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Didi :)


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  • 11 months later...

It's been a long time since I posted anything in here! Didi is 3 now and lives by the beach so gets to get her feet wet as much as she likes (which is a lot!). I also got a camera that I haven't quite gotten the hang of using but here are some snaps from the year. Every place in these photos is within walking distance of our house, I really love being able to have so many adventures close to home!











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Awh thanks everyone :) Glad you all enjoy her shiny coat, shame it makes her terrible to take photos of laugh.gif She is a lot happier out here I think, she feels at home in the water and it's a lot quieter, we can do our thing with little disturbance!

great shots! She looks so happy :D

She is a very solid dog, but has such long legs! Which is quite unusual i feel. Do you know what breeds she is?

Thanks! She was originally listed as a Great Dane x Mastiff and had a few quite random and highly unlikely things pop up in a DNA test the rescue did but now that her and her litter are all grown up (all of which are bigger than Didi but the looks of it) and I know more about dog breeds I'd say her mum who I've met and is about 28-30kg is a Bull Terrier x Pointer mix and that Dad was mainly Great Dane possibly with some sighthound, so essentially a pigging mix! I think her disproportionately long legs are more due to having a pediatric spay at 8wks rather than just her breeding though :(

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Had a bit of time on my hands lately and was scrolling through this thread in the lead up to Didi's 5th birthday this week. So many great memories with my girl which seem so long ago. I'm so glad she has fit so much fun and love into those five years.


We don't live by the beach anymore (now we are on top of a valley!) She has slowed down a lot and gotten a bit chubby in middle age but we are currently on the path to fitness now that I'm living somewhere I can walk both dogs together easily and my parents aren't around to stuff her full of table scraps and treats. 


She has been such a good big sister to little brother George who has been with us for over a year now. I love seeing them interact and watching him drag the silly puppy antics out of her. Thought I would share a few photos of Didi (and the pointy interoper!) for any of you still around that remember her when she was but a wee pup and I was new to the whole dog thing and full of questions!









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