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Frantic weed eating


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My 12 yr old Bulgarian Shepherd has started waking me up in the night to go out and spends half an hour or so frantically eating grass and weeds before doing a small badly formed poo and coming back in. She is eating normally, basicly 50pc green tripe with chicken carcass or lamb ribs/neck etc and treats I make from dehydrated lites. Since she is a rescue dog who spent her first few years on the streets scavenging, I am puzzled at this new behaviour and not a little upset as I need my sleep. Vet examined her and merely suggested no more bones!!!  Anyone experienced anything similar?

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At her age , the diet may need to be adjusted to something  she can digest more easily ? Frantic grass eating is often a sign of nausea/upset tummy ...and while it MAY be food related , there also may be other things happening to an older body .Did the vet suggest blood tests or anything to check & see how her liver  etc is functioning? 
Does it help if you give her bland food liked cooked boneless chicken with a little sweet potato  ? 
Maybe ask another vet as well ...

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