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Planking Is Passé. The Stump Jump Is In!


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So you're starting to yawn at the whole planking scene. You're not alone.

So why renew the buzz with a STUMP JUMP?!

The concept is simple, but the jump can be as technical as your skill allows.

Select your pole, log or stump. Run on up then JUMP JUMP JUMP!!


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Actually, it's called 'pillaring'. No joke!!! :laugh:

Hi Ashanali, I think pillaring is more about taking a pose in the shape of a pillar, as opposed to leaping up onto and balancing on a pillar-like object. To demonstrate, I compiled a little video montage. To borrow a classic Fast Forward phrase "Enjoy with me now..." :

Queue Van Halen's JUMP :rock:


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Bella might have started the trend LOL, she did this in June last year :rofl:


ETA - she did this on 5 June 2010, I wonder if she started it all :eek:

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