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  1. http://www.greatdanelady.com/articles/rosemary_in_pet_foods.htm Highly regarded source on rosemary. A lot of dry dog foods use rosemary extract in them and as far as I know, there is no scientific support for claim rosemary causes seizures in dogs.
  2. I'm always intrigued by this. Don't dog nappers use FB or the internet?? There was a spate of "suspicious vehicle in area" posts in Canberra not long before I left. Dogs WERE being stolen apparently. I asked the ACT Police. If dogs were being stolen, no one was reporting them. I honestly think some people get their jollies scaring the bejesus out of dog owners. Yes, it happens. But so do gates left or blown open and dogs that would rival Houdini for escaping. That was the case here in North West Sydney too - big noise about dog thefts in the area. Police put out the same statement - if it's happening, no one was reporting it to them.
  3. Perhaps it's just that no one knows. Why does a lack of a response in less than a day make it a conspiracy?
  4. Yeah people here are not stupid - especially when you posted about your greyhound Lilly. You also forget that people here actually know who you are away from the forum.
  5. Has she started a new profile...??? Why would you do that? . Possibly to hide herself from the reputation that she had on this forum. Especially as Dog Horse Girl profile is still active. Interesting she speaks of ethics - we all have long memories here and her actions around horses from the dogger sales sticks firmly in mind. Skulking back on including introducing herself like a newbie did not go unnoticed by many.
  6. Oh - I've realised who Country Girl is - Lilysmum. Enough said.
  7. Search this forum it has been discussed at length before. It is only illegal to drive with them in your lap. It is not illegal for them to be unrestrained in the front passenger seat or elsewhere in the car. It is illegal to not have proper control of your car at all times. If you have a dog in the front seat unrestrained then there is a risk that police could fine you for not having proper control (ie distraction factor). It would be damn hard for them to impose the same fine for a dog in the rear of the vehicle, especially one that is not leaping about etc distracting you. This is national road rules so the same everywhere. It is illegal to have them unrestrained on the back of a ute. Main reason to restrain them is their own safety - so they don't become a projectile in an accident.
  8. Don't feel bad about missing it - they are awesome that not showing pain/ injury. Mine broke his toe and the only sign was the limping - did not make a sound. As a consequence, he's getting a bit of arthritis in it and as he's getting older too I've just started giving him the Green Lipped Mussel with Tumeric vitamin (human grade) - http://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/product.asp?id=72060&pname=Blooms+Green+Lipped+Mussel+500mg+With+Turmeric+1500mg+100+Vege+Capsules+ Perhaps consider something like this?
  9. Great Dane Rescue QLD (Adopt A Dane) might like the big dog Snooza!
  10. Owner is a long standing member of this forum - but dont think she's been on here of late.
  11. I have sent her a message - no doubt like 10 other people LOL.
  12. Hasn't happened here really - little bit on the chin and he's senior for his breed. Simply doesn't carry the masking gene.
  13. APVMA gazetted its registration of this only in February. The active constituent is fluralaner.
  14. I have no issues with people posting on Gumtree - it is the modern classifieds as opposed to the back of the newspaper. In any event - Gumtree have a lot of rules around posting animals for sale - https://help.gumtree.com.au/knowledgebase.php?article=91
  15. What gorgeous photos - this was my stomping ground growing up as we did a lot of road trips and were fortunate enough to have a lot of back country access through my father's connections/ work. There is nowhere in the world like the South Island.
  16. Don't forget that some large petstores have a money back guarantee, eg Petbarn. So you won't get stuck with another bag of expensive kibble. Actually it's the food companies that offer this not the pet stores - check the bag of food you buy as there is usually something on there.
  17. Australian Standards always cost to get hold of a copy - regardless of what the subject matter is - because they are licensed documents. We have the Standard here and we have comprehensive laws in the Consumer Law re advertising and labelling. And an active regulator who regularly takes actions against companies for misleading and deceptive advertising. The US position is rather irrelevant to Australia and maybe you would find more traction raising the issues you are on a US forum.
  18. Your own link actually refutes your claim of "not much there" - it refers people to the AU Standard 5812 re labelling and manufacturing of pet food in Australian and that's where you find the information.
  19. No - the link you have put in your post is to a HD one. And actually - based on sales, the vast majority of dog food sold in Australia is actually manufactured in Australia. Imported products in pet stores make up a small majority of sales by volume.
  20. The article is a Norweigan one on HD?? Is the study you're referring to American? Might have very little relevance here given there is a Standard for the manufacturing and labelling of pet food.
  21. We had our first yeasty ear ever here recently too. Dealt with it with the Apex PMP ear drops - in the ear and on the inside of it and a course of cortisone. This was after my vet examined a scrapping under the scope and identified it as yeast.
  22. Check the PFIAA website for any information? I know you can't access the AS there though.
  23. I have researched this recently - you need to ensure you get turmeric with at least 5% curcumin.
  24. This! Actually in the mornings I can get out of bed, get completely ready for work, feed the cat, put dog's food out, get the dog's treats out, grab the rubbish and open the bedroom blinds just as I walk out the front door - open the door and then the dog gets off the bed - oh are you leaving now?!!
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