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  1. spooky....i can see an image of a person just under the bright light.
  2. when the council first proposed the scheme there was a meeting held for dogs Queensland member to explain it and for us to ask questions. The permit was to be issued based on the size of the breed and the premises they were to be kept on, so someone with a large breed may not be able to keep as many dogs as someone with a smaller breed. From memory the maximum number of dogs allowed to be kept was 8 but i can't remember how many breeding animal were allowed with in that number. (each permit is issued with different allowed numbers) The point of difference between the breeders permit and an application to have additional dogs was that the breeders permit was for any dog intended to be used for breeding purposes, the dog is not named on the permit. Which meant if i purchased a pup with the intention of breeding and then at a later date removed the dog from the breeding program either by rehoming or desexing i was still able to to obtain another dog for breeding as long as i don't go over my allocated number and i am not required to make any changes to the permit. (normal council registration still applies) hope this makes sense, i'm a bit fuzzy in the head today. I haven't had any issues registering my entire bitches, in fact one is registered at my parents address and they haven't had issues either. If i was questioned i would say they are show bitches and don't mention breeding.
  3. the gold coast permit is for 3 years and you can keep entire bitches with out obtaining the permit but you are required to get it before you breed. I live on a average size block, don't have a kennel set up, my dogs are basically house dogs and my home was approved. I have to agree that there doesn't appear to be any checks done on those advertising without the permit but i guess like everything if the council don't have the staff the do this it gets pushed aside for other issues.
  4. this is mine as well, they go crazy when the hot air balloons go over, they go on a kill and destroy mission. We had someone set off fireworks in the park behind my house last night and all 3 dogs just sat there watching it all, one even turned her back and went back to sleep. I'm so glad they are fine with them but feel for everyone that has dogs afraid of them, been there, it's not much fun. my girl used to like to curl up in the shower for some reason she must have felt safe there.
  5. My brothers Bull Mastiff has had skin issues all his life, he's 5. They tried all sorts of things and kept getting told it was something in the garden. About 12 months ago they were advised to take him off all beef products and he has been itch free ever since. May be worth trying.
  6. Thought i would pass this information on for anyone in the gold coast/ brisbane areas. Animal Options at Ormeau do the titer test in house for $69.30 and you get the results in 30 minutes. The girl i spoke to was so helpful and a wealth of knowledge. I have just had my lot re vaccinated as they are going into boarding and as of yet they will not except titer test and whilst at the vets 3 of the nurses where all at the counter and i asked for a costing of the test and not one of them knew what i was talking about, when i spoke to the vet he was all for it but said it was not something the business offered as of yet and admitted he wasn't up to speed with it all but would look into it and get back to me. I don't think i will hold my breath.
  7. The schedule has G Bodegard listed as doing generals
  8. Just beat me to it IR. I had an old girl with one on her front leg, the vet tried everything, antibiotics, creams etc and was going to book her in to surgically debride the area. This vet was a locum and i wasn't comfortable with her and as my regular vet was due back in a week i chose to wait and see him. He treated it with honey, i would put a generous about on the wound and the strap it. From memory it only took a couple of weeks to fully heal.
  9. Sadly they are registered breeders. Huge overkill of photos used on the site. For some reason i get the feeling that they were members of this forum once but disappeared some time ago.
  10. my Lab had surgery earlier in the year, the surgery was $3500 but with all the follow up X-rays, injections etc it ended up being about $4500. Worth every cent, she has no limp and apart from the scar you would be hard pressed picking which leg it was, she is just as active as she was pre surgery. She had TTA surgery, it's more expensive but the recovery time was much quicker and easier. She only needed to be restricted for a few days then movement was encouraged.
  11. one of my bitches was bred in NSW and the registration was put straight into my name, i haven't had to change anything.
  12. None if that stuff works on serious hotspots jmo though Listerine work for me, clears them up overnight. Mind you i catch them early before they get to the manky stage.
  13. ok i'm not a vet but i would have thought that if you reduce the diuretic, the fluid on the lungs would increase and reduce the oxygen saturation and may be causing her to have more episodes. I think i trip to the vet first thing monday for more test is needed.
  14. If you think raising a pup of your own is hard work then raising a guide dog pup is harder. There are certain things with they must be exposed to. #Go on regular visits to shopping centres, malls, cafes and restaurants; #Attend regular group training sessions in your regional area #Have regular car travel; #Socialise with other dogs at all stages of development (which is why our Puppy Raisers are allowed to have other well-behaved family pets); #Travel on all range of public transport from a young age #Be exposed to a range of people and children of varying ages. (This can be done by visiting pre-schools if there are no young children in your family). #the pup should not be left alone for more than two hours a day # have the puppy live and sleep inside your home #children should be attending school full time
  15. only problem i had was your post made it sound like you need to earn a 6 figure salary to own a lab.
  16. Some of these things are necessities but most aren't. $100 raw and $60 training treats would last my large breed adult dog 2-3 months. Toys can be cardboard boxes to shred and plastic bottles filled with kibble - they don't have to be fancy or expensive. A large sized decent quality steel crate retails for around $100, heartworm/worming combo chews are <$10 per month and I can tell you that I've never spent $100+ on a dog bed! some of these figures seem a bit over the top. $120 and $40 for worming i buy worming/heartworm combo and today i paid $50 for 6 months worth. Beds i recommend are the steel frame beds with the hession sacks on them, haven't had to buy on for a while but i would think 30 -40 would cover it and the sacks are only a few dollars each. You don't need to spend $230 on kibble, there are many cheaper brands of good quality. I don't spend that much for 3 labs for a month. My dogs favourite toys are those which are free. Just as Secretkei has said cardboard boxes and bottles provide great fun.
  17. it doesn't alway go this way. I have a friend who's daughter had 2 children under the age of 3 with the 3rd on it's way. They purchased a lab pup 3 months before the 3rd child was born, so she had 3 kids under 3 years and a 5 month old pup. At the time i was like most of you thinking it would end in disaster but this pup, now 11 mths is a very well adjusted dog. He not destructive, great with the kids, spends most of his time as an indoor dog. The oldest child is a bit of a hand full but she has still managed to give the pup the time he needs to be a valuable part of the family. The family had never owned a Lab before but were very open to taking advise of people who know the breed. I have had many a late night email asking for advise. I should also add that her husband is in the army so is often away for a few day at a time but she made a commitment to the pup and everything has worked out fine. I'm not saying that what you experienced Missymoo doesn't happen, i know it happens all to often but it can work out if the family go into it with eyes wide open.
  18. You might not say that once you have seen the food bill for a litter of pups Depend on what you are looking for. Some people will wait months to get a yellow bitch.
  19. sounds about right to me, i have had a bitch have an emergency at 10pm it was just over $1000 and one during surgery hours at just under $1000.
  20. I've been thinking of Mindy all day, good to come home to some positive news Keeping fighting Mindy
  21. Poor Mindy, hope she's improving. Big hugs from me and my girls
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