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2 Dogs Die After Being Dragged Behind Car

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What I'm wondering is, didn't the dogs make any noise while they were being dragged? Maybe he had the radio on full blast? Who know?

The only answer I have to this is that my parents also have a new Land Rover. When driving it, it's pretty well sound proof, at any speed.

Poor dogs, and those poor owners. :bottom:

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Is it just me or if you saw what was happening as a fellow motorist would you not try to stop the car? Get in front, blow the horn etc.....


A similar thing happened to my neighbours 18+ years ago. They were dog sitting and the little girl tied the dog to the tow bar. People did hoot etc, but it was only when she stopped at the lights that she realised they were hooting at her. A woman got out of her car, hysterically screaming. My neighbour almost drove off before speaking to the woman because she thought this woman would attack her. But she stayed and then realised what had happened.

The dog lived, but required several operations and was never the same.

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