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Pet Friendly Accommodation


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QLD - dog friendly camping

"Tambourine Mountain caravan and Camping"


dogs allowed if you are staying at the powered/non-powered campsites with your own tent/caravan. Not allowed in the luxury pre-set-up safari tents but if your dogs are fine to sleep outside in a crate/pen I think they'd be fine with that. The owners have dogs and ask that you pick up poop and keep them under control either on lead or penned at all times and unless your dogs spend the entire time barking you wont have a problem :o we had our own little campfire on site and most of the sites I saw had them, there is also a communal campfire site. They are happy for to collect your own firewood, bring a hatchet and you'll find plenty without needing to buy any. You can reserve a hotplate and other bits and pieces if (like us) you haven't yet managed to buy everything in BCF :laugh:

we took along the bunning compost panels and made a pen around the entrance of our tent and reinforced it with tent pegs - too easy! They have showers, toilets, a kiosk with basic groceries and icecream/firewood/ice for sale plus a coin operated laundry.

and "Thunderbird park creekside camping" is also an option (the two campgrounds are all in the same area)


also dog friendly :D

coin operated showers

Lots to do here - plenty of walking tracks through the rainforest, volleyball court, mining for thunderbird eggs, rock pools and waterfalls to swim in, horse trail riding, skywalk, adventure park, laser skirmish, all the lovely tourist schlock on tambourine mountain and you should head to http://www.beardeddragon.com.au/ for yummy pub food :laugh: There is a peacock that wanders the grounds, lots of scrub turkies (which our foster girl was very interested in) we were by a little pond and had a family of wild ducks with 8 adorable ducklings in tow sharing our camp site - bloody huge monitor paid a visit too, thankfully briefly

all very easy and good for families and those of us who like to have amenities close by :thumbsup: as well as those happy to "rough it" in beautiful surrounds.

ETA - we loved it, had a blast and can't wait to go back :(

"Flanagan Reserve" http://www.flanaganreserve.com.au/

It's gorgeous out there, and surrounded by lovely views and mountains. Boo loved swimming in the river :rofl: Quite a few people with dogs, and even on the busy Australia day weekend there is enough space for everyone to spread out so you aren't on top of one another. No site allocation here - you just pull up where you want. If using a GPS to get there expect the roads not to be found unless you google earth the coordinates and put those in :eek:

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If you are looking for dog friendly accommodation along the Great Ocean Road (Victoria) then I can highly recommend Muxy's Place - www.muxys-place.com.au

We (3 Adults, 2 Kids and 3 Dogs) recently stayed here and we all thought it was great!.

It's located in Johanna, just off the Great Ocean Road. It's a massive house with a HUGE fenced (although not completely dog proof) yard. It's about a five minute drive to Johanna Dog Beach and a 30 minute drive from Apollo Bay and the 12 Apostles.

If you visit the website and see the front picture I can honestly say it truly looks this beautiful. Plus the owner is lovely and extremely accommodating.

Best of all they (unlike every other property i contacted along The Great Ocean Road) don't charge per adult, per child or per dog. It sleeps 8 and it's charged per night. Great value if there are a few of you going.

I give it a 9/10.

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Hi guys - was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions.

We are travelling to Tuross Head in NSW in early Feb, and need to find a single nights accommodation onroute on Thursday the 4th Feb. I have spent I don't know how many hours trolling through the accommodation listings, but am struggling to find something suitable.

We are hoping to stop over in the Canberra region on the Thursday night, and we will have 5 dogs with us - plus a dog trailer, so not expecting the dogs to be inside the accommodation. I have found one potential B&B, but I would really prefer something more self contained, not closely shared with other guests who may not like dogs. Caravan parks would be fine too.

My sticking point seems to be the one night - most SC places are minimum of 2 nights (or more).

Anything between Canberra and Tuross Head would be fine as well - I've done lots of searching around Batemans Bay, etc, but keep coming undone at the minimum stay.

Starting to tear my hair out now, so thought I had better ask around on here before I do anything drastic :laugh:

Allerzeit, pm me if you still need accomodation. I'm at Mystery bay maybe an hour south of Tuross heads. Depending on how our dogs get on, you are welcome to the guest room or at least you can camp in the yard and use the faciities here.

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Thought I'd add a few we've stayed at :)

Abacus at Bright - Bright, VIC


A nice little place, very modern, good for couples. Dogs are allowed inside. The yard is very secure (6ft colourbond) but only big enough for toilet breaks! You can't leave dogs unattended but they do have a dogsitting service. We took our dog everywhere with us, most of the cafes in Bright were very accommodating about eating outside with your dog. The cottage is only a 5 minute walk to the main street. We love Bright, there are so many walking tracks, a lovely river and it's a really beautiful city.

Avalon Retreat - Harrietville, VIC


Very basic but affordable cottage accommodation. The yard is quite a nice size and is fenced but not completely secure. They do have a small kennel and running wire which would only suit small dogs.

102a - Bermagui, NSW


An absolutely gorgeous big house in the bush near the beach. Dogs allowed, not meant to be inside but we found the owner very accommodating and friendly (he has a friendly lab). A gorgeous large yard and quite secure fencing (but not that tall). Some great off leash beaches in the area which are pretty deserted most of the year.

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We're looking for somewhere within easy drive of brisbane to stay for a weekend

I found this place - Tropical Coast Retreat near Tweed Heads/Kingscliff on Stayz and was wondering if anyone has stayed there.

Pet Friendly Retreat (same place, different website)

I was slightly put off by the spelling mistakes on their webpage, so just want to make sure its legit before booking/paying

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We stayed at Camp Tailwaggers in mid January this year. Unfortunately there was a big storm the night we stayed so we didn't see much outside the cabin.

For the $80p/n price tag this is a pretty good place to stay. Cabins are basic but clean and comfortable. Food bowls, water bowls and towels are provided for furry guests. There's a great view from the cabins as well.

For us the only disappointing thing was the dam which to me seemed more like a giant mud puddle (maybe expected too much). There were a couple of dried out toads around the edge of the dam as well which we had to remove before pup could relax.

A couple of things to note, the undercover carports were only just wide enough for our lancer so if you have a bigger car don't go when hail is expected (yes it hails up there).

Also, the kitchen is only equipped with very basic items, if you're planning on cooking meals, take your own oil, butter, salt, strainer, grater and microwave containers.

Not many photos on the web site so here are the few I took before it rained.

Photo taken from inside cabin yard looking towards bush tracks.


View of reception/boarding area from cabin yard. (the row of trees are in the off leash park)


View looking back at cabins from inside off leash park (can also see conference centre to right).


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If anyone is visiting the Canberra area I highly recommend the Grand Manor Motor Inn. They are very dog-friendly there, you can have your pooches in your room (provided they are "well behaved" :( of course!) and they are even allowed in the swimming pool (salt plus chlorine but not too much). It's in Macquoid Street, Queanbeyan, 15 minutes' drive from Canberra. Owners are friendly, food is great. http://www.grandmanor.net.au/ We stayed there while looking for a house to rent and it was as close to a home away from home as you can imagine, and so good that our dogs were welcome.

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Hey all! I can reccommend a GREAT water ski park if that's your thing!

Located on the Hawkesbury River, just 1km out from Wiseman's Ferry, Sydney.


Camping and day fees are extremely cheap, there are permanent concrete based shelters int he camp grounds with tables and power fitted, there's a sink for washing up (drains into a bucket!), the campgrounds are right next to the river which, at low tide has a small beach and best of all- they allow dogs!! So many ski parks in the Hawkesbury area do not allow dogs, so this was a great surprise. They also have cabins available.

Our dog loved it, and I absolutely loved having my dog with me- even on the boat!!


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Spent Easter at Central Springs Cottage in Daylesford and loved it. There are two bedrooms with double/queen beds and a sofa bed too. Small, but cosy, smart and clean. Very close to the centre of town, dogs allowed inside and there is a fenced yard, however if your dog does jump fences its probably no good as the front and back fences are very low and the side fences aren't real high either.

Bronte loved running up and down the hill in the backyard with a toy in her mouth and watching people walk past the front gate from her doona on the veranda. When I went out without her she remained crated inside with no problems. There are heaps of walks suitable for dogs around the Daylesford area and the town itself is very dog friendly, even with a small pet store and a vet.

Only downfall is that the fridge is very small and the freezer is tiny, but you can get daily supplies from town anyway.

Don't bother trying to book for Cup weekend though - I've already done that :thumbsup:

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Just spent 3 days in Apollo Bay at a place called Marengo Beachbreak, just added a bit more to the accommodation review section on this site, all the details are there and it's worth a look. Weather was wonderful, great beaches, very scenic with a few dog friendly bush walks. :):love::eek:

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Countrywide Cottages

We have just returned from a 3 night stay at Countrywide. Ravyk made mention of this place in opening Vic stay post. Thanks Ravyk.

I swear, we had the absolute best time.

When we first arrived, we were greeted in our cottage with quiet playing relaxing music. There were home made dog biscuits laid out and also biscuits for us. A decanter of port with lovely glasses on a platter. Just gorgeous.

Then when I walked out the back door onto the high rise verandah, the local King Parrots all flew down to see if I was going to dish out some of the parrot mix provided. One fed from my hand.

The dogs had a ball. Having 2 Rottis, it is not always easy to find accommodation that is so welcoming.

The host Di had no reservations whatsoever regarding the dogs (size or breed). We took our 8 sided pen for them for an extra spot to contain them if needed, but we only used it once for a couple of hrs while we were having professional massages in our cottage.

There are secured fencing around the verandah to keep the dogs in and they are also very welcome inside. Di provides sheets to cover the couches for the dogs, but we kept ours either on their mats next to the heater or in their crates at night.

The cottage was spotless. I am a real fuss pot when it comes to staying away from home and get all freaked out if there is any residual dirt from other guests. Nothing like that. Absolutely spotless. I felt sort of weird letting the dogs in.

When we had a camp fire outside on the 2nd day, the dogs just wandered within our area and stayed in sight anyway. The area around the cottage is cleared so it sort of provides a boundary of sorts and then thickly covered with trees and bracken, so the dogs did not wander off anyway.

We hardly saw any other guests for the entire duration. the property is set up in a way that is very private and secluded, which was exactly what we wanted. I am sure during peak season and weekends there would have been more dogs and kids wandering around, but as we went mid week and off peak the other guests pretty much also stayed to themselves.

On the grounds we had full rein. the enclosed dam paddock was great. the dogs swam and ran like crazy. It was lovely to see them having such a good time.

In the common paddock where guests can mingle, there is a toilet, a mock saloon with a dart board and a pool table and a saddlery. We took photos there. Very cute. that paddock is another beauty for the dogs to romp and play, huge.

There was a free paddock in between these 2, and one day I laid a track and did some tracking training.

Just so casual and laid back.

We took the dogs on walks through the adjoining forest. They loved it and so did we.

Our dogs went up to Di's house and met her dog Lotti and her rabbit Pepi. We took photos, but still have not got to arranging them as yet. will post some later.

I can highly recommend Countrywide Cottages to other DOLers that are looking for a dog friendly holiday in Vic. It is about a 10 minute drive from Winchelsea.

We have only been home for 24 hrs and have already booked our stay for April next year. staying 4 nights next time, as 3 just was not enough.


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quote name='Ravyk' date='13th Oct 2009 - 05:07 PM' post='4044398']


Cape Howe Cottages - Denmark WA


Wonderful place, fenced 1/2 acre yard- fenced off verandah, lots of room for two willy whippets to run, play, sleep and investigate. The hosts were very friendly and accommodating, the whippets slept inside, (NOT ON FURNITURE) and were as happy as well whippets. Highly recommend it, we will be back. There are dog friendly beaches and lots of walks what more could we ask for .....

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sad to see nowhere in perth WA.

anyone know anywhere their?

We have pet friendly holiday accommodation available in Lancelin (1 hour from Perth). The beaches there are a great place for dogs... though be warned just about every one of them is off lead!

Fully self contained 3 bedroom house with 2 secure yards, though one only has low fences. Sleeps 10.

You can check the Stayz website for the full listing :laugh:



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