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  1. as time goes by, they never leave our hearts
  2. well that is a shame but not completely unexpected.
  3. came across this and I'm rather tempted http://www.vetnpetdirect.com.au/wahl_pet_nail_grinder Atticus just sleeps when you do his nails but I'd love to be able to tidy them up a bit finer than the nail cutters manage. Any reviews?
  4. so sorry you are facing this choice I dread this decision, we can only do what we feel is right and in the best interests of our beloved pets. It is never easy to say goodbye. and an extra for you Greytmate - run free Goldie
  5. Just wondering if anyone has managed to rent a unit or townhouse with a small dog? - yep, and they were fine with us fostering an additional dog and having cats also. Any tips of where to look or such places? I've found that some suburbs to tend to have a higher amount of pet friendly places, unfortunately the realestate.com.au search function which allows you to search for "pets ok" seems to miss out a whole lot of places who say they are open to pets so I think it is better to just look through all the listings and call and ask the agent of the places you like the look of if pets are ok, unless it says definitely NO pets. Any tips of ways to enhance the chance of being approved for a rental with a pet? - have references from your vet and neighbours ect. detail the ways in which you are a responsible owner and the ways in which your pet is well mannered. Include a photo of your pets and some dot point info. Photo copy any membership cards to things like dogsQLD or dog training clubs ect. and include those too. we currently rent with one Cavalier, a Great Dane and two cats - I had pet resumes completed with references ect. and copies of my membership cards, proof of up to date reg. vaccinations and de-sexing certs. and microchip numbers. All of this was slipped into one of those document folders with the clear plastic sections to hold pages and was handed to the agent on the day of the walk through if we liked the property - get in first, have everything together, make it clear they can contact you for any information or to meet your pets in person if they like (they won't bother but it shows willing!). No offense to Lillysmum but I do recall that she has very definite requirements and views on what fits her criteria, and I think most of us are not anywhere near as exacting in our standards and so would have an easier time of things I know a great many people renting with pets - a few opt not to disclose they have animals but personally I would rather be up front and honest so as to avoid potential dramas if your landlord happens to drive past or is friendly with the neighbours. Most of us seem to have no great drama finding a place
  6. too funny! The Gimme a scratch butt knocked on your butt, butt disapearing kitten butt and some rodent butt for good measure
  7. hang about - are they paying that permit on top of what they previously had to pay or has this replaced some of the fee/permits?
  8. I knew before getting a Great Dane that I would get the horse/pony/saddle comments but I was most amused to find there is a christmas alternative version: "bloody hell, I hope you'll get that Reindeer back to the northpole before Santa needs him!" was shouted to my OH on a neighbourhood walk with Atticus :rofl:
  9. If it *does* go on, please everyone check the route you will travel by against reported flooded areas or at risk areas and do not try and drive through flood waters - rescue services are being pushed hard by people taking risks, not understanding or acurately guaging the dangers of rising flood waters and debris - make sure you can get there safely and GET BACK safely.
  10. When we attended the round table conference where this was discussed the only breeder group which attended which supported licences and ID numbers etc ---- was The Australian Assoc of Pet Dog Breeders Commercial pet breeders group. What should that have told them? who else attended?
  11. If the pet store need to report the breeder number then if there are a lot of stores using the one breeder that should be a red flag for getting checked out. well sure, unless any number of possible loopholes are exploited such as having multiple people register with a different number each - we really wont know the potential for good or ill until there is a finished product, but I'm not sure how what you wrote relates to the question I asked?
  12. right -so what information does that pet store have that we don't? Is this or is this not still in the consultation stage?
  13. not I, the OH has to work this weekend but we'd like to get out that way eventually :rolleyes:
  14. the question is whether they will charge multiple "one off" fees for every set of permits required, I can see that being a huge worry for some.
  15. you are definitely not alone - Boo and Atticus have a plethora of songs sung at them Current favourites are "smooth criminal" with Atti being substituted for Annie, and "Hey Jude" with Jude replaced with Boo
  16. +1 and if the laptop gives you any troubles let me know, OH is a computer geek and manages to keep our laptops going in spite of myself and my sons best attempt to kill the damn things :D
  17. @ that last bit! Congratulations on achieving Buster's title
  18. http://www.ekka.com.au/competitions/competition-results.aspx
  19. oh how heartbreaking, RIP little Vadar How awful for you and the puppy family
  20. got to meet a portuguese podengo puppy at a show a few weeks back, seriously cute little tyke, made me laugh with it's boingy little puppy antics
  21. Poppy is seriously cute bet she sleeps well when she gets home
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