. Wouldn't that be great. They are such a worry when they arent well. Good luck with her :)

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An internet friend from another forum reported that her family golden stopped walking - back legs stopped working and it was panic stations...

They couldn't find what was wrong (xrays and all) so they didn't opt for surgery but wait and see and over a period of a few months the legs got better.

Completely tedious but better than making things worse by operating.

Another friend (from the park) has had the same problem with her shar pei from a dodgy breeder... he just lost enthusiasm for walks and went from running around the park to dragging along miserable to not wanting to go at all... vet checks - couldn't find anything... we're not in a tick area... and now he's getting better on anti inflams and stuff.

Phew. Sometimes it's better to rest up, and wait and see.

Sometimes an early symptom of paralysis ticks is dog can't bark properly - so if you have bark on cue, and the dog can't - then all over tick check and vet is a good idea.

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