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  1. I have just found a whippet rescue in WA and they have been in touch with the owners and will be helping them to rehome these two boys So glad they will be safe now
  2. Looking for Whippet rescue if there is one or Iggy rescue maybe? There are two male Whippets advertised in Gumtree as FTGH - can you help them? http://www.gumtree.c...ome-/1007491811 Have located a whippet rescue in WA and they have been in touch with the owners and will be helping them to rehome these boys
  3. I am so sorry for your loss, words seem so inadequate when you lose someone so special Beautiful eulogy RIP Safaree Hesa Panda Bear
  4. I have been having trouble uploading photos, it seems to upload the same photo all the time even though I choose other photos and then when I go look at the profile the right photos have been uploaded, wasted a lot of time trying to upload the right photos Dont like the new search feature, its not easy to select your state, if you want to go meet the animal in person - which I imagine most start out with that in mind
  5. They are gorgeous looking pups, dont know how you would be able to give one up let alone both :laugh:
  6. I like the third photo too Dont forget you can bump his profile on Petrescue once a week, this will bring him to the top of the list again and hopefully get more people looking I use Facebook as well as Petrescue, link his petrescue profile and post that if you dont have many other pictures Good luck, he is a cute pup with a great name!
  7. I feel your pain, we were up until almost 3am this morning waiting for two new rescues to settle in the bathroom and laundry - not fun but at least I wasnt sitting on cold concrete at the time
  8. thats so sad for mum but I am sure she will settle down in a couple of days, especially once she knows how good it can be at Ams after all it is peiradise!
  9. They look in good nick, cute pups Any pictures of mum?
  10. They talk about 400 happy adopters.....what about the other 600?
  11. You need a poll so you can see how many are in favor of two dogs or not? Havent had a poll for a while......
  12. I love having two dogs now - only problem is now I want more than two...... I waited till my heart girl Holly passed to get two dogs as she was very bonded to me and I didnt feel it fair to bring another dog in when she was older. We got Merlin about a year later and then 12 months on we got Dexter and I wouldnt look back, they have awesome fun chasing each other around and playing tug I didnt notice too much difference in feeding, walking etc as I was doing it for one dog already, Dexter was a bit easier to toilet train as he watched Merlin and picked it up from there - now he is better than Merlin LOL
  13. Have joined your group and have invited most of my friends as well, you have already got some great pledges for Destiny I have also shared the link on my profile and on my rescue page too I will pledge some next week when I get paid Good on you Michelle for looking after Destiny, I am sure she will repay you with a lifetime of smooches when she is better
  14. I have no words just hugs msdani, I know what you are going through, constantly questioning if its time, not wanting to him to be in pain but not ready for him to leave. I spent the last month of my Holly's life asking these questions, wondering if I would recognise her telling me she has had enough, I really doubted myself thinking I wouldn't but I did. She left so quick I knew I was doing the right thing and I cuddled her and cried for hours after it was done which sounds morbid but really helped me to come to terms with losing my heart Its not wrong, as everyone else here has said, if your not coping neither is he Please know we are here for you
  15. Andrea can you include me in that offer please?
  16. Oh thats such a shame - she was a gorgeous little thing RIP Maggie
  17. So sorry Indigirl, a decision made with much love Run free now Chilli
  18. Thanks Mixeduppup - seems like I may ramble a bit too as I send emails like yours Thanks Lavendergirl for posting an alternative which is probably better than what I have been sending
  19. Perhaps sas could pm me some examples then please
  20. I must admit I have sent the occasional email and am very conscious of not coming across as a loony Can you please post some examples of good and bad letters? That might help those who do like to make contact about ads like this
  21. Oh Michelle thats heartbreaking, thank you for caring about Destiny and following her up to make sure she is looked after
  22. Beautiful pups, hope Daisy gets her figure back after so many bubs
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