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I Have A New Dog


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I had a call from a friend on the weekend, asking if I knew of anyone looking for a very small female dog (not desexed). I went through the options: pounds, rescues, friends and family etc however he had already tried all those avenues. As Zoe is a crossbred, breed specific rescues weren't appropriate and at this time of year most pounds and rescues are full to brimming. He didn't want to leave her at a pound facility and not be assured of a good home. After talking for a while about Zoe, I said that I might be able to take her but it would be conditional upon the dog being desexed and of her getting along with my three. So we agreed to a trial period and if all goes well, Zoe will be mine at the end.

So I picked her up today and she's the sweetest little girl. She's tri-colour (mostly black, some tan and some white) and looks as if she has a bit of everything in her - particularly mini daxy, chi and mini foxy...she was a little timid while at her place but once in the ute, she became a new dog: sniffing the air, looking around and whining in excitement. When she got home she ran around like a mad dog for a while before I introduced her to the existing pack members one at a time (in size order from smallest to largest).

She's spent most of the evening lying next to me on the couch, with Molly on the other side of me.

I'll post up some pictures soon...she isn't easy to photograph as she doesn't sit still for very long!

She seems to be house-trained...and that's about all the training she's had so I have a little work ahead of me. Regardless, I'm going to enjoy having her around and she'll be a great play-mate for Molly too. :)

ETA - she will be desexed at her previous owner's expense as soon as we agree that I'm keeping her. ;)

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:) I like her markings , and her ears ..she looks very much interested in everything, doesn't she! ?

It's odd but when I went to meet her at her place, she was so timid and wouldn't come near me for ages...my friend eventually picked her up and brought her over to me for a cuddle.

Apart from the occasional growl at one of the others, she's fit in straight away. I went to town for a couple of hours today and she whined as I was leaving - and was super excited to see me when I got home! :D

Molly has her noise *slightly* out of joint even though I'm paying her more attention than Zoe. They're very similar in size and temperament but Molly is the only dog to sleep on my bed. Zoe is crated right next to my bed and the other two are gated into the kitchen. She's come from a unit with a small (tiny really) courtyard to my place - my front yard is 1/3 of an acre! So she's pretty much in paradise right now. :)

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Thanks all.

Zoe has settled in so quickly and easily, it's like she's always been here. She and Molly were crated today (I have a giant breed soft crate) in my bathroom as it was the coolest part of the house and they clearly got along well. I left them with just a bed and a water bowl (+ a puppy pad, just in case) and they were so good together. I'll see how they are at sharing toys when I'm here to supervise and if that goes well, they can have some toys while I'm out too.

The two big dogs aren't fazed by her at all. Lilly plays with Zoe as she does everyone; Ruby can't really be bothered with a younger dog any more but they're polite enough to each other.

Zoe is a great little watch dog too. She's copying Molly to an extent but is also sending out alert barks when she thinks it's appropriate. She also quiets down when told. :D

Am definitely keeping her...just have to break the news to my bank balance! :p

Seriously though - she came with enough food for a month and she'll be desexed at the previous owner's expense. I'll have a wellness check done at the same time just to make sure there are no serious issues and check her microchip. :)

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She's absolutely gorgeous! You can def. see some chihuahua in there I think. So glad you could take her rather than her ending up in the pound at a very difficult time of year.

She reminds me of a little dog I rescued in 2011, she was chipped as a Silky Terrier/Fox Terrier but I couldn't see either breed in her at all.

Needless to say she'd been a petshop gift to someone who didn't want her and had spent 14 miserable years with that family until they advertised her free to a good home. Sadly she hadn't been to a vet in years and all her teeth were rotten and had given her a bad heart. I had them removed and she was put on heart tabs, the vet said she'd have 6 months but we had 8 and I still miss her, she was the dearest little girl. I just wished I'd had her for many more years.


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