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  1. I can make it this month and looking forward to it! List of doggies pip1981 (with OH and baby Jeremy)- Dakota and Tika (if she's up to it by then) jrm88 - Leo Pointees - April and Shaun Lindainfa - Arnie and Lola List of food pip1981- marinated chicken wings, soft drink, plates, cups, cutlery, serviettes, condiments, etc. jrm88 - yummy biscuits maybe Pointees - Fairy bread and some pigs ears Lindainfa - Not sure about savoury yet but will bring Chocolate cake too.
  2. Just posted the flyer to my FB. Praying for these girls to come home.
  3. Sending more healing vibes, hope she is ok.
  4. Any pics of what an inverted one looks like? What is normal and whats not??
  5. I would be keeping them crated for as much as possible to minimise bruising. Although it will be hard with a 10 week old puppy. I really feel for you both, its a nightmare and I am against all chemicals in my house, only natural products. Farles - How is your little one going? How long has it been now?
  6. Aww your dogs are beautiful, and I noticed on your FB that we have a mutual friend - Ross Howlett, who I work with at Aqis. I know he is snake lover so that may be the link. lol
  7. Great to hear that the injections worked for you raffikki. Wow, your guys both reacted to almost everything! I actually just washed her gently, she is running around like a mad woman now doing zoomies, just how I love to see her! :D The Malassezia, from what I have been reading, is not the type of yeast found in bread for example. Its a fungus that gets out of control and causes skin infections. My brain is hurting from all the reading I have been doing.
  8. I just use the Furminator on Lola, after her bath and just gently, gee it gets heaps of dead hairs.
  9. Lets start off with a pic of Lola and what the Intradermal looked like! Freaky! Some of you may remember I was taking Lola to the Melb Specialist Centre in Essendon and I was unhappy with the Dr I was seeing and her outcome - to flush Lolas ears and do an MRI, which was going to cost $1500 and didn't provide me with a management plan or any idea of what was causing her ear infection and other skin problems. Firstly I want to say thanks to everyone for giving me their advice which made me want to get a second opinion. I actually found this website: http://www.ozskinvet.com.au/ So I made an appointment with the lovely Dr Rob Hilton at the Lort Smith yesterday. After going through my history and explaining that I did the food trial with Roo for 3 weeks, (he told me off and said I needed to do it for more like 6 weeks, which I did know but Lola had lost 2 kilos and I was worried about her) So anyway he suggested we do the Intradermal, which I had wanted to do anyway. It came back as 4+ Very strong reaction to Malassezia (yeast). He said it is not the yeast you eat, she is allergic to the own yeast her body produces. Also came back as 2 moderate reaction to Dust mites, house flys and ants, 1- low reaction to Privet, eucalyptus, willow arroyo/black, fescue grass, johnson grass, redtop grass,brome grass, sweet vernal, english couch and yellow dock. He was not too concerned with the low readings, and wants to concentrate on managing the Malassezia and see how we go from there. So for 3 weeks, I actually have a plan and I couldn't be happier! She is taking 1/4 of a Noziran tablet daily. (anti fungal tablet). Has a prescription antifungal cream that I apply to her paw pads and inbetween toes, also to the outer inside of her ear. I also have a prescription for a Compound Ear Cleaner that I get from a pharmacy in Eltham. Its made up of boric acid, vinegar and some other things that assist with breaking down the wax and treating the yeast/fungus. Also wiping her folds with a dilute of ACV and once a week washes. I have done google searches and searches on DOL, but can't find anything on dogs being allergic to the actual yeast. Plenty of info about yeast infections. Anyone here had experience with this?? Well, just to let you know I am really happy. Of course if this doesn't totally work, we have other options. I have to do the food trial for longer, otherwise I can do desensitisation. But first we are trialling this for 3 weeks and I am very pleased. :thumbsup: Oh and to those who have had the Intradermal, is it ok to wash her today, just with a mild shampoo to take the texta marks off? I forgot to ask the Dr yesterday.
  10. What a silly woman. Who cares though, you have a gorgeous little bundle of love waiting for you!! How cute, you better post pics when you eventually get him. Have you had one before??
  11. Beautiful pictures, my fave is the snail, but I am a huge fan of snails in general. Yep, I'm a weirdo.
  12. Wow, what a beautiful girl! Yes if you know the dog has been vaccinated, it is really good to get your puppy to meet them, best to socialise them starting young. Thats why puppy school is good too, its more of a socailisation thing than anything else really. Goodluck with her!
  13. Go for it Your really tempting me!! They probably have another home waiting for him. Is this Krystal cove?
  14. Damn right that Newfy is better off without those idiots!! maybe I should get him and screw waiting for the next few years....mmmmmmm...
  15. Akita: Kyojin American Staffordshire Terrier: Tua, Max Australian Shepherd: Banjo Australian terrier: Bailey, Brandy, Jasper Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael): Fleming Border Collie: Roy, Molly Bull Terrier: Bonnerville Cane Corso: Ali Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Bree, Ingrid, Jersey, Lacey, Fern, Floyd, Indy Chihuahua: Chelsea and Pansy, Heidi, Bertie, Moose Dally:Appollo Finnish Lapphund: Halo, Vienna, Jaana,Magnus,Aurora-Rose,Niina,Paddington,Maximus English Setter: Spartan, James German Coolie: FlashBazil, Latte German Shepherd: Java, Odin, Tlaloc Golden Retriever: Onslow, Matilda-Rose, Chester Great Dane: Sparkles Griffon Bruxellois: Mocha Labrador Retriever: Lestat, Bailey, Tia, Mieka, James Papillon: Blaze, Minka, Portia, Tyson, Coco Pointer : Kite Audrey Poppin konrad Pug: Lotus Rottweiler: Roxy, Feonix, Radar, Neo, Abby Samoyed: Mistral, Alchemy, Yngvie, Dante, Bundy, Kamikaze, Fergus, Kato Siberian Husky: Akira, Tikaani,Romeo,Baby.Riddick Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Kiara SWF: Zoe Rescue Bitsa: Keely, Fred & Ginger, Ozzie, Tess, Maverick, Bosco, Kyah White Swiss Shepherd: Rakim, Weimaraner: Ariane, Lulu, Louie
  16. He looks amazing, beautiful colouring - of what I can see that is not caked in mud!! hehehe congrats!
  17. mish - OMG what a beautiful Newfy boy. You have made me so jealous, my next dog will be a Newfie but thats atleast 2 years down the track. For the moment, doing all the research I can on them. What are you feeding him? WAdz - Your girl is gorgeous too, please post more pics asap. :D Awww Wilbur the lab looks like a really squishy pup who would give you non stop licks on the face!! haha
  18. She is amazing! More pics please.
  19. He is soooooooooooo adorable! What a sweet little face. :heart:
  20. Arnie is actually quite annoying, has a really bad habit. He watches the tv just to see animals. He spots any animal - cartoon, a bird in the corner, an outline of an animal moving - anything at all! If its an animal he will see it and he barks at the tv and wants to go outside and find this animal!! Its actually his worst habit and I'm trying to figure out how to stop it. LOL We don't know how he spots every little animal you could imagine. I can't watch Bondi Vet, Animal Planet, Cesar Milan, pffft forget it! Oh and he also goes mental if in a movie a dog barks in the background. We have figured out that in every movie at some point there is a dog barking in the background.
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