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  1. off to clean the coffee off my screen
  2. Keep going wigglebum Looks like your in for a long night mercedes, hope it all continues to go well
  3. I usually send mine off when the pups are about 6 weeks, by then i have found homes for the majority of them and the limited reg form has been signed by the new owner, any not sold are put in my name and the limited reg form is sent in later. I find the cccq are very quick with the paperwork, with my last litter i posted the paperwork on a Friday, i phoned them on the Wednesday because a a change to one of the owners details and had the certificates back the following Friday.
  4. Lab lady

    Eating Stones

    Yes it can be dangerous it can quite easily cause a blockage. No raw Meat i wean mine on to raw meat and they have it all their life. Not a big fan of those prepared meat things, i think fresh raw meat would be much better IMO. Also by nine months there is really no need for 3 meals a day. My Labs get a very small offering in the morning and their main meal at night. Are you feeding bones?
  5. Great photo One BIG happy family.
  6. Some like the cold, some don't. You need to remember what they we breed to do, swim to retrieve fishing nets and I'm sure the waters off the Newfoundland coast weren't all that warm How they cope during winter will depend a lot on the individual and the amount of coat they are caring. Labs from colder climates will usually have a coat with a heavier undercoat than those in the warmer areas.
  7. Hi Jed ;) I haven't been in this tread for a few days and got such a surprise to see you posting .....bloody fantastic I hope each day you continue to feel better and better, not a day goes by without you in my thoughts. Stay strong
  8. I have heard that if the roof of the mouth is black it means they are a pure breed
  9. feeding a dog raw meat will give it the taste of blood and make it want to hunt & kill
  10. If it were mine i would be starting solid food if you haven't already. Not sure how Cockers take to solids but Labs certainly don't have any problems at that age. What are you feeding? You may need to change the formula, I never tried it but a lot seem to have success with goats milk. Can't think of anything else at the moment (still half asleep) Good luck, hope things improve soon.
  11. Love it :D I got the same email.
  12. With 3 Labradors hair is just the norm around here But cat hair, well that's a whole other story. I think my one short haired cat creates just a much work as the 3 dogs
  13. Stop stressing, you will only make her upset. Our dogs are much tougher than we often give them credit for.
  14. Fran, I would be more than happy to contribute some funds to this, i think it's a lovely idea.
  15. I so shocked and lost for words, it's all so sad Wishing you a speedy recovery Jed, as so many have said you are so well respected around here. Hang in there and hurry back to us.
  16. This is the same in Qld too. Only difference is we can send the form in with the registration application and have the pup registered in the new owners name from the beginning eliminating the need for a transfer.
  17. Yellow Labrador Black Labrador Chocolate Labrador oh ok maybe a Newfoundland Irish Water spaniel Standard poodle Staffordshire bull terrier Golden Retriever did i mention a Yellow Labrador, don't think i could live without one. :D
  18. They come in either DVD -R or DVD + R Most computers will take both but the - R are the most commonly used one. If you have large files to store you can also buy dual layer DVDs but they are quite a bit more in price and single layer are fine for photos. Another tip. make 2 copies and store one at someone else's place. A friend of mine had her house broken into and her computer and all her disks stolen, thankfully she had a copy at her mums so the photos where not lost.
  19. No you won't but just because it's a lab running around having fun doesn't mean it's not well trained. I know of a Lab here on the coast that regularly visits a off leash park and it runs and romps with the other dogs, displaying many of the things discussed here in this tread, when it's had time to play the lady with the dog walks it out of the fenced area puts it back into it's harness and hands the dog over to it's blind companion who walks him home. Both with a smile a mile wide.
  20. there're great, looking forward to seeing the main photo.
  21. ;) welcome to the world of dog breeding. Just wait until they arrive, then you will know what being tired is. hope she goes soon for you, good luck
  22. Unless you are taking her temp every few hours you may well miss it. I wouldn't consider 37.5 as a drop. I did a bit of an experiment with my last litter. This was my bitches 2nd litter and with her first i took her temp morning and night from day 60 and never noticed any significant drop, she whelped day 64. Her second litter i took her temp 4 times a day from day 60. Up until day 64 her temp went up and down by a few points of a degree but no great peaks or drops until one reading was 37.8 and the next 2 hours later 36.1 and another 2 hour later back to 37.4. The dropped temp was mid morning and her labour began later that night with the pups born the next morning. I wouldn't recommend you adopt such a frequent temp taking, i was lucky i have a bitch that couldn't have cared less what i was doing. I was just trying to see if and when her temp would drop as i had never caught it before. Don't rely on the temp to tell you when things are going to start, you need to take note of all the possible signs and you will know when she begins. When you say the dates are out, do you know the actual date she was mated? I always count from the first mating.
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