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  1. Does anyone know with the new laws that are coming in what they mean with the rescue groups when they say: "a rehoming organisation number" does that mean we just start with the number 1 and then just go from there, just don't know what they are wanting.
  2. There is a Staffy girl in Harden who needs a new home, she was bought by a family who have chickens and as she has killed a couple of them, the family did not research the breed before getting her, she is not in the pound as the Council would prefer her to stay in her home before she finds another place to go. Thanks Maree CPR
  3. Just got an email from Pet Rescue asking me to please get back to someone enquiring about one of my dogs, why don't they tell people to ring the rescue if they haven't heard back from them, I make my own decisions and that is not Pet Rescue's role to contact a rescue asking them to get back to people.
  4. Why doesn't the govt shut down all the puppy farms in NSW? far worse is happening to these poor dogs than what has happened to 20% in the greyhound industry.
  5. It never seems to amaze me that a lot of the population believe EVERYTHING they read, they never appear to find out about the other side of the issue and then make up their own minds.
  6. There are so many holes in the report, also how many vets will go out to properties and euthanaise 40-50 dogs, not many I suspect.
  7. I saw 5 young kids tie up 3 Shih Tzu's outside a shop in Jerrabomberra/Queanbeyan area and tracked them inside Woollies and told them to NEVER tie the dogs up outside as some dogs have been stolen, well they took off quick smart and am sure they will NEVER do it again.
  8. I just heard a lady on Ray Hadley's (he's away today)not sure who is on, but she said if the dogs are humanely put to sleep she can' see a problem WTF is that :dropjaw: :eek: can you image a vet being called out to euthanaise 40 perfectly healthy dogs in one go what is she thinking. My local Pound have an arrangement with one of the local greyhound people to take his dogs in to the pound and they will rehome them and that's exactly what they have done very successfully for many years and from memory none have been put to sleep.
  9. Every $10 donation you make today will give a rescue group a free listing on the PetRescue website for one of their senior or special needs pets - the only place where over 20,000 pet adopters come to search for their new best friend every single day! This is in an email I got and can presume everyone else got it as well. I thought we all got free listings??? Maree CPR
  10. I would probably do the same if someone cracks their knuckles in front of me I would run outside also as I can't stand it.
  11. My worry would be "what you would be sending her back to"
  12. Jan Spate in Hall desexes males for $50, before anyone gets on their high horse she has permission from the Vet Board.
  13. Thanks Powerlegs I know the rangers I deal with were not a part of any of the instances that happened with the cats as those rangers are no longer working there and haven't been for well over 12 months, as disgusting as the evidence presented I take on board what the volunteers have said and I am not saying it is not true but we have to move on and believe that the council will change things I truly believe it will improve I have faith in them as they cannot afford for it to happen again. I also know that many volunteers have gone into some pounds in NSW and demanded change and told the rangers/Council what they needed to do and demand it be done, well that is not the way to change anything as we know, this is why some have been banned and I think they should be.
  14. Were there any pictures of this cat? did the volunteers see any injuries on the cat?
  15. 1 cat was dead form being hit by a car and was bought in to the pound, from memory by a member of the public the likelihood of it being alive is very remote OR are people saying that cat was alive also when put in the freezer.....
  16. How did the rangers explain it? I and the rest of the world have no idea how they explained it.
  17. Maybe the volunteers were told right at the beginning over 12 months ago why the 2 instances with the cats happened and like most people don't believe the rangers and just decided to run the story anyway in the papers.
  18. Who are the "people like that"? Possibly a pretty low paid council worker driven to distraction by volunteers who think they have all the answers and who rush to FB and the press when their words of wisdom aren't acted upon or policies they disagree with are practiced. Pound workers also get to deal with really difficult pet owners and they never have enough resources to do everything that should and could be done for the animals. It happens. Sometimes those volunteers who are supposedly all for the animals are in reality all for attention seeking, self aggrandising behaviour. And when their trouble making and failure to be able deal with the practical aspects of too many animals to save and to work with the pound staff sees them booted, they seek martyrdom. And its the animals who pay. It pays to remember that there are ALWAYS two sides of a story and that those supposedly championing animals often have their own agendas. Of course government workers are gagged and they cannot speak to the press. Whoever said the road to hell was paved with good intentions must have had experience with animal welfare. I'm the first to admit that the welfare activists make a mess. And you're right, it happens and it happens everywhere. But there is a track record of difficulty within this pound and for some reason other councils whose staff are paid equally poorly and work under the same stressors manage to suck it up and get better outcomes for their animals. In some cases, volunteers are the only ones with any time to help the inmates and over-stretched staff welcome the help. Any pound's volunteers are paid nothing and work hundreds of hours under their own amount of stress, it doesn't mean they are there to be whipping boys when staff are challenged over their actions. I honestly can't see much changing. Council will make noise about sorting things out and it will all go back to normal. Things will change as they have different rangers and a General Manager who will make it work, I feel volunteers should still be able to help BUT they need to sign a confidentially document to stop this sort of thing happening again, also work with the rangers and management not against them it is all about the attitudes of all and for the animals as their top priority. The issue happened well over 12 months ago and as Andrea said some volunteers go in like a bull at a gate and do get the staff off side, it's all about working together.
  19. All this happened well over 12 months ago why has it taken so long to come out.
  20. The volunteers were removed over 12 months ago and I for one as a rescue and have taken many dogs from Wagga Pound have nothing but praise for the rangers there and their caring nature for all of the animals. Although it is disturbing to see that kitten I can understand how the rangers would mistake the kitten to be dead from their account, how many humans have been taken to morgues or supposedly died in operating theatres and for them to suddenly start breathing again this is no different. All dead animals are put in freezers so not sure what the issue is there. I just find people believe the written word without knowing both sides.
  21. It's annoying when you open up PR and the "subscription" box comes up every time.
  22. I'm not sure it's productive or appropriate to be negative about someone doing something positive? No one is being negative, merely asking for others "opinion"
  23. What annoys me also is when people use an American study, has nothing to do with what Australian rescues do??? and doing a "home check" should NEVER be used with the word "obstacles"
  24. CPR/myself were personally blamed by Uber for another group in Canberra declining the offer to be involved, so my experience was not a pleasant one, the lady was extremely rude and demanding. The main reason CPR declined was that we don't do puppies therefor had no puppies but that didn't seem to make any difference spent a lot of time over 2-3 phone calls from Uber explaining this.
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