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  1. Tempe has the upstairs ensuite as she is 4 months old and I don't trust her to have range of part of the house yet and some of the yard. The two boys have a fenced off part of the yard and have access to the kitchen, tv room and lounge room. I dont allow them the whole yard as the dogs on either side bark their heads off at my guys all day even though they are oblivious and dont respond
  2. Some do :laugh: my Dad for one!!! Says it might *ahem* clog things up down the other end or he might have to cough up a hairball
  3. Hmmmm Don't get a Japanese Spitz if you want them to: - Not shed - Love everyone - Follow your every command obediently - Be quiet, good puppies - Not bark when something dare enters the property (how dare they!!!) Get a Japanese Spitz if: - You don't mind eating the sandwich you made this morning and pluck the white hairs out of it or your mouth - if you like being insanely loved and adored, the 'center' of their world - You don't mind a white fluffball puppy running around the house where just watching it drains you of all your energy.....it doesn't sleep much either....just plays, does zoomies, explores and gets into things it shouldn't! --------You dont mind not sleeping much for the first couple of months - You love running your hands through their big white soft coats - You like a dog which learns things quickly and are too smart for their own good but has their own mind - You love the smoochy sooky cuddly boys and the independent fiery girls - You like a big dog in a small dogs body - You don't mind a dog which love to get dirty even though they are white - You love the coat where after half an hour or so they are clean again, the dirt just falls off - A dog which is proud, elegant and beautiful. ETA: Also do not get a Japanese Spitz if you do not intend on socializing them properly.
  4. No colour chart.. On my FB page has pretty much all the colours we have.. All leads on there are from ppl they have made up themselfs..Colour code) Price depends on length.. u can pm me here or email me at [email protected] http://www.facebook.com/#!/LusciousLeads?sk=wall&filter=1 love the gold and black Thanx.. Its Chocolate n Gold :laugh: Same link as above :)
  5. Maui- After the God Chase- After the docter Dr Robert Chase on Tv show HOUSE Tempe- After Dr Temperance Brennan on tv show BONES
  6. Team Snag's leads are GORGEOUS. Fantastically made, look beautiful on the dogs, feel good to hold and like you are in control and definitely worth the cost. I have 5 with two on the way and one of them is nearly two years old and still in good condition :) I have used others but haven't found them to match up.
  7. Tempe (Kimyata Seeker Lover Keeper) got another Baby in Group yesterday and 3rd in Sweeps :D
  8. I have used it on my three as we have had a flea outbreak and I can happily say that they have no fleas on them anymore. I gave it to them with a full meal and have had no problems. The vet nurse when I brought it warned me about vomiting and lethargy. Unless they get more fleas though, I doubt I will give it to them again soon
  9. That was some weekend! :) Thanks guys, it certainly was especially with my older boy getting 2x BIG and 1 RUBIG :D so all round my kids did me proud. Here is a picture of my girl taken a couple of weeks ago She is going through a bit of an awkward stage and has been quite naked.....but her coat is growing and she should be pulling through that soon!
  10. Very pleased- my rising star Japanese Spitz Kimyata Seeker Lover Keeper snagged 3x Best Baby in Group on the weekend.
  11. Yes we were at hills :)she came 3rd in sweepies Thanks :)
  12. My baby "Tempe" (Kimyata Seeker Lover Keeper has had some shows now and is really getting the hang of it. She seems to be really enjoying herself and has picked up some sweepstake placings and baby of breeds.
  13. I just have my first JS and thought that a JS with two preschoolers might be a bit much for anyone. They are more energetic and crazier than Border Collies. Adorable and entertaining but not placid in any way shape or form. :D Yes I agree with this.....my little pup is still going when the human kids are pooped :laugh:
  14. Maybe something for the OP- Japanese Spitz do have big coat dumps once or twice a year. So this may or may not fit in as one of the things you are able to compromise. Depending on how big the coat is depends on how much hair will come out. I barely find hair around the place when my two are not dropping coat though. But they do shed ;) As puppies they are pretty busy and generally very very confident depending on the lines. They will grow to about 30-37 cm depending if they are a dog or a bitch. They are quite intelligent and adore their family. They were also originally used as alert dogs as well as companion and are slightly charry of strangers, although the greatness of this depends on each dog. Don't expect them to love everyone, they are very focused on 'their people'. They are also a spitz :laugh: I find most of the boys to be very affectionate and cuddle bunnies :D
  15. I have to admit I have not read any books or searched the net regarding getting a puppy/training etc before getting any of mine. I have been reading them atm out of curiousity and can see how it can all be so overwhelming. Teaching basic's like sit, drop, stay, come among other things I thought were all pretty basic and common sense. Although I have made mistakes along the way, I tried to use mostly common sense and teach behaviours I expected out of them. All three of my dogs (although I got one as a mature adult) are quite happy to come and go with no seperation anxiety to either me or the other dogs. I have made sure to take them all out individually regularly and do not make a big deal when we leave and they are all happy to explore and do their own thing without needing to be attached at the hip. They are all crate trained without needing to use tools such as crate games etc. They do all sleep on my bed but when they need to, they can sleep in their crates downstairs or outside.
  16. Maui would rather have a wack at typing and browsing the net first before turning the laptop off!! but when times up he will drape himself over my keyboard and laptop or try and paw me in the face. Chase doesnt care as long as he gets to have a nap on my lap!
  17. Sheesh!!! Sunbaking in this heat??? Nuts!! All mine are crashed out on the leather couches inside.....where it is about 19 degrees
  18. All three of mine love to sleep on the bed!!! Feel sorry for when I get a OH
  19. This is a great thread :D I love all mine in different ways Chase was my first dog and has taught me a hell of a lot during that time. He is a real family dog and loves everyone. He is far too smart for his own good and is very good at problem solving. He is always up for some training, playing, zoomies and food. While he still needs to work on his behaviour outside of the house at times, he is perfect at home and always makes us laugh at his antics. He thinks he is pretty funny! Love his easy going clownish nature. Maui is a real cuddle bum and is as affectionate as they come. Such a sooky la la and just wants to lie in your lap all day. He only has eyes for me and is like my little shadow. Rarely puts a foot wrong and is super easy. He thinks he is pretty handsome and loves the ladies (human and dog variety!). Love his cuddles! Tempe is a little firecracker and is best described as a 'diva'. She loves to play, strut around and tell the boys off. She likes to lie in your arms like a baby and snuggle close at night time. She doesn't like being left by herself or not be part of the action and lets you know loudly. She is uber confident and utterly fearless. We are still getting to know each other
  20. Nice show name hey Sparky ;) Very gorgeous Good name hey ;) Thanks All of the rising stars looking promising! Best of luck to everyone! LOVE little Peyton!
  21. Here is my 2012 rising star.........Kimyata Seeker Lover Keeper aka "Tempe" at 10 weeks
  22. I have Japanese Spitz and they deal with the heat very well their coat provides insulation and keeps them cooler in summer and warmer in winter. As long as they have some nice cool tiles to lie on and some shade, they are pretty content and my JS copes with the heat better than my clipped Maltese x. They absolutely adore their 'person'and are very intelligent. Mine pick things up very quickly, usually in a couple of tries. The only thing is that they are slightly charry with strangers but if you socialise them well, they should be ok. They are speedy as well
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