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  1. each of you so precious, so very loved and missed. I know you are watching over your mum, willing her strength and guarding her still. The day she gets to leave hospital I know you'll be making a joyous racket even if our ears won't hear it, we'll feel it in our hearts. Run free pups *scritches*
  2. If you can't think of anything that may be setting it off - changes in routine for eg. I would say your first port of call is to the vet to make sure she isn't sick or sore in some way.
  3. ah Jed, not a day has gone by I haven't thought of all your little ones lost and wished it wasn't so. It's the one thing that we can't heal, replace or mend - but we can share your tears and let you know how sorry, how utterly and completely sorry we are for your loss. I am glad they shared their lives with you, glad you had the time you did with them and I hope some day soon the happy memories wont feel so painful.
  4. obviously................................................ ..... My friend's Keeshond LOVED my leg. But I blame myself since I was wearing bicycle shorts during these "episodes" and who is responsible for their actions in the presence of spandex? and that, friends, is why I can never go back to the gym
  5. will have to get friends to buy me a few from the abbey tournament
  6. I didn't feel bad or guilty, he's a dog, he recovered very quickly, he didn't hate me or the vet staff - heck he just wanted to play and bounce around. All you are doing is being a responsible owner for numerous good reasons...and if you think he's giving you the eye tell him he has you to thank for never getting testicular cancer
  7. he is VERY smoochable doesn't mind giving some big slobbery ones back either!
  8. Atticus the fawn Great Dane puppy is 18 weeks! I am crate trained. I sleep through the night. I toilet on command. I toilet outside. I sit (which we were trying not to teach him but he learned from the others LOL) I stand. I drop (slowly, I got these LEGS everywhere getting in the road) I grow like a weed and nobody we meet believes I'm still a baby cause I'm all big n stuff
  9. Atticus (Great Dane puppy) has just started showing signs of entering his first fear period - we had a good bark at a pile of clothes in the corner and a shadow down the hall, very much the same as Boo did when he was little but the latest has me stumped. He's suddenly scared of coming up the back stairs after weeks of no issue, He takes them slow and hasn't had any falls but now he stops around halfway or 3/4 of the way up and whines, obviously scared. The stairs have no backing and he can see through, just not sure this is the issue since he gets so far up them without problem. He's fine with the front steps, much shorter and can't see through. We are waiting on landlords permission to build a ramp in any case so I just need to know what to do in the meantime. What is the best approach - I am sure as hell not carrying 30kg of Dane pup up the stairs, so far I can place his feet for him and he moves or I can ignore him and leave something he wants at the top of the stairs and he'll move eventually, alternatively I can block of the stairs and he can access the backyard via the front and side of the house (all fenced obviously) Thoughts please?
  10. ;) Bloody wonderful, joyous and fantastic to see you back Jed! huge hugs to yourself and family, we've shed many a tear here worrying about you all, being amazed at your bravery and mourning the furry ones no longer with us. You need any damn thing, just let us know - even if it's just a few virtual drinkies - daresay those nurses wont let you have the good stuff So good to hear from you
  11. a friend of mine has a toddler about to move into his own single bed, I am eyeing off the toddler bed something fierce You can usually find them on ebay cheap without a matress
  12. only you would know if she would be receptive of the discussion, but if you do broach your concerns with her outline from the start that she has your love and support and you acknowledge she is an adult and able to make her own choices...but when her OH does things like this you worry that his actions (be they deliberate or unintentioned) display a lack of consideration for her thoughts and feelings and perhaps that needs addressing. If she is fine with it then you need to let it go, if she is upset by what happened she needs to know she should expect her OH to address her concerns.
  13. snooza d1000! Snooza also have a "big dog bed" but I won't last as long with a chewer.
  14. I've only heard the noises from Boo once when he ate some egg shell and it did not agree with him, I just gave him some bland food to help settle his stomach, I figured(and I could well be wrong) that by the time it's making all those squeaky noises it's passed the stomach and some funky gas is working it's way through to the other end so something easy on the tum might help the process along a bit.
  15. Evening waiting room and Jed, Candle re-lit and healing thoughts coming your way.
  16. morning all! Jed, thinking of you and wishing you well :rolleyes:
  17. My mother was looking for an adult cocker and got a FTGH young girl from an add in the trading post, purebred but backyard bred - she was so beautiful, so sweet and we couldn't figure out why anyone would give her up - not long after she came home she had a seizure. I called mum up in tears, had no idea what was happening and was so glad when it stoped. We go her straight to the vet and found out she had from memory kidney problems and epilepsy. She went on a special diet and medication but sadly Taffy did not live very long in spite of our best efforts. It was heart breaking, utterly heartbreaking. She was the sweetest most funny, cheeky girl with so much spirit and we were so blessed to have her in our lives, even for such a short time.
  18. good on you, change can't happen without the support of locals, I hope many turn up and raise these important issues and progress will be made for the better.
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