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  1. I have found that a lot of rescue groups do not have a phone number any more so we have to rely on emails, which can be frustrating I feel if you are a rescue you really should have a phone number. I have sent emails in the last couple of weeks and have not heard back, yet....so yes it is rude and unprofessional. Just my thoughts.
  2. Is this the first time the boy has attacked the girl??? seems a bit odd.
  3. They should be targeting the backyard breeders. :mad
  4. So many rescue people only want people to email them which is a pain, I fully understand that they get many time wasters but also feel if you are in rescue you should be contactable by phone, just my own personal thought.
  5. This boy still needs help I have emailed 2 reputable groups and am not impressed that they haven't got back to me and they came highly recommended. Maree CPR
  6. I would have waited til the morning and the mud would have dried and fallen off, all clean.....
  7. He is supposed to have Bull Arab in him but I can't see that. Will call you tomorrow Nina.
  8. Does anyone have a mobile for her as most of the rescue groups now don't list a number to call and some I have emailed never got back to me. Maree CPR
  9. Does anyone on DOL know of a Wolfhound rescue as I need to find a place for this boy Sam, his owner is afraid for his safety with the former boyfriend who has threatened to kill him and he needs to get out of where he is. DOB 15/01/14 desexed, vaccinated and microchipped sweet nature loyal to his humans protective to his humans will alert you when strangers are around not good with cats or chooks , playful and loves the company of humans, very affectionate. He is around 25 kilos. Maree CPR 0437 306 784
  10. If he doesn't get anything in Vic he can come to Canberra to CPR, I do need to know what his skin issues are. Maree CPR
  11. It was Kae Norman who got these babies out of LDH and drove them to the airport so they could come to Canberra, she is an amazing woman and she has been fighting the bureaucrats for 10 years trying to get them to do something about the LDH it would be a victory for all to see something finally get done about that place. Maree CPR
  12. That's bullshit about "if the dog is treatable" it will be rehomed, Canberra Pooch Rescue (CPR) was started to help the dogs at the LDH, back in 2006 and we saved over 50 small dogs in 6 months until the bastard shut his doors to rescue and his reason was "because I can" the dogs we got out were "rejected" by them and many had treatable flea allergies BUT were on the list to be put to sleep, one dog a Malt boy had the most appalling coat, matted to his skin, he was deemed rehomable until one of the vets decided to clip his coat while he was awake and what did the poor dog do, he snapped at the vet because he was in a lot of pain from him pulling at his coat trying to clip him, one idiot vet in my eyes, he was then deemed not rehomable, go figure. Maree CPR
  13. Is there anyone in Wagga who can do a home check for me, the family are away til Saturday so would need to be done on Sunday maybe. Thanks Maree CPR
  14. Is the foster carer able to help look for her as it would appear that they are probably the only people who she will respond to.
  15. I emailed to ask the same thing and then after emails back and forth from PP the last one I sent to her is as follows: I rest my case on you, from this post it sums you up to a tee of being a very rude person and you obviously feel good about attacking people who have different views to you, my whole posts are about informing the public that not all dogs in the pound are rehomable and trying to educate people to this fact and to be careful, you feel the need to bring people down that don’t agree with you and there are a lot of people out there that don’t, you have no respect for others and that shows in what you have written here, you still have not answered my question about having the 1000 dogs a year that you save, having them all in your home and having a pack of 15 all sizes/breeds etc, I understand most of the dogs you get out of the pounds go into kennels, you appear to think that PR is the be all and end all of rescue which it is not. Haven't heard back, she really is a sick woman......from the contents of all her posts to me.... Maree CPR
  16. Thank you Andrea now I know what they charge.
  17. I also know they aren't a babysitting business....I love it when people feel the need to add more to a post when all I asked if they charge and how much just to make the person feel stupid. The rest of what I wrote was my personal opinion.
  18. She got out through one of the 1000 wooden pallings around the yard, does any one check their palling fence on a regular basis to make sure none are loose???? I don't think so, things happen..... I know the RSPCA don't work for nothing, I actually asked if any one on here knew if they charge even after only 3 hours, and if so how much.
  19. Does anyone know if the RSPCA charge people if a dog is found wandering and taken to RSPCA and the owner picks the dog up after being there for no more than 3 hours. The reason I am asking is that one of my carers own dogs got out and the lady who found her took her to the RSPCA and it cost Lyn $75 to get her out, they said they washed her because she was wet from the rain. Am a bit surprised that they have charged her at all, I know the pound do but would be surprised if it is that much, also if they have charged her for the wash, is a bit rich as well. Anyone on here work at the RSPCA and can tell us what they charge?? Maree CPR
  20. With all due respect I think rescue would see many more dogs come through our homes than a breeder, I have had over 1,000 come through my place in just 14 years and have had many with breast cancer and some suffering from Pymetra and have had at least 5 males with testicular cancer as well. Not a lot but enough to warrant people desexing their dogs, unless a registered breeder in your case. Maree CPR
  21. It never seems to surprise anyone really what they do there, Canberra Pooch Rescue (CPR) was started some 8 years ago so we could help at least some of the dogs at the LDH, we got their rejects the ones with skin allergies, dogs with iffy temps, one girl a Bichon cross had only one eye and still had the stitch in she was approx. 12 months old they would have killed her because she wasn't "perfect", we rescued 50 dogs from them in a 12 month period they then closed their doors to rescue and the reason Graeme Smith gave was "because we can" I tell a lot of people who adopt dogs from us when they say they donate to the LDH I tell them exactly what they are like and they cancel future donations. They are an animals worst nightmare :cry: . Maree CPR
  22. Morning all I have a major problem with a couple of foster dogs pooing and weeing on furniture and it is becoming a major issue, I do have a lot of dogs in my home all under 5-6 kilos, they have access to my lounge area with vinyl floors, access to outside 24/7, then onto a semi enclosed deck and then the yard. They step up on to trampoline beds in the yard and poo and wee on them, they have done it on a dog lounge I have in my lounge room, "my" lounge is off limits. One dog came back after 3 months for doing this so is going to be hard to get him out of it, or is it??? this has only been happening in the last 12 months with a couple of dogs. Need help asap Maree CPR
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