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  1. Poor PS, I bet she was really looking forward to today too
  2. I will let my own dogs lick my face and will share food with them too I will let a puppy lick my face, just to get a whiff of puppy smell :D New rescues I dont usually let them lick me and friends dogs nope dont let them lick me either
  3. Thanks for the replies :) Ollie went to his new home last night, I hope he is going to be a very happy boy with his new mumma who already adores him One last photo of our handsome boy
  4. Here are the rescue contacts that are listed here on DOL NSW Judy Findlay email: [email protected] Phone: (02) 9674 4824 Mobile: 0415671449 Collie (Rough and Smooth) email : [email protected] Phone: (02)63556382 They might have a waiting list or be able to put the owner in touch with a group in QLD that can help
  5. you guys have done remarkable work and I have been proud to have supported your work I wish everyone involved the very best of luck with whatever you choose to do in the future
  6. Well said!! I wish foxes were never introduced here but they are and while carbon monoxide poisoning may be the lesser of two evils when dealing with this problem, doesnt mean I have to like it either
  7. Ollie is just learning how to play with toys and after a big play his FC was able to get a photo of his tongue, she never realised it had different colours
  8. That would be great CC - can you email me at [email protected] and I will email them back - Thank you :)
  9. Hi I am hoping some of the very talented photographers on here might be able to help me.... Two weeks ago our rescue accepted the surrender of two Whippets from a family who could no longer keep them, anyway when I went to collect them I took my camera along to take some photos for the family. The family were pretty upset and have liked the shots I have sent through but the lighting in some is not the greatest I was hoping someone here might be generous enough to take a look and do some minor editing of the photos for me. I would love to send some photos that when they get them printed look great as opposed to having faces etc in the dark. The photos were taken on a DSLR but I am still at the point and shoot stage and have had no time to learn editing properly There is about 35 photos in total, some that will not be worth editing but some I reckon would come up a treat with a little tweaking Is there anyone who would be willing to have a look for me? Thanks in advance xx
  10. Thanks for the replies Here is a picture including his tail - its not really curly
  11. Thanks for the replies, not sure what colour his tongue is - will ask my FC about that one He has quite coarse hair, very soft and short around the face but the body hair is quite coarse Of course he is a real cuddlebum and I have already had a couple of enquiries about him :)
  12. Hi We have this pup in foster care at the moment, we think he is about 4 months and were told he is a Sharpei cross Interested to hear what others with more experience think might be in the mix :)
  13. My heart dog was Holly my first Sheltie, she taught me so many lessons in life and love and how to. She is still my inspiration to this day and I miss her like no other
  14. It would be great to be able to warn the foster carers as mentioned above but PR is like a cult - people get sucked into helping "save" animals at all costs and believe what PR tell them - try and tell them something different and they get all defensive and attack you saying you are killing dogs if your not rescuing like PR Then there are the people who have had a successful adoption through PR and nothing has gone wrong who will just attack you for having a differing opinion to how things were handled or should have been handled - bottom line for PR and their supporters its all about saving the dogs without anything else coming into it - and if your not on board with this, too bad. Even if this means dogs are left in kennels for months
  15. Gosh if you cant find anywhere to donate it too, we will take and give it to our vet who is always helping us with our rescues
  16. lucky Harper, she is just stunning Congratulations
  17. Thank you Dogmad and Pav Lova for the contacts It is due to illness of the the rescuer (she has gone into hospital unexpectedly) that this is now urgent, the owner has back up for a few days after Wednesday but does need them to find new homes ASAP WA Whippet Club are trying to find foster carers as well so hopefully we can find something local at least in the interim
  18. Cheyd


    Oh Stellnme you are such a generous person of heart and soul Marlie may have been old but she was able to recognise an angel when she came across one and she chose to live the last time of her life with you RIP Marlie
  19. HUGE BUMP WA Whippet rescue have been unable to take these two whippets on due to illness and their owner has contacted me for help with her two boys They ideally would need to stay together so if there is anyone who can help please let me know They need to be out of where they are this week, by Wednesday if possible Both are desexed and microchipped If I can find a foster carer in WA with no other animals that would be great or if another rescue can help or even (please) adopted straight away......
  20. I too hope she finds somewhere to you Ams for going above and beyond for all the rescues you help, especially mumma Doxy at 15 years and with pups
  21. Hollie is turning into quite the stunner So glad to hear she is progressing well
  22. I watched that a couple of weeks ago - beautiful that they could do that for him
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