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  1. further replies: *name removed* She came in a truck from the pound with other puppies that are unvaccinated. Sadly dogs from the pound have often had irresponsible owners who dont desex/ vacc/ microchip. She was kept seperate from the big dogs while she was here. *name removed* Lisa- one would 'assume' that other dogs visiting that area ( if it was indeed an outdoors area where she was on the ground) had been vaccinated as puppies without their second lot of needles are not meant to go out in public places. Lets not make judgements till we know ALL the facts hey? Miss Bindi is a tiny bundle or pure puppy joy who makes everyone who sees her smile so wishing her a speedy and complete recovery. if that second comment is in deffense of their actions I find myself utterly confused...seems like she is saying "these dogs are high risk, but we'll act in a way we expect the entire public at large not to, even if their dogs come from a less high risk environment" - am I reading that wrong???
  2. "It is with great sadness that I let you all know of our second case of parvovirus. Bindi is a little silky terrier girl only 8 weeks old. She is was rushed to an **** vet today and is currently undergoing treatment. Please all keep her in your thoughts as she has a long hard road ahead of her if she is to make a full recovery. Please -... she really needs positive thoughts. We all know the huge vet bills associated with treating Parvovirus - and as ***'s policy is 100% NO KILL, we would appreciate if you could please give generously. Thank you in advance for your support. I will be providing regular updates on her.*bank account details removed*" And in reply: *name removed* i hope she gets better...she is beautiful *name removed 2* Get better lil' one. It was nice meeting you today at photoshoot. *name removed 2* <---<---<--- Over protective Mum....I'm actually ringing my vet tomorrow and bringing Bev's check up and booster appointment forward, just to be sure as she had contact with poor lil' Bindi today. Mainly because she's picked up cold type virus and her defences might be a lil' down. I'd rather be sure than sorry. *name removed 3* Oh thats terrible was she at the photo shoot? I hope no others got it off her :-( Which rather sounds like an 8 week old puppy who had not been quarantined/fully vaccinated and another dog ill with a "cold type virus" who was in need of a booster/check up went to a public park (newfarm park 10am Sunday the 27th for those in Brisbane) for a photo shoot with other foster dogs(the estimate for numbers was 30+ but I do not know how many turned up). I do know there were other puppies present, i do not know the age or state of vaccination.
  3. Atticus (Great Dane - gee I need to update my sig!) likes to drink from the bathroom tap so occasionally he'll nose the bathroom door open to investigate in the hope that someone left it running. Trouble is the door shuts after him and he can't nose it open from that side so he will just stand there, not making a sound, until you realise he's been absent for a little bit and open the door to find him standing there, patiently waiting for rescue with a dopey look of thanks on his face
  4. Kissindra that food looks pretty average to me, the ingredients in Rotations are far superior. Ingredients: Wholegrain cereals and cereal by products, Meat and Meat by-products (derived from lamb and poultry), Tallow (derived from poultry and/or beef), Natural Flavour, Dried distillers grain, Whole linseed, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Essential vitamins and minerals and Antioxidants. thanks for that, I hadn't looked into it yet :rolleyes:
  5. I was given a sample of three different "flavours" at a show on the weekend, and Boo hoovered it all up. They only have puppy or adult for each variety and the pieces are all the same size and really quite small(hardly bigger than a pea), so if you have large dogs that do better with bigger bits of kibble that could put you off. http://www.holisticdog.com.au/ this is one made in Australia that you may wish to check out - reviews from people I know who have been using it over a month now, and on the facebook page have been VERY possitive and aparently the price is good too.
  6. I gave up pleading with gumtree staff to moderate their adds as per their OWN rules and policies- it seemingly does not matter how many reports are made they just leave them up there. Pisses me off!
  7. I just bloody hope they dont go through with getting dogs up from blacktown without taking a damn good look at the risks - if they put any dogs straight from blacktown on transport with somebodies little puppy they deserve to be shot. (ironicly my comments on disease control re: transport for dogs from interstate were deleted) ETA - they have now put this up: "Announcement - if persons have any questions regarding *name of group* please call us during office hours. Public forums including facebook are not the avenue for slander or defaming of ******* or any other like minded groups. ******* has no interest in assuming how other organisations are run and would appreciate the same courtesy given to us." I take it they mean public groups are not somewhere they want people to ask questions given nobody *did* slander or defame them via facebook that I saw - unless I missed something? I'm not sure what good calling would do since they have said they dont feel the need to let people who are not signed up with them know how they operate - makes it tough for prospective foster carers who know what to look for to decide if they are an ethical organisation they want to work with!
  8. just wanted to put this link up. http://www.arkbark.net/?q=en/node/75 The ARK group is well known and long running and will be accepting as many quake/tsunami dogs as possible - there is a paypal donation button on the main page.
  9. In a lot of ways they seem to have their heads screwwed on the right way, and the contacts to make a very good go of it. I was hoping to help with fundraising since I can't foster dogs right now but given I've been banned thanks to asking what happened re: Huey I think I'll save my efforts for people who are not afraid to answer reasonable questions about their practises. Hope they learn from this, it would be a bloody pity if not. ETA - if what people are saying about their foster screening/matching process is correct - I take it back - run away!
  10. I have a huge fondness for Japan, such an awful thing to happen, the scale of the death and devestation is beyond what I can imagine. Have lit a candle for the land of the rising sun
  11. N'aww Atticus is looking a bit spesh, anyone else got drinking pics to add?
  12. people charge what they think they can get and there is nothing inherantly wrong in charging more. In some cases "above the going rate" is going to be get you a dog above the going rate or from the breeder/lines/location/whatever you prefer that make it worth it to you, and sometimes it just gets you an overpriced lemon because a. the salesmanship was better than the product and/or b. the consumer wasn't savy enough to research widely.
  13. definitely. Jewel tone greens might work for Bubby too.
  14. actually I've been wondering recently - how does a person go about supporting stuff like the tiny tots handler comp? I've seen a few at shows with the little kids proudly showing their stuffed toy dogs and it is too cute for words. You also see the mums, dads and friends giving them gentle tips and teaching the very beginings of handling skills and I just think it is a wonderful idea and would like to support a club show that offers it, but I don't know who to ask.
  15. I can hear the sound of thousands of disbelieving eyerolls
  16. ok so I am ridiculously tired, am going to need help to understand what they are getting at. Very much with them that a focus on "overbreeding" and breeder restrictions is not a way to make effective impact on euth rates. - when people focus on this they miss the very real contribution that other issues like shelter management make to the yearly numbers - we have pounds who don't even offer a sale program, pounds who rehome entire dogs, pounds that refuse to work with rescue, facilities that have not increased in size in line with population growth in the area and that have restrictive fines and opening hours ect. ect. ect. however they seem to be saying that since a small proportion of dogs end up needing help overall then we should not focus majority resources on those animals. And I don't know that I could see any logic in that unless they have a real solid case to make that the pool of resources is large. By all means advocate for groups to examine the effectivness of their campaigns/ideas and to look more broadly at the issues so that euth rates can be lowered, but don't lets minimise the plight of animals and the worth of devoting resources to help those in need because they are a statistical minority. Any examination of what funds should go where needs to take into account individual populations, how big or small the pool of available funds is, what those funds have to cover (because it wont just be dogs afterall), exhisting resources, upgrade requirements and a host of other things which make it pretty damn hard to simplify ratios if you want to take into account a needs based system. Also - targeting breeding practises is not solely done in the name of reducing pound numbers, there is a real need to examine large scale breeding practises and the impact of this on animals - I'd like to see a damn sight less emotion and a damn sight more science and stakeholder input involved in these arguments but still, there is a real issue at play. Again, I often disagree with the campaigned for changes, and I think they often miss their mark, but I still find it a worthwhile goal to examine the issue sensibly. Not entering the pound system is not indicative of always living a fine and happy life. How many hundreds/thousands wont see the inside of a pound because they are locked in a shed somewhere far away from anyone likely to see how they live? sorry this is all over the shop(sleep is aparently not something I do at the moment) but they also need to clarify who they mean when they talk about distributing resources - is it in reference to council based animal management, animal welfare or rescue groups? Edited - because I missed the fact that this was a linked article *yay no sleep*
  17. I have a collapsable crate in a hiace, we've got it secured to anchor points at the bottom as well as over the top - doesn't move an inch!
  18. they have confirmed this on their facebook page now
  19. Layka & Varicool's place is completely under water and we've heard other friends in the same suburb have had their home flooded also It is awful, just awful.
  20. we are brisbane northside, I'm safe, we also have Doler Varicool and her pups staying with us after evacuating from Ipswich My OH is in the city at work(Brisbane) and is without a car, all public transport is due to be shut down by 2:00 so I'm hoping he wont get stuck there :/
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