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  1. http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010...-be-afraid.html
  2. checking in to light some candles and send our best wishes. I hope this path you have to walk leads somewhere wonderful soon Jed, I hope you continue to improve so well and that you have some sexy doctors/physio/nurses to make things less of a chore :rolleyes:
  3. talking to them, singing to them - what is the problem? ;)
  4. I've asked on the facebook page about the stats and how they were arrived at, will let you know if I get an answer.
  5. I keep meaning to let Brisbane people know - if you are a small size or have a daughter doing junior handling there is a good little second hand store in Clayfield that stocks primarily designer clothes ect. and has a lot of really nice, modern suits and jackets in smaller sizes. I swear all the women who work there nick the decent plus size stuff
  6. *wolf whistle* no wonder you got yourself a sexy wife
  7. So we gonna see Jake in a fluro suit handling Atty oh yes, we tend to wear so much colour, the pair of us! Jake would wear dress pants and a nice shirt but I doubt you'd get him into a suit jacket without winning a bet Shel :D though he did mention cutting his hair the other day only in passing though :p
  8. I haven't but I would do quite happily in the right circumstances.
  9. I know others do not agree but I LOVE seeing the bright mens suits/ties/socks/vests/ect. they fill me with glee
  10. Thinking of you Jed, and hugging my pups everyday. I think I would crumble without them, they give me so much and it hurts to think of all you've lost. I can't fully fathom the rollercoaster of grief you must be going through but I know what it is to loose a loved one, to see the death of cherished dreams and to search for some reason in senseless things - you have my deepest sympathy.
  11. I am sans foster but I heartily recommend sending it to AMS
  12. OH got a couple of books of these to send show entries off the other day - they are really cute but I wish they had put the information about the rescues in the booklet as well.
  13. for sneakers, doggy visits and deshonko delights. Truly deshonko is a community service (and not just because any dog that can be serviced will be) but you are keeping all those vets in business What is a few dudded health reports compaired to Mr. Do-little or Ms. do-very-little having to go for the cheaper model Porche that is pure charity that is! hope you are smiling today Jed, can't help with the storage unfortunately - anything put under the house will get water damage here, we have our very own interesting water feature...it's brown, which is indeed an unusual feature. The landlord has assured us it isn't poo but given he also assured us it would be sorted out soon and it has not been, probably best not to coat your belongings in it!
  14. can't for the life of me recall the name but one of the boarding kennels has a drop off point in Stafford, on stafford road next to the vet/groomer/pet supply/skate rink. From there they take them to the boarding facilities which are further out.
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