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who buys doodles? why?


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On 20/06/2022 at 8:32 AM, Podgus said:

 I myself don’t subscribe to the invention that the best, healthiest or more predictable dogs are only available inside of the pedigree system. From what I’ve observed over 30 plus years as a dog groomer and a bit of involvement with pedigree dogs in kennels, showing, owning and breeding, it’s no more of a lottery either way. I am without doubt that as many worthwhile dogs exist outside of the pedigree system,as exist within it. The same can be said for poor quality dogs inside and outside of the pedigree system.

Agree more so with  some breeds than others ,  i think the GSD is a prime example .  i see so many every day , i walk everyday  morning   and evening  come winter or summer regardless off sun or rain ,,  i live opposite a dog beach and its my daily excercise ,, i see so many that are nervy  , un confident and just bad examples of what used to be    a very fine confident breed ,, if i was to get one it would definetly only be from working lines    the confident  self asurance what was once  part of the breed is being bred out of it ,, A security dog trainer told me  Rottys and dobes are next he's noticing its getting harder and harder to find dogs that will do the job , so much so there company now breeds there own , which is he's job , they get most there stock from Europe he was saying , he stated  most of what they can buy in Aust are just fear biters and not acceptable ,  like i said after spending half my life  walking on the dog beach  i agree with him based on what i see ,,

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I think a lot of people want the ‘teddy bear’ look dog and many don’t know about all the breeds that don’t shed as much. Also these days a lot of the oodle breeders genetic test their dogs so people feel like they are getting a good healthy dog. I know a lot of people wonder why not just get a poodle. As most would know, many people just feel that poodles look too ‘funny’ even in their natural coat, people also shy away when they know that poodles need so much grooming and so often and believe that a mixed with poodle doesn’t need that care as much, which can be true or they can need even more. Some are under the belief that they don’t need to even brush their poor oodle. 


I have met many oodles through puppy school and they are very cute and mostly sweet pups. But their puppy coat is so different to their adult coat. Some still keep that cute teddy bear look but some have hair that is so hard to manage. 


Almost all the other puppies in our puppy class are oodles. There are the more common ‘cavoodles’, ‘spoodle’ and a ‘schnoodle’. Not sure on exacts of what they call them. Some of them are so super cute as puppies, I couldn’t believe it. Then I went home and googled some adult looking ones and my the schnauzer cross poodle looked so odd to me. There are also different crosses in our class mixed with pugs and jack russell’s etc. I know someone who has one mixed with a German Shepherd!  


I can see the appeal of some of them especially when you see them as cute little puppies that look like actual soft toys. And so many people know someone with them and that’s their main experience of dogs. 


Interestingly there’s no big dog oodles in our classes. It seems a lot of breeders are mixing anything with poodles to be more able to sell them. Oh and I don’t know the last time I’ve seen an actual poodle out and about in the pet shops and classes I’ve been to with my dogs. 


A lot of people don’t have a problem with mixed breed dogs or prefer them. It’s what a lot of people have grown up with. A lot believe that they are healthier and have their own unique characters. Some think purebreds are unhealthy and snobbish etc.


Years ago when I decided to start looking for what breed I may want to get as my first time dog owner as an adult I first went to the trading post as that’s all I knew. I had no idea about Dogz online. I knew I wanted a big dog. I wasn’t a fan of the look of any of the large oodles so I never looked there. But some of the adds were of Border Collies cross Goldens. I thought they looked cute and interesting, looking sort of like a Golden but a different colour. But then because I love to research I read heaps of online forums and read about many people who had that particular cross and had bad experiences including a family who’s dog turned on one of the kids one day out of the blue. Then I started reading more about the individual breeds and learned how a Border Collie, badly bred, would not be for me. For that matter, even a well bred one. 


I stumbled upon breed clubs and health testing and Dogz online and then started figuring out what it was I wanted to do and that was get a puppy the proper way. Narrowed it down, talked to several breeders, got a feel for things and ended up with my well bred Lab who is the best thing in my life. Then later on my Goldens. 


I had no idea before all that and I’ve always been a dog person, just never part of the purebred world. I think most just don’t care or know even. A lot of peoples go to is the trading post and just browse what’s in your area. 

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Yeah probably more ‘some’ than a lot but I have noticed that many of the ones I’ve come across have had parents who were genetic tested with orivet which is very quick and easy to do these days. They ask for more when they do that or what I mean is they believe they have a better litter to sell. 


Interestingly though I didn’t know how you can test for coat type etc with poodles and some oodle parent poodles haven’t had that and they don’t end up with the desired oodle coat and you don’t know what that puppy coat is going to be like when they are older, not for sure. Many people wouldn’t even know what to look for with all the testing they’ve supposedly done. 


That’s why going pure can be so much better, or one of the reasons, you know what they are generally going to be like and exactly what they should be tested for before breeding. Temperament wise too, exercise levels, health things to watch out for etc. With a mixed breed you might get individual characteristics and uniqueness but you don’t know so much. When you get a purebred you will know for instance how to take care of the adult coat and what works best, for oodles you have no idea just how much care they may need but generally it’s a lot and they all differ slightly. I would bet the breeders aren’t there to help guide you as much as getting a pure, and a google search can’t help exact either. Many groomers have to end up shaving them right down because the people haven’t known how to take care of the coat. And then they get angry that their oodle doesn’t look like a teddy bear. 


I can see some of the appeal but you are safer with knowing what you’re getting and having that guidance too, and knowing that the breeders mostly care very much for the breed and not just doing it to make money. 


Just to add, when I started researching every dog breed listed on Dogz online I was amazed at how many different characteristics you can get and how many have what I think a lot of people are looking for with an oodle - not as much shedding. There are so many other dogs that would be great but my guess is that a lot don’t even know that breed exists. Also, I think some people believe that a mixed breed will lessen the intensity of both breeds. I’ve heard many people describe some dog breeds as yappy etc so wouldn’t get that one but mix a poodle with something else and somehow it’s all good.


I think a lot of the oodle buyers really does just come down to them looking to see what’s available right now too and not wanting to talk at length with breeders or be on wait lists etc. For many it’s much easier to just look at the newspaper etc and see what’s there right now. 


I know recently someone who decided one day they wanted a puppy, hadn’t put much thought into it beforehand and then ended up buying a Border Collie straight away from a farm. The puppy is sweet but a true working dog that sits in a backyard all day. It’s so sad. But they wanted the idea of a dog and they wanted it right now. I know someone else who did the same with a Kelpie and unfortunately then rehomed him. 

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