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  1. Atticus (Dane puppy) will whinge like he is dying if he manages to push a toy out of his crate and can't reach it with his paw. Nevermind that he has multiple toys in there - he wants the one he nosed out, and has to make vocal the frustraition of it all so we can retireve it for him....and he can do the exact same bloody thing again! cracks me up. ETA - the acompanying "woe is me" face is adorable beyond words too!
  2. have never met one who wasn't just lovely and smoochy <3 hard not to admire them!
  3. Hope you are keeping your spirits up Jed, has been so nice to see you posting about the place :D Best wishes
  4. bleeeeeeeeeeeeeugh! oh that is just so gross!
  5. http://www.news.com.au/world/researchers-u...i-1225900393737 Researchers uncover 'oldest' dog remains * From: AFP * August 03, 2010 9:00AM SCIENTISTS have found that fragments of a dog's skull and teeth discovered in a cave in Switzerland that date back more than 14,000 years in what could be the oldest known remains of man's best friend. The fossils were among a haul of archaeological finds uncovered in 1873 in the Kesslerloch cave in northern Switzerland, the country's news agency ATS said. But it was only last year that researchers at Germany's Tuebingen University took a closer look at them, it said. "During a recent re-analysis of the faunal remains, we identified a cranial fragment and teeth of the domestic dog," the researchers said in an article in the International Journal of Osteoarchaeology. "The large maxillar fragment was directly dated to ... 14,100-14,600 BP (Before Present)," it said. "We argue that the maxilla fragment must now be considered the earliest indisputable directly dated evidence of a domestic dog," they said. Belgian archaeologists have claimed to have found the cranium of a dog dating back 30,000 years, but researcher Hannes Napierala told ATS: "We are skeptical because the teeth are very similar to those of a wolf." The fragment found in the cave in Switzerland's Schaffhausen canton, however, was clearly distinct from remains of wolves, the researchers said.
  6. aww congrats! Harvey you trollop - you used to love Boo :D :cry: Did somebody get into chicken poop?
  7. Not terribly flashy but I wanted to share pics of the boys
  8. Maybe PM Varicool, she has a few regulars she looks after occasionally and is in Ipswich
  9. I haven't entered Atticus but we'll be going along at least a few days to cheer people on and enjoy the fun
  10. congrats Liz, that is just wonderful
  11. there is a LOT less mess to clean up if a small dog poops or pees! You should see Dane puppy accidents thank goodness he's been so easy to toilet train, accidents only happened when I didn't realise someone had shut the door so he couldn't get out by himself!
  12. cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! Love it when they curl up together ^_^
  13. perfect size for your guys, can't believe they were that much new - I have the exact same ones and I paid I think $12 for them as they were second hand - bit too small for Boo it turns out but the cats love to lie on it so it is in their room
  14. I do have to warn people that Boo is a kisser, I didn't so much fail to teach him not to do it as I failed to teach OH that I was serious about not wanting him to encourage it. Now when OH gets the full treatment and goes to complain I just reply with a very loud "told you so, your fault!"
  15. Hope you are getting along well today Jed and have been able to spend more time with your pups. Off to light some more candles ;) http://www.gratefulness.org/candles/candle...=eng&gi=dol
  16. I've been asking questions and getting responses from RSPCA QLD. "RSPCA policy and RSPCA Qld do not support BSL - we believe it should be the "deed not the breed" that is judged. Dr Hugh Wirth only speaks for RSPCA Victoria and NO OTHER state. Please read his comments with regards to RSPCA Vic ONLY, some of his views are not supported by RSPCA policy or other states positions on certain issues. Close Puppy Factories: RSPCA Qld has a petition - see here: http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/view/EPet...4&lIndex=-1 We are calling for the current Pet Shop Code of Practice to become mandatory, rather than mere suggestions - you can view the QLD Pet Shop code of Practice here: http://www.dpi.qld.gov.au/documents/Animal...ForPetShops.pdf The Code of Practice would be enforced by the State Government, and officials from the government, some of these powers may be utilised by the RSPCA Inspectorate. We are also calling for a mandatory licensing scheme for Pet Shops, so consumers can recognise a responsible pet shop, and so responsible pet shops, do not have their reputation destroyed by irresponsible pet shops. We are calling for a Breeders Code of Practice to be created - this would be lead by the State Government and would require consultation and committees of all the stakeholders to draft and write. We would also encourage a licensing scheme for Breeders, again so consumers can recognise a responsible breeder, and so responsible pet shops, do not have their reputation destroyed by disreputable breeders. New Codes of Practice would be enforced by either: local council, state government, department of Primary Industries DEEDI and or RSPCA - this would depend on the legislations and the way it is written. We are not legislators - so this will depend on the State Governments decisions. RSPCA would be seeking interactive involvement from Government bodies to assist with the prosecutions of potential puppy factories; we have previously worked in conjunction with government departments and had successful results. RSPCA QLD can not verify these figures from the RSPCA Victoria campaign - in fact the industry in Queensland is so well hidden and underground - there is not enough anecdotal evidence to arrive at a scientifically viable figure to comment or report on. Suffice to say it is prevalent and the full extent of the issue is yet to be revealed. Mandatroy Desexing: RSPCA is pursuing Mandatory Desexing at point of sale. The legislation and issues surrounding this would be legislated by the state government, and would require stakeholders (including the public) to make submissions and inform the process of formulating the legislation. – this is not a major component of the Puppy Factory Campaign, but is an ongoing issue we are perusing. Your issue is valid and would require Vet and Breeder consultation when writing the legislation. Hope that all helps – if you would like please email campaigns@rspcaqld with any inquires. Please also email and ask to be added to the Close Puppy Factory Campaign Action Pack – when it is released SOON!"
  17. each state is going to be unrolling it's own campaign and at the moment the full details/website of every state campaign are not yet released. Aparently RSPCA QLD will be doing so shortly. "RSPCA Qld will be calling for Pet Shop Code of Practice to become mandatory rather than optional; and a Breeders Code of Practice. Along with calling for all levels of government to act on the issue. And educating and informing the public about the conditions in which the mother of their puppy may be living in." "please feel free to contact the Campaigns team from RSPCA Qld for any inquiries, [email protected] " I will note rather cynically that the website where you can pledge your support for their campaign is readily available and being promoted.....just not the freaking details of said campaign!
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