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  1. My aunty had a litter of corgi puppies outside at about 4-5 weeks old. A crow took the eye out of one of the puppies. The puppy had some problems. She was blind in the other eye, and then at 2 years old she started having seizures related to the trauma her brain received from an eye being pulled out. She was put to sleep. My aunty was only the suburb next door to me, so I keep my pups in a covered run until they're about 6+ weeks.
  2. My purpose of the original post was more to see people's criteria for their dog's recall. Some people are just giving me words and not really what they want from the dog for those words... I use 'come' which means 'front' (sit in front squarely). I use 'touch' which means 'touch my hand'. And I use 'here' and 'come'n' which means 'be closer to me'. They are used more casually, while the other two are expected to be done and done right.
  3. What does 'completely to me' mean? Does he have to sit? Touch you? Stand still as you grab his collar?
  4. ONLY referring to casual/day at the park/hanging out kind of recalls and NOT formal obedience recalls. How do you define a 'recall'? What is your criteria for your dog on a recall?
  5. Finally got hands on calcium syrup last night. I made sure I got up early this morning and fed her breakfast (with calcium syrup) straight away. This morning, she's good. Who knows if it was pain or calcium, but seems like it's sorted, either way!
  6. Cassie, why don't you just go up to Noah's and use one of the others up there? I started using Noah's for Chris, but everyone else up there is cool as well... And I'm sure they'll ring Chris if they need. :laugh:
  7. It seems to be a morning thing... pacing and whining in the morning, and gets better throughout the day. Wondering if I perhaps should feed him a midnight meal, in case her body is somehow getting depleted throughout the night or something Trying to find Calcium Sandoz in a local vet as its has been recommended by my reproductive vet. In the meantime feeding her powdered calcium and milk and cheese... Loves it. Puppy still well, Myrtle still being a good mum in between being annoying.
  8. I use harness, slip collar (not chain) and flat collars on puppies under 6 months. Some dogs I use a harness for 'anything goes' - a way to talk the dog without having to enforce lead manners or anything else. They are allowed to play on a harness. I use slip collars (fabric) for in the ring, just because they look nice. They only get these collars put on as they enter the ring, and then taken off as they come out - except for training. The idea is the dog learns to show when the slip collar is on. I use flat collars for walks that have rules (no pulling). They're not normally allowed to interact much with other dogs on a flat collar. Some dogs I start training tracking early, and I also use a tracking harness then, too. Basically, I often have a piece of equipment the dog wears which means 'anything goes' and then piece/s of equipment that mean different things to the dog... Harness for tacking, slip for showing, collar for obedience, etc, depending on the dog and what my plans are.
  9. Also, she has an incision in between her boobs, so I wouldn't want to get that wet. Her boobs don't seem that generous... I've had a singleton before, and those boobs were full! These boobs already seem to look like they're moderating for one puppy. I'm sure they still don't feel good, though. She seems a bit more settled now... I think if I restrict her choice (lock her in) she is more contented. If it is her surgery site that is actually hurting, then obviously moving around could be hurting it, too.
  10. Her temperature is 37.8C. She doesn't have free access to outside, and there is no means to give her free access to outside because of the toher dogs. He whelping box is set up in the same spot her crate has been since she was 12 weeks old. Myrtle slept in the whelping box for about a week before whelping puppies so she was used to the box. Her routine for the week prior to whelping is pretty much the same - except instead of being in the lounge on the couch with us, she's in a whelping box in the bedroom with us sitting nearby. And she gets fed twice a day now.
  11. This may be more my issue. :laugh: I have a maiden bitch who has a singleton puppy delivered by c-section about 4 days ago. Everyone is doing well - her wound looks nice and she has no discharge, puppy's gaining weight and complains about nothing. Yesterday and today, the bitch is pacing around the room and whining. I've tried: *locking her in the whelping box, where she sits in there and whines too (but tends to the pup inbetween whining) *sitting on the floor with her (as she's a cuddle-muffin) but she just keeps whining on your lap *telling her off for whining! (just makes her more sad) *taking her out for wees/poos/whatevers - quickly goes and wants to be back with puppy *made the whelping box hotter/colder incase that was her upset (e.g. "I want to see puppy but it's too uncomfortable to be there") *completely covering the whelping box with a sheet so it's more cave like and she can't see me anymore - no change The whining sound is driving me mad! I don't know what she wants. She is being a good mum - in between the whining!
  12. This was in the breeders section, but I wanted to make it clear I was happy to take rescues as well... I had a border terrier bitch whelp a singleton puppy through c-section on 20/09/2013, and the bitch is available to raise other puppies if necessarily. Happy to take any puppies - big/small, sick/well, purebred/mixes - as long as they're approximately the same age. Current located in metropolitan SA, but willing to travel to assist pups in need.
  13. I have puppy pen near their toileting area. When I clean poo of the toileting area, I just scoot the puppy pen over the top, fencing it off for the clean up, then putting it back to the side. Works for me.
  14. I had a border terrier bitch whelp a singleton puppy through c-section today. Assuming puppy and bitch continue to do fine (everything looks good at the moment), she will be available as surrogate. Happy to take any puppies - big/small, sick/well, purebred/mixes - as long as they're approximately the same age. Current located in metropolitan SA, but willing to travel to assist pups in need.
  15. I would've happily provided a link if Daisy didn't want to remain anonymous. :)
  16. I account more blame to a shelter who is more willing to kill a pet than let it go to a home, or to a council who is willing to have pets held hostage for ransom, than I would to the owner. The owner wanted her dogs back, but the pound killed them instead. Sheltering fail.
  17. Leema on DOL wrote the blog, she was obviously moved by the OP's story and asked to share it on her blog. It looks like the OP provided her with pics too, so they were obviously aware that it was going to be shared. You got it. Names changed on Crazy Daisy's request.
  18. I have one bitch that generally would have a lot of bloody discharge for quite a long time after whelping (like, 4 weeks or more). If it is red (not black or green or something gross) and it's not smelly, then it should be okay. If in doubt, take her to the vet, obviously.
  19. For those who need help in starting your response, Maggie's Farm has one online that you can copy/paste/modify. http://www.maggiesfarm.info/2013/08/04/victorian-code-of-practice-on-breeding-and-rearing/
  20. Yes, Jolly went on trial today! Hope you can find a suitable dog for your folks soon.
  21. Here's a video and explanation of food placement. If you were placing food 'where she dropped', you may benefit from placing (throwing) food to where she was - making her get up and go back to where you cued drop. http://leemakennels.com/blog/personal-posts/teaching-distance-drop-with-the-food-placement-method/
  22. For those interested, I wrote a blog post about how much the Select Committee report sucks here: http://leemakennels.com/blog/dogs-and-politics/select-committee-sa-replicates-faulty-animal-welfare-legislation/
  23. Open the crate, and put the entrance over the dog door. This means Banjo now has an inside place to sleep (the crate), but no options but outside to pee (unless he wants to pee in his crate). Every time Banjo makes a mistake, he learns that that is okay. Dogs are creatures of habit, so he is forming habits of peeing inside right now. You need to break those habits.
  24. I have a dog not dissimilar. She is always jumping up on your lap and standing on top of you - all the while licking her lips. I think our dogs are often (as Corvus said) in a state of conflict. They want to interact with us for 'cuddle time' because they have found in rewarding, but they also want to reassure us that they mean no harm while they're being 'on top of us'.
  25. Another thing is that the application has 25 questions to fill in... That's a lot of effort that not all potential adopters are happy to go through. Asking so many questions may be putting potential adopters off.
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