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  1. Recommendations please

    either the cocker or the king charles will be great for kids.
  2. What to put in Dog first aid kit

    yep I agree about the advice on single use saline
  3. Always been happy with Wahl for the price.
  4. Chemo Experiences

    thoughts and prayers with you and your dog in this difficult time
  5. Simparica

    ive seen the ads on tv. seems to be a good option if it covers everything.
  6. Insurance

    also been thinking about this so would be interested to hear what people say.
  7. Do You Feed Eggs To Your Puppies?

    variety is the key. once or twice a week is plenty.
  8. barking dogs mean problem owners not problem dogs!
  9. Nsw Pet Registry Now Online

    anything done to get dogs back to their owners when lost is worth it.
  10. Reverse Sneezing Explained

    thank you, very helpful.
  11. So I got a prescription from my vet - he charged $10 but I guess that's ok as he is losing the profit on the sale of the meds. I placed the order with Pet Scripts and it was all pretty straightforward. Order received this morning and it all seems fine. My vet gave me repeats so taking that in to account I reckon I'll save about $150.
  12. Age For Puppies To Go To New Home

    I've never heard anyone at less than 8 weeks and 12 weeks is better IMHO.
  13. Pet Friendly Accommodation

    Algate Cottages algate www.algatecottages.net.au