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2 Lurcher Puppies Killed In Uk

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I saw this story via my mobile on the train this morning and ended in tears. I just can't fathom how humans can inflict such cruelty. This is the third horrendous animal cruelty story from the UK in the last couple of weeks and I can honestly say, I'm ashamed to come from that country where this is happening.

RIP beautiful babies. :rofl:


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To do this there has to be more than 1 sicko in Leicestershire and for the sake of everyone else's dogs I hope they catch them soon.

This is a revolting thing to do to any animal.


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I dont think I will ever get that photo out of my thoughts for as long as I live. That is truely horrendous. May the a**holes that did this rot in hell...actually screw that, hell is too nice a place for those sick bas**rds.

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I wish I didn't look. Now I am in :love:

What heartless, cold hearted oxygen thieves. :love:

They (those responsible) deserve to have a noose tied around their neck(s) and be tossed off a bridge.

They did appear to be in good condition, makes you wonder if they were someones pets that had been stolen or whether

it was done as some kind of sick payback. (relationship breakup, dispute with neighbours??) whatever the reason there is absolutely NO excuse for that. Some ppl are born not only without a conscience, but also without a heart. I hope they find them and I hope after they live a life of hell (bad karma) then rot in hell.

Absolutely sickening. :D

R.I.P. babies :wave:

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Hanging is considered a rightful end for unwanted and especially not-performing-to-standard greyhound types involved in racing and hunting within some cultures. It is an all too common end for far too many hounds in some parts of the world. But not common in England.

Terrible, cruel and completely unnecessary. Poor pups. :laugh:

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