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  1. I have this at the end of each blurb: IF YOU FIT THE CRITERIA FOR ANGUS PLEASE EMAIL ME FIRST WITH A RUN DOWN OF YOUR LIFESTYLE, ACTIVITY LEVELS, HOW MANY IN THE FAMILY, THE KIDS AGES ETC, YOUR OTHER DOG ANYTHING THAT GIVES ME AN IDEA OF THE TYPE OF LIFE I CAN EXPECT FOR ANGUS FOR THE NEXT 10 -12 YEARS. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER DOG AND ANGUS WOULD BE ON HIS OWN MOST OF THE DAY THEN YOUR ENQUIRY WILL NOT PROCEED. I have so many people still ring me and I have to then ask them to email me like the blurb says, they just don't read the whole description they see the pic and then hunt for the phone number, they to me are time wasters, if I am home I have to drop ever thing to answer the phone and that can be many times a day. If I let the phone go to message bank they hang up without leaving a message and then ring my mobile, if that goes to message bank they then ring my home again and still don't leave a message, I get really pissed off by this stage and sometimes pick up and tell they that it is annoying when they ring so many times and can they please email me. I just had one now as I was typing this and when I rang him back he said he just rang and I didn't pick up so he was just now going to email me that's what I ask people to do before they ring You can't win Maree CPR
  2. CPR really only take small dogs we do have 2-3 carers who do one off's when a dog is in dire need ie Staffyluv has fostered 2 now I think but we are quite independent from each other. Maree CPR
  3. Do you need any dogs to be there for the group to promote their dogs or is it just for them to do the BBQ?
  4. Why any group in Newcastle would want to take small dogs from Wagga is beyond me, any one can see that the smalls all get saved. Maree CPR
  5. This is happening a lot where the parents get on telly crying and it ends up being them that have killed their kids. I am sure the police know this from the start as it is happening so often and they are familiar with it, all they have to do is prove it which they do. Many husbands who do the same and it ends up being them.
  6. I haven't Panto but willing to try anything! She's definitely improving, still quite itchy on her rear end underneath where the skin is still very dry. Would love pics dogmad
  7. The main reason dogs are sent to DAS from the RSPCA is because their quarantine pens are full if they only have 10 quarantine pens and 20 dogs come in then 10 go to DAS. They could have 20 empty pens in the dogs for rehoming section but still have to send those 10 to DAS Maree CPR
  8. Can you not put a muzzle on her the ones where the dogs can breath and drink whilst on.
  9. Maybe you can ask them to improve the way they do things and ask for more transparency, it's the only way things will change.
  10. Yep and then you have the other stats that we need to know - how many that are put into new homes bounce back? Yes and in the case of DAS how many were sent to the RSPCA and never heard of again. Bitches in whelp automatically go to the RSPCA and weeks later pups that look like the dog are advertised but not the mother. Very few are sent to the RSPCA from DAS, it would possibly be very young pups/dogs that the RSPCA have sent to DAS because their quarantine pens are full and sometimes if the dog does not get sold/rescue it goes back to the RSPCA when pens are free. Has anyone looked at other pounds/shelters to see if their stats are "dodgy" or only DAS... Maree CPR
  11. "If you love someone set them free, if they come back it was meant to be"
  12. I think once you surrender a dog it is best to just walk away for the dogs sake, it is not fair on either to want visiting rights especially if the dog has a new home. I have had people ask for this and I have said no as it can become messy if the person changes their mind and wants the dog back, and believe me this has happened, not to me but to others, and has been awful for the new owners. Best to walk away. Maree CPR
  13. I haven't heard back from the family so looks like I don't need it done. Thanks Maree
  14. Anyone in the Emu Plains area who can do a home visit for me. Thanks in advance Maree CPR 0437 306 784
  15. I heard the husband has been charged with the little boys murder.
  16. imp 974 brindle mastiff male (the Rescue Rex photo is barely worth putting up, doesn't even show his face). also he is NOT skinny like it says on Rescue Rex, the volunteers have fattened him up and he is a healthy dog. this boy is lovely, he appears to get on well with other dogs, he is extremely friendly and loves going on his walk, he needs some training and desexing will help to calm him down a bit, but he is just a really happy boy who loves life, full of energy and love. He is great at being handled and very laid back. He may have some food aggression issues but this is not confirmed. Overall a great boy who would make an energetic and loving pet Someone might recognise him.
  17. I would be asking for parvo test regardless that the pup seems to be picking up. Maree CPR
  18. I have left a message on his mobile, so a wait and see game..... Maree CPR
  19. I can take her and am in Queanbeyan just need someone on that end to get her out and temp care her so I have time to organise her transport. Maree CPR
  20. It is happening again I can't open up RR any one else having problems?? Maree CPR
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