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  1. Oh you just want to hug her and tell it will all be ok, poor darling
  2. hope mumma is doing ok? 4 pups good effort so far
  3. I have everything crossed for this little darling, really hope her operation goes well I really like the name Spirit for her too
  4. Well two other people saw her and did nothing, I couldn't do that and have a clear conscience. I can't believe how tired I am today from all this worry about a cat who doesn't even belong to me. Tomorrow I am going door knocking and letter box dropping in the hope of finding her owner. How can those people sleep at night?? Good luck finding her owners
  5. Thats good news Lucky little cat has you to thank for her good luck, the next person walking along may not have been as compassionate as you
  6. Oh poor kitty, I hope they dont keep her alive for that length of time either but I dont think they will There is a thread about a pup that was left at a pound with a broken leg and Andrea has just posted about what the councils responsibility is in a situation similar to yours - worth having a read - http://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/240870-puppy-dumped-with-broken-leg/page__pid__5938537__st__30#entry5938537 I would do everything I could to find her owners, do a letterbox drop, doorknock on neighbours and also post on Facebook as networking may help you find her owners Good luck and good on you for helping the poor kitty
  7. I saw something about this on FB but hadnt read the whole story How horrible, out for a nice walk with your dog and whammo some dirtbag kills your dog with his bike, I really really hope someone identifies him and reports him - thats disgusting RIP Zena
  8. hey arliespaz, welcome to the forum :) Sounds like your foster keeps you on your toes! I am in WA too and have my own rescue and we work with a couple of fantastic behaviourists - if you want some details send me a PM
  9. oh what a gorgeous little bubba, so sorry this has happened to the little man So so glad the rangers rang you Andrea I would be happy to donate a small amount towards his care if it would help?
  10. no way on this earth would I leave my dog behind, they would be bringing two bodies down the mountain before I would leave my dog behind I agree he doesnt deserve to have her back, they should dump him back up there with cut up feet and see how he fares on his own - like he left her
  11. I am helping Dogmad with her house check in this instance - we have our own rescue group and will quite happily explain as much of the process as possible to the adopters - we also make sure they are happy for us to come and do the check prior to arriving at their home If anyone wants to adopt from us, we stipulate that we do home and fence checks when we speak to them or email in response to their enquiry I also foster for other groups and will network and help here necessary and hope to receive the same in return from other groups
  12. Yep contact Wayrod http://www.dolforums.com.au/user/9391-wayrod/
  13. Our rescue dogs always sleep separate to our dogs, either in a crate or in the bathroom at night and we have had no problems with them getting along in the mornings or any issues like that
  14. Thanks Persephone, I love taking photos of paws for some reason LOL
  15. Well I finally get to join all you talented photographers in here, I was lucky enough to buy English Ivy's camera gear and have been playing around with it over the last week or so here are my first efforts - have not done any editing except to compress them any tips or help, please be gentle as I am still getting my head around this camera and all its settings (these were taken on auto)
  16. I think this might be the dog Willow is referring to http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/perth-region/dogs-puppies/sable-collie-rough-jessie-/1005600894 I have sent them an email and it looks like they might have someone coming to look at her on Saturday
  17. There is a breed rescue directory for WA, here is a link http://www.breedrescuewa.com/rescuedirectory
  18. I wondered when I saw the photo on the thread if it was a boy :laugh: He is gorgeous and sorry I also dont see much Sheltie in him either
  19. Oh that poor guide dog, how terrified its last moments would have been, so sad Feel for the other dog and the man walking them, hope they both heal soon
  20. Love this photo, so peaceful and loving
  21. A sad situation all round that could have been solved if Ned's original owners had of manned up and done the right thing by Ned and were by his side while he went to sleep but alas this was left to strangers to fix I feel for you Emma, its never an easy decision to make but am glad for Ned's sake that it is now over RIP Ned
  22. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl So sorry for your loss, dont cry cause she is gone, smile because she was here, wrap yourself in your wonderful memories
  23. Something in my eye......... what a brave doggie thanks for sharing
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