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  1. Don’t go Griffon as they are both clingy/Velcro dogs and barkers. I love the clingy (they are not separation anxiety clingy just can’t go to the toilet alone or sit on the couch without them on you clingy lol) but if you’re not into that kind of thing they are not for you. Also they are barking at an ant farting type barkers. They will never bark for the hell of it but they find lots of reasons to bark.
  2. In all fairness, the cat could have been being walked on a lead (as some are) and the same thing would have happened. It’s not about the cat it’s about the lack of control over the dogs.
  3. To the people wondering if dogs can go into ketosis, check out keto pet sanctuary in America where they are helping treat many dogs with cancer with the help of a Keto diet.
  4. I have a dog and cat Miele which I love ❤️. I actually like the vacuums with bags as cleaning it is so easy.
  5. My last dog a pomX died from this horrible cancer at 12yrs I was told with this type of cancer they don't show clinical signs till the cancer is too spread to operate (she just collapsed one morning without warning). My girl had an ultrasound and it had spread through her little body, they said if they operated there was a high chance they wouldn't be able to remove it and she would be put to sleep on the table, I decided to go palliative care. She ended up living an extra 3 weeks, it was a struggle to get her to eat, I spent so much money on tasty food as one day she would eat say roast chicken and the next day she would turn her nose up at it. I broke out in hives constantly over those last weeks I found it so stressful with the struggle of deciding if it was time or not. All the best with your furbaby.
  6. The breeder I bought my dog off recommended Pal kibble with pet mince so not all breeders know best. I ended up putting her on a commercial made raw, started with vets all natural raw but now feed Big Dog Barf along with healthy extras such as eggs, sardines, Greek yogurt, meaty bones, some ziwipeak air dried raw etc. If you are on Facebook check out Planet Paws, some very interesting info on the benefits of raw over kibble, the founder also has his TED talk on there which is very good!
  7. Not saying there is no risk but the risk can be very limited depending on where you live and lifestyle, my dog lives in a townhouse surrounded by lots of other townhouses with hardly any trees, I can certainly say our tiny patch of yard has never seen a bandicoot, I am yet too spot or hear a possum and unfortunately the cats that live around us seem to make sure the bird life stays away. Also no product is 100% anyway so daily checking is still needed.
  8. Very good points Boronia. But I think there can sometimes be some blanket statements like if your in qld you need to treat for ticks but it's important to look at exactly where the dog lives and is exercised and understanding where ticks like to live. Your average dog that lives in the suburbs and is walked around the streets is at such a low risk of ever even seeing a tick.
  9. Haven't needed it so far thankfully as we are able to just avoid tick areas on our walks in tick season and we live in a townhouse so the yard isn't a worry. But to be honest even going into a tick area I think I would just be using checking but this is only because she is a 3.5kg short coat breed (she doesn't really even have a undercoat and I unknowingly do checks everyday as every night she loves a good massage through her coat). I know this wouldn't work for lots of other people with bigger fluffy dogs so would never tell someone who was in a tick area with scrub in their yard not to treat. My parents live at samford and have never had a need either but this is because they have limited scrub around there land and the dog has a house yard. I strongly believe it's not a one size fits all, you have to weigh up certain factors like above.
  10. My dog is 4 1/2yrs old and in that time I have only ever had to treat her for fleas once, I was given a free sample of nextgard at petbarn which did the trick. I am of the thinking if they have no fleas why burden their bodies with chemicals. My mums dog is the same except in her 3 1/2 yrs she has never had to be treated. Why use chemicals for what isn't there
  11. My dog has had Big Dog Raw ever since she was a puppy with extras like eggs, sardines, Greek yogurt, lamb flaps, chicken necks, ziwi peak and k9 natural green tripe. She can be a little hard to get to chew her bones but even going periods without them her teeth are still nice and clean which for her shape mouth (brachycephalic breed) is really good and says a lot for a raw diet.
  12. If the pup is as tiny as you say I would certainly not be fasting it for 24hrs as the smaller they are the easier it is for their blood sugar to crash. I would be going straight back to the vet asap. Hope the little mite gets better soon.
  13. Is it attached by bone or just skin? If it was removed correctly the first time there wouldn't be anything to grow back as the nail bed is removed.
  14. Yeah I would sometimes use the normal pee pads if I wasn't organised enough to order the others in time, it's just you need to use two of them to cover the base.
  15. They often have specials on the pads too, I used to buy the box of 100 which would last for ages.
  16. It is very low and quiet large, I loved the height as it had to be low enough for a toy breed pup but big enough where there is room to avoid standing on the edge and peeing off the side lol. No gel, it consists of the base, which then you lay down a spotty potty pee pad then fit the plastic grate ontop, then lay the rubber grass/mat on the grate. I would pick the poos up twice a day and change the pad about 3 times a week and hose the mat, it was only $20 for a extra mat so I had two in rotation, hose the dirty one, leave it in the sun to dry with the other already clean one going straight back down. Worked great! Would still be using it now if we didn't move into a place with a yard. My pet warehouse has them cheap.
  17. I used one called The Spotty Potty for the first 3yrs for my dog, it had rubber "grass" and an absorbent pad underneath, cant rate it high enough as once it was washed (just mostly a simple hose and sometimes a spray with some natural cleaner) had no smell whatsoever. My sister had a pet loo with synthetic grass for her chi and omg no matter how much they washed it, it always stank to high heaven so it went in the bin fast.
  18. This kennel has a very bad reputation , I remember there has been a couple of threads before on them as they have been in the news before.
  19. After witnessing a male staffy with paraphimosis (next door neighbors bitch was in season) and subsequently chewing his penis off and the owners not having the money to save the dog, not all owners can handle the risks of entire dogs or even have the sense or knowledge what to do when things go wrong. Work in a vet clinic for awhile and you will see lots and lots of owners who look at their pets as simply pets and have no desire to go the extra mile in regards of training or even simply making sure their 9month old bitch isn't mated by the dog down the road. There is not I think a blanket yes or no possible for this topic as so many factors need to be weighed in for the individual situation.
  20. I used to use malaseb but now use the paws/blackmores brand as its less drying and only has to be on for 5mins rather than 10min (every minute is torturous says my pup lol but it fixes her feet beautifully).
  21. Also remember if you are using any of the monthly wormer chews that they often contain chicken or beef.
  22. Lol I get the same! When I say a griffon bruxellois I get "so is that a pug x chihuahua". Some people are convinced she is a pug x and I'm just putting a fancy name to a cross breed lol. I can see the idea behind a pug x for a Griffon (especially the smooth) and especially for non dog people, however, it must be frustrating to try and educate people when they know best. I mean, why ask about breed if you don't care for the answer? Yeah the part I find most frustrating about it is I try to promote pure breeds from good breeders and don't want people walking away with a idea of cute little designer breed I want one, type thing.
  23. Lol I get the same! When I say a griffon bruxellois I get "so is that a pug x chihuahua". Some people are convinced she is a pug x and I'm just putting a fancy name to a cross breed lol.
  24. My smooth griff is a pug or mostly a pug x Chihuahua. One time she was a French boxer even :laugh:
  25. One other thing is using a super gentle shampoo to wash off any allergens on the skin, I bathe my dog once a week especially in summer for this reason otherwise I notice she starts to get itchy (winter I can stretch it out a little longer).
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