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White Swiss Shepherd Dog


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It is my great pleasure to announce some exciting news regarding the Australian lined White Shepherd Dogs and the locally bred non-ANKC White Swiss Shepherd Dogs.

Last month, at the ANKC Conference in Melbourne, the ANKC have made a positive move to send the proposal of integration of the locally bred dogs into the ANKC to the members for a vote.

This motion was submitted to the ANKC in July 2011, by a group of people from both the ANKC and non-ANKC world of our breed. Voting on the motion was postponed to enable investigation by the Canine Health and Welfare committee. Since then, we have worked closely with members of that committee to ensure they had all the information available regarding the case for integration and the history of the breed in Australia and worldwide to enable them to make the most informed recommendation for the health, welfare and viability of the breed.

The ANKC Canine Health and Welfare committee recommended that the ANKC commence a program of integration. It appears this recommendation was ratified at the Annual ANKC conference last month.

The next step in the process will be a positive survey by the registered owners of ANKC White Swiss Shepherd Dogs. The ANKC have concluded that integration is of benefit to the breed in Australia. We hope that all owners would vote in agreement with the ANKC's position.

For further information, please contact myself or Neil Keen..



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It appears my post from the other day regarding the ANKC and the possible integration of the local white shepherd population may have created some confusion. According to the ANKC minutes of the October conference, the ANKC are conducting a breed survey for owners opinions about integration, nothing more and nothing less.

My post was written based on the information myself and the other people involved in the proposal have been told verbally and provided in minutes etc from meetings with the Canine Health and Welfare Committee and others within the ANKC over the last 12 months.

After the proposal was referred to the ANKC Canine Health and Welfare Committee last year and subsequently investigated, we were told that the committee recommended the following and it was a decision of that committee that the local and ANKC dogs were the same breed.

This is from the ANKC Canine Health and Welfare Committee Meeting Minutes from June 2012;

4.14 Integration of locally bred non ANKC Ltd and ANKC Ltd White (German) Shepherd Dogs into the ANKC Ltd White Swiss Shepherd Dog breed pool.

It was unanimously RESOLVED on the motion of R Veale/C Eastley that the committee recommends ANKC Ltd support the proposal in principle pending a positive breed survey of all owners of registered White Swiss Shepherd Dogs (WSSD).

The protocol to implement this integration could be finalised at the ANKC Ltd October Board meeting 2012.

Rationale for the recommendation:

The committee believes there is sufficient background and pedigree information to safely integrate these dogs with the ANKC Ltd WSSD.

At the conference in October the result was that the ANKC conduct a survey. Rightly or wrongly, we assumed this was due to the recommendation of the Canine Health and Welfare Committee be accepted, hence a ratification of their opinion that the two gene pools were the same breed and should be integrated.

If I am wrong and the ANKC management committee did not actually accept the recommendation of the Canine Health and Welfare Committee, I stand corrected. Having the proposal go to a breed survey is still a very important step in the process to having the local dogs integrated into the ANKC, a step that should be celebrated by those of us fighting for integration. Previously, supporters have been told "different breed, never going to happen". Going to a survey is a massive change from previous advice and if there is a positive outcome, it will be a win for everyone and a very positive endorsement of the way the ANKC can deal with issues like this in the future for the benefit of pedigree dogs.

In no way have I intentionally gone out there to misinform people and my post was published before the minutes were updated as the WSSD item was mistakenly left of the minutes. Had I known the minutes would have such little information and no explanation on why the ANKC is conducting the survey or whether the recommendation of the Canine Health and Welfare Committee was accepted, I would never had gone public with the results as were told to those of us involved in this proposal.

It is apparent that I could have been clearer with my communication with my announcement and I am truly sorry if this has caused any confusion.

I am truly sorry to have been the cause of such high hopes only to have to bring them down slightly. We are still moving a step in the right direction and that should not be forgotten or disregarded.

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Well I finally joined the WSS club! Took a while lol :)

My girl Ellie is from a ANKC breeder in Qld and she is just over 5 months old. 

Observations so far:

Velcro dog to the max! Do not get a Swiss if you value your alone time in the dunny, if she can’t come in with you she will lay down outside the door waiting for you to come out. 

Loud! She has discovered her big girl voice and it’s set off the decibel warning on my smartwatch so look out for accelerated hearing loss lol! So strange after having the husky who was talkative but hardly ever actually barked. 

Active! My husky was quite sick as a pup (liver shunt) so I didn’t get to really experience the full-on adolescent stages and most of my little dogs have been adult rescues so this girl is full of beans in comparison. No sleeping in. Ever. Luckily I have paddocks full of rabbits here to burn off some puppy energy. Great to take for walks although can’t seem to go in a straight line (that’s a win for the husky at least he would go straight lol!). 
Grubby! OMG after having clean freak husky who didn’t even like to go outside if the grass was a bit wet and cleaned himself obsessively like a cat, this girl absolutely loves to be filthy! Mud, dead things, pretty much anything she can get into that will make her dirty is her goal, bonus points if she can find it straight after a wash :D 

Overall thoughts: Stunning dog, loads of fun, loads of work (at the youngster stage anyway) but I wouldn’t have it any other way :) 



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On 15/11/2012 at 5:22 AM, Fanuilos said:

It definitely is Kavik! We've been working on it for so long and it is great to see the ANKC make such a fantastic decision. :thumbsup:


The truth is that yes, totally true. I am delighted with the result.

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