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  1. I'm hoping to catch up with my daughter this weekend and will get an update. The dog's name is Max. His diarrhoea started 3 days after the dental. I'm appreciative of everyone's input. Thank you.
  2. My daughter's 4 year old small dog was infected with coccidia when having his teeth cleaned under anaesthetic. He was hospitalised for 5 days and allowed home once his faeces firmed to the consistency of toothpaste. While under vet care he received medication to halt the vomiting, antibiotic to treat the parasitic infection, and ointment for his red raw anus. He was drinking normally and did not require IV fluids. He was discharged one week ago and since being home he isn't correctly judging the distance when trying to jump onto the bed, or from floor to arm of lounge. Both of these activities were easy prior to his illness. He has also been observed walking into furniture. Is it possible that his brain has been affected? Or his eyesight? He will be taken for veterinary assessment if this continues. Meanwhile we would appreciate any helpful comments or information.
  3. Best to phone your vet for advice. If it was me I would do her feet twice a day for a week. Make sure you leave it on for at least 5 minutes before rinsing off.
  4. My local butcher sells them for 99c a kilo.
  5. shirra

    Puppy Photos

    That was worth the wait! He's a honey
  6. Many years ago one of our Labs escaped. He was found many miles away in a park. On the drive home he threw up a plastic bag containing leftover barbeque chicken pieces! It was one of those smaller carry bags that some take-away shops use. He must have been too hungry to open it!
  7. I use exelpet monthly chews (Ivermectin) because I can buy them at the supermarket. I haven't done a price comparison with other brands, I'm hooked on the convenience and love that they don't contain drugs for fleas or intestinal worms.
  8. Done! I thought it was clever. I look forward to the results. Good luck raineth
  9. My question is OT but its something I've wondered about: do deaf dogs bark the way they did before deafness? I'm guessing yes, but curious whether this is so
  10. Jules, how are you both this morning?
  11. Well done Lucky and 'she who must be obeyed'! Do all dogs have the same blood type?
  12. Novel idea! So glad they didn't edit the bit where he did a full body shake! Couldn't help laughing
  13. Another recommendation for Vebo crates here
  14. thanks Denali, I'll pass that on. Yes, I can imagine rooster booster and dynamic lifter being verrrry appealing to a pup
  15. Who could resist those eyes! Congratulations!
  16. My daughter has a 6 month old pup and has asked if it's safe to do the usual early Spring spray to kill Bindii followed by lawn food. I don't have lawn so haven't any experience with this. I've googled extensively but cannot find the answer for her, so hoping experienced DOLers can advise on products which are safe for dogs.
  17. What a nightmare for you Kirty. Such good news that pudding is rallying. Fingers and paws crossed here for continued improvement.
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