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  1. Before any tradie enters my house I ask if they're OK with dogs. If they say no then he goes behind a baby gate. If they are, I don't put him away but I am always there. He generally stays out of their way but if they give him a good pat (these are normally the dog owners themselves) then they've made a new friend. I do make a point though that they certainly would not get the same dog if no one was home. Which is why no one gets into the house if someone is not home.
  2. Keeshond Pembroke Corgi German Shep - but like the ones I grew up with - solid types and none of this sloping top lines and low hocks.
  3. I buy it from East Coast Dogs ready made.
  4. Good move - provided it is not putting at dogs being flown at owner's cost, especially young puppies. All too frequently I have seen rescues pulling dogs from the pound and transporting them without letting them do a quarantine period.
  5. I trained at the Concord one and didn't have an issue with them. Your other option could be at Hawthorne Canal/ Cafe Bones.
  6. I joined DOL with my first dog as I think I was having issues with toilet training. I lost him 8 years ago and there is a thread in Rainbow Bridge for him that I just can't go back to. And now my current dog turned 8 last week. Time certainly flies.
  7. I can't talk to Westies as I don't know the breed but it is not fair on your cat to be out in these situations - it would be very traumatic, especially if they are losing control of their bowels. If you are not there then you must ensure that they are properly separated and the dog cannot access the cat. You have a terrier and it would not take much for them to do serious injury even if they think they are playing.
  8. Awesome that a name has been provided but please OP, stick to the names you are given from experienced dane owners. We know who is experienced and good with our breed. First stop is Craig Murray then K9 Pro. Don't waste time and money with others.
  9. OK, the owner just rang back and said they will not/can not take her back since they were about to be evicted for having her there in a rental that would not allow a big dog. So... what are we to do? We are on the central coast NSW, I have already sent a message to one dog trainer (John Gatt that I know of here on the coast) but have no reply. Is there another behaviorist anyone can recommend? The advice so far seems to be I should not keep this dog around my children and pets because of the fear she has shown. I'm worried, but I want the best for the dog. You want to call Craig Murray at Premier Dog Training in Sydney - he is the main behaviorist dane rescue uses and he knows his stuff.
  10. No - you don't make the issue one for rescue as you did not get her through them. Sas has already given advice at the start of this thread and you will be hard pressed to find anyone more experienced in dane rescue than her. Call in a behaviorist but one experienced with danes. Where are you located?
  11. No dog food sold in Australia is irradiated.
  12. It's not uncommon in this house to wake up feeling like you're pinned down - to realise the 9kg cat is asleep on your back, with paws either side of your head. Otherwise it's a 65kg dog who ventures into the bed on colder nights but insists on sleeping with his head on a pillow. But only if your back is to him - otherwise he stays at the bottom of the bed. Instant your back is turned, he's up like a shot.
  13. Those initial questions make perfect sense when you consider them in the context of a psychology based paper.
  14. Lol I was not touching the 40 mins exercise for a badly arthritic obese chi line!
  15. Gee that's a good excuse - a vet refusing to test even when asked by the owner. No skin off their nose to take a sample and send it off, given you're paying. Otherwise the only other reason would be because the dog is not actually presenting with symptoms consistent with those diseases/ illnesses.
  16. Surely diabetes and thyroid are determined by blood tests - not sure why a) toileting better is relevant or b) why they have not been done. If vets *think* something is wrong which is impacting on your dog's health then they test for it unless the owner declines. Treat dogs with the right medication for their condition and they will respond accordingly.
  17. You really never listen to advice that you get here and then come back down the track complaining about your overweight dogs. 80gm is still too much. You have an experienced raw feeder in this thread saying their 15kg dog gets 80gm. If your dog is eating poo then simply clean your yard!! If you have poo eaters then onus is on you to ensure they are not getting access to it. I feel for your Chi - sounds significantly overweight and has bad arthritis. You as an owner are making that issue worse and causing your dog pain by not managing your dog's weight and getting it lean.
  18. You're wrong there. If someone was to take these steps and then be pleading with a court to side with them, that will not be looked on favourably. Two wrongs don't make a right.
  19. Yes might have to cut him back to 80grams a day. In saying that I will have family complaining that his not getting enough. How much does your dog weigh? Over 4kg?
  20. The product will be supplied by the same companies that produce the brand name products. However the fact it was RSPCA would ensure I did not buy it.
  21. Canidae Pure Sky is duck. Duck is generally considered a low reaction protein.
  22. The weight of Chillydog might be light but they are certainly warm. I have a dog that feels the cold here and on single digit nights, he's very warm - to the point I put my hands under the coat to warm them up. These are coats made for Canadian weather! If you want handmade then look at D&D Dog Coats on FB. Meg was/ is a Doler.
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