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  1. You don't mention the type of muzzle the dog has on when walking and at the vets, this is the one I hope the dog has when walking and not the cloth one as they can't breath with the cloth one.
  2. Does anyone have an up to date list of breed specific rescue. Maree CPR
  3. I am trying to avoid transport companies as it is becoming near impossible to pay what they are asking I am finding more and more that it is costing more than the dogs vet work. I am more than happy to pay for transport always have but you get to the stage that you end up going backwards and are more out of pocket. Maree CPR
  4. Well done Alyosha I take it Rocco is the one I forwarded to you?? Maree CPR
  5. Can any one tell me the Beagle rescue people as I have a pure bred Beagle being surrendered to me this week. Maree CPR
  6. This is sorted but just wanted to let people know that by ignoring text messages trying to track where dogs have gone is very time consuming, if you have asked another group to help get dogs out of pounds and the dogs are in your name it is a good idea to track the dog yourself and do the right thing by all and organise the change of chip papers yourself instead of expecting others to do it for you when all I did was collect the pups and hold for an hour until picked up by the person temp caring them. I am very annoyed that I had to spend a lot of time on this as if I don't have enough to do myself with my paperwork, I will never deal with this person again, if she doesn't give a dam about dogs being in her name and doing the right thing then I find it very irresponsible. Maree CPR
  7. Absolutely, hence why I am putting this on DOL as I have heard nothing so far, who wants chips in their name when they were only transporting the dogs..won't do it again.....
  8. Does anyone know where the 2 pups from Qbyn Pound from a couple of weeks back are now as their chips need to be updated, as the person whose name they are in has not made contact to let me know so I can change them. Have texted her today as a reminder this should have been done weeks ago. Maree CPR
  9. I need transport for 3 small dogs under 4 kilos from Wagga to Yass if any one can help. Thanks Maree CPR
  10. Canberra one is brilliant we have a stall, rescue groups in Canberra are always part of the MPW here, I understand that the Vic Branch apparently don't work with rescue. Maree CPR
  11. In the ACT from memory if you have a dog in your possession after 28 days it can be listed as abandoned and can become yours, ask the rangers/pound and see where you stand legally, if this is correct then do a stat dec and get her into your name and yes get her vet work done. I hope you have all your text's to the owners and of course proof they have not contacted you at all and have actually abandoned her. Good Luck Maree CPR
  12. I will call tomorrow and see what is going on. Maree
  13. There aren't any symptoms that I have heard off it is only when the vets open them up that it is found, I just had one a couple of weeks ago but was just at the beginning and she is fine. I have had at least 5 in my time in rescue (14 years) one was so bad she was actually crying from the pain and had to take her to my vet around 9pm he actually opened up his surgery to give her a pain killer she was a mess, poor baby. Maree CPR
  14. Haven't heard back from Sonya or alyosha will wait a little longer before asking for anyone else's details. Maree CPR
  15. Thanks I have emailed a person named Sonja at Pharoah Hound rescue, will wait for her reply, will also PM Alyosha Maree
  16. I think this thread needs to be put to rest it has run it's course. Maree CPR
  17. Any one know of a Pharaoh Hound rescue in NSW Maree CPR
  18. That is correct - I still have the vile neighbour next door who poisoned my dog - he lived to tell the tale but the immediate vet bills amounted to over $3000 (in 2001) and his health was forever ruined. To my horror, whenever I told someone about it most people said "was your dog barking too much?" He wasn't - he'd been debarked before I ever found him in a shelter. I also do not wish to endure what a friend has just been through for 6 months of her life following a complaint about her dogs barking, by a neighbour to the local council. It nearly gave her a nervous breakdown and her life continues to be extremely difficult, trying to remain a dog owner. My dogs are just about the sweetest most well adjusted dogs you could find - one has been here for over 11 years, another over 5 years. Some are fosters from very cruel situations that need lots of tlc and help to move forward. I have a long list of what I consider cruel, including but not limited to: not grooming your dog for years on end so that it can't see or move it's limbs and is in considerable pain and distress, not feeding your dog, leaving ear/eye/skin infections to fester, not providing flea protection, beating your dog, chaining it up, never walking it and many other things all of which I've witnessed regularly as a dog rescuer. Whilst I'd prefer not to use this method to deter my dogs from barking, until my neighbour does something very simple to prevent their dog from getting to the fence (it cannot be done on my side), there will be barking and I won't allow it to go on unabated on my side as I consider it seriously puts us all at risk. It's not like you are smashing the dogs heads in the lids it is just the noise that may deter them nothing cruel about that, I have a coin tin and rattle that when I want to stop the fosters and get their attention nothing cruel about that either.
  19. We all seem to be posting at the same time so no need to respond to my last post you responded in your last one, I think Brenda it has all been said. I understand your frustration and sympathise with what has happened to you over many years and hopefully we can save at least some in the future. Maree CPR
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